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Hello!  Today Harpy officially joins Hiveworks!  The comic will still be hosted up at Dumm Comics, both sites update Mondays.  Since most of my updates are a couple of pages, check Dumm at midnight for the follow up to this page.  Still working out the bugs!  Thanks to everyone at HW and Dumm for helping make this site/comic possible!

(The top image will be available as a print soon!)


Hey guys, I’m looking for a comic creator to take my place on Dumm comics!

I’m the last remaining founder from the original Dumm crew, and I believe it’s time to hand it over to a new crop of artists. Finding someone for the job hasn’t been easy though- most the comic makers I know already have their own thing going. So I’m having an open call for anyone who’d like to submit a comic for Dumm’s Thursday spot.

Before you submit, here’s some stuff you should consider:

  • Ideally, you should have some comics made to show already. The backlog will help tremendously.
  • The best thing about Dumm is it’s built in readership. If you’re looking for new eyes to see your work, Dumm is a great place to be.
  • That being said, the Dumm readers have come to expect prompt updates, as the site promises new content every day. If you aren’t sure you can keep up with the weekly schedule, this site might not be for you. Again, an existing backlog is a wonderful thing.
  • I am not only looking for super pro artists to take the Thursday spot. If you think your comic is entertaining and you have fun doing it, that’s the most important thing.
  • I actually sorta kinda hate doing this. I didn’t want to have to pick just one person, because I feel terrible about that. If more than one person takes me up on this offer I will torture myself over who to pick, so if I don’t pick your comic, know that there was anguish involved and feel better for it.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me some samples and whatever you’d like to tell me about yourself and your work! I’d love to get someone up and running on Dumm ASAP, but of course you’ll have time to prepare and learn how the site works and all that. Please don’t wait too long to submit!

Here is where you can send your stuff: skadicomics at gmail dot com

I just finished reading  Brianne Drouhard’s spectacular webcomic: Harpy Gee!

I am so ashamed I didn’t read read it sooner, it’s so freaking adorable I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve lost it over how adorable her story, art, and characters designs are!

My favorite designs have to be the lovable animal sidekicks that accompany our heroes: Pumpkin, Truffles, and Peepers.

So yes, check it out if you haven’t already!! You won’t regret it and it’s guarantee to put a smile on your noggin!


New update of The Eternally Injured Ninja over at Dumm Comics! Go check it out! Also, fellow Dumm Comics artist Katie Rice has just announced she’s participated last month in the Strip Search show being done by Loading Ready Run and Penny Arcade with 11 other artists (Sort of like Master Chef or Project Runway, but low budget and for comic artists!) All the best to everyone involved! :D