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I just stole your car, your life could be in danger.


Emma & Charming Appreciation Week - Day Two: favourite scene

Emma returns to Storybrooke after the second curse (3x12)

Almost Slipped

*Me and daddy having dinner with my parents*
Daddy and Mom: *talking about me when I was six*
Mom: She used to watch cartoons all the time, and I would always have to buy her stuffed animals when we went out or she’d throw a tantrum.
Daddy: She still watches cartoons. We watch Steven Universe together all the time.
Mom: How cute. She really is still a kid.
Me: *Blushing like crazy*
Daddy: Well that’s alright. I still love her anyways. *smiles at me* I love you baby girl.
Me: I love you too da-…da-dumb muffin!
Mom:….dumb muffin?
Me:Y-yeah! I’m baby girl, he’s dumb muffin! *nervously sweats*
Daddy: *face palms*