Of all the abandoned hotels in the former resort town of Sharon Springs, the Hotel Empire is the least vandalized.  This might seem surprising, being that it’s been abandoned longer than most - the last room was rented out in 1993.  But this lovely building, once a bustling resort hotel that catered to Brooklyn’s Ashkenazi Jewry, is smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood, surrounded on four sides by houses that are still occupied.  As such, it is not an easy target for the spraypaint-and-sledgehammer crowd, and has remained virtually untouched in 21 years.  On the top floor, this Du Mont combination radio/television set (roughly 1940s vintage) remains remarkably intact, and surprisingly has not been looted - a testament to the difficulty of sneaking into this hotel, and to the wonderful treasures one is likely to find when a location is difficult to access.

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They’re taking him to Bellevue hospital right now cuz he’s in a severe dissociative manic episode but he’s safe. And he was never in with those people who had his phone or in Brooklyn, he’s the victim of fraud. A clergyman found him in Manhattan.thank you to everyone who was looking out and praying for his safe return


His name is Paris Jarreau Grant. He sometimes will go by Paris Jarreau. These pictures are about a month old and exactly what he looked like last I saw him June 15th.

This is my nephew, he hasn’t been seen or heard from in 2 weeks. Anyone frequenting Manhattan or in the NYC area please keep am eye out for him. 

Paris Jarreau Grant
Age 25, 6'3" ~160-175 lbs (very thin) 

He has not physically seen since 6/15, last heard from 6/22/12 in Manhattan in the presence of someone claiming to be Lance Jenkins, coaching him to request his personal identification information. Lance Jenkins may be located in brownsville, Brooklyn (near Dumont and Jerome) or upper west side (columbus ave near south end of the park). Paris has some suffers from bipolar disease with mild brain injury which affects his judgment center and may suffer seizures. It’s highly probable he is a victim of a coercive relationship or scam with ‘Lance Jenkins’ and an unknown female associate. Alone, Paris has been attempting to be a model and often hangs out in Union Square, and likes to frequent The Coffee Shop. 

If anyone sees him please call 703-201-6352. Or please ask him directly to call home.