*blushing intensifies*

Me : *reading someone’s profile picture* that just sounds dumb. *mocks a Daddy voice* you will obey me- who says this stuff?

Daddy : You’d like it if I said it

Me : Pfft, please, it’s too cheesy for me

Daddy : *in his Daddy voice* You will obey me, won’t you Princess?

Me : *turns bright red* uh…uhm…uh…

Daddy : Won’t you obey Daddy?

Me : *blushing intensifies* *mumbles* uhmm….uhh…. Y-yis sir

Daddy : *sweet voice* Good girl 💙

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Homegirl just loves a drink.
AaaAAAHHH I can’t believe I cosplayed her, Jesus Christ.
..hah… get it?..
I’m so dumb.

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Hi, I know its monday and you probably have tons of things to do, but could I get some fluff, please? It's been an awful weekend(one of the most loved grandmas of the neighbourhood died saturday) and my grandma(who I haven't seen in years) died today and we can't go to her funeral. I am a breath away from an anxiaty attack and later today I have to go back to college alone, after weeks in family. So please, can I have some Tony&Peter or Tony&the bots or Tony&Harley&Peter&Rhodey fluff?? Thanks

Aw burrito. :C

Tony ran a hand through his hair and sighed, dipping his head. “Okay. All of you have new wheels. You have new screws. Dum-E has a new strut because he bent his somehow–”

Dum-E let out a happy beep and spun in a circle. Butterfingers and U watched him for a moment before following suit. Sometimes they really were like little kids that copied their older brother.

“Sir,” JARVIS said. “You speak as if Dum-E didn’t bend his strut trying to keep an engine from falling on you.”

“Shh,” Tony answered immediately, scowling.

That had been a… frightening day. Tony didn’t like to admit that he made mistakes, but he had, the chain hadn’t been checked properly, the engine hadn’t been anchored properly, Tony hadn’t done everything properly. It was his fault.

He had been so–so scared when the chain slipped and the engine started to fall–more scared that when he battled Doom Bots or sentient slime, because this–this was what he did for fun, and he’d felt a little betrayed over it, even if it had been his fault. So many calculations had run through his head and he still hadn’t been able to get out of the way in time.

And then Dum-E–dear, sweet, foolish Dum-E–had let out a terrified squeal and clenched his claw around the alternator, and the sudden weight had caused his strut to bend with the stress, almost fold in half, and his servos had whirred frantically.

Butterfingers and U had zipped over, wheels leaving burnt rubber on the floor, to hurriedly grasp the engine. They’d beeped at each other and moved together to settle the engine on the floor a few feet away as Dum-E creaked his arm down to tap Tony’s face with his claw. Tony had felt awful that Dum-E had had to damage himself to save him.

“This should stand up to any engines,” he said to himself, reaching out to run his hand over Dum-E’s strut. Dum-E rolled closer to let him. Tony smiled tremulously. “Good boy, saving your dumb old daddy.”

Dum-E let out an offended beep and shoved his open claw against Tony’s stomach, curling it just slightly so that he was holding Tony’s waist.

“Dum-E does not like it when you call yourself dumb,” JARVIS supplied.

“Oh, but it’s okay when I do it to him,” Tony said, lifting a hand to wipe away–sweat, yeah, sweat.

Dum-E pressed closer to him, chassis bumping against his knees. He beeped again. It sounded… fond.

“I love you,” Tony blurted out, wrapping his arms around the bot as well. “I know I don’t say it enough, but–I do.”

Butterfingers and U rolled over to grasp at his shirt and arm, beeping quietly.

“We love you too, Sir,” JARVIS said quietly, part translation and part sincere.

Tony pressed his forehead to Dum-E strut.

He’d kind of figured that, when Dum-E had grabbed a falling car engine to keep it from killing him at the expense of his own arm.

Here, have the start of a beautiful con-man-ship.

I’ve been doin a s h it ton of sketches with my dadsona Justin and Robert, so I can only assume this is canon endgame for him?? I just love Robert a lot and I have a thing coming up involving him that’s more polished than a dumb colored sketch.

The Cost of Justice (Archie x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: Number 15 with KJ or Archie? :) you are a great writer (Idk if you do KJ/Archie or if you just do Jughead/Cole so it’s ok if you do it with Jug or Cole instead) thank you ❤ –Anonymous

Imagine: In the hunt for his father’s killer, Archie takes the investigation too far, endangering the one person he had left.

Archie Andrews was never the same since his father’s murder in Pop’s that fateful morning. He cut off all connection with his friends (”possible suspects,” he muttered), quitting the football team and electing to finish his sophomore year online. He even forged documents to make it appear as though his mother took guardianship of him and was living in Riverdale. Nothing would stand in his way of finding the criminal who did this.

Nothing except you.

After the fiasco with Miss Grundy, and the fiasco with Valerie, Archie Andrews found himself without a musical partner. He sometimes observed you playing various instruments in a practice room, and asked if you would meet with him once a week to work on song ideas. You’d heard the rumors about him, but it seemed innocent enough. You knew he was borderline-dating Veronica Lodge, anyhow. Archie was nice and had very creative ideas, and your musical sessions quickly became one of the highlights of your boorish week.

After weeks of many unanswered phone calls and texts, you decided to visit his house to see if your partnership would continue. Walking into the Andrews residence to see Archie sitting on the floor of his hallway, surrounded by newspaper clippings and empty beer bottles was not what you expected.

“…Archie?“ You whispered, setting down your guitar in the entryway.

Archie looked up at you with the saddest eyes in the world. “Is it okay if we raincheck this week?”

Used to taking care of your drunken father, you went to work cleaning up the beer bottles and scooping Archie up off the floor. Damn, that boy was heavy. And smelly.

Guiding him to the kitchen table, you told him to explain everything. And explain everything, he did.

You went from being Archie’s harmonizing voice to being his deputy detective. You helped him collect articles, testimonies, photographs, and records (some illegally) and hung them in his living room a la Jughead’s “murder board”. You helped him interview suspects–no one batted an eye towards a high schooler with no big family connections, doing a slice of life essay for her Riverdale Town History class. You craved adventure, and found yourself becoming increasingly obsessed with the investigation.

Soon enough, you found your role in Archie’s investigation growing to more than that of a partner.

“Another dead end,” Archie said with an exasperated sigh. He buried his head in his hands, resting it on the diner table. You stared down at him in pity. After a particularly nasty argument, you’d confiscated all of the alcohol in his house, forcing him to vow not to drink if you were to continue being his partner. He was emotionally exhausted and physically withdrawing.

“Don’t worry, Archie,” you said with a smile. “I won’t give up until we find who did this.”

Archie took your hands in his, kissing your fingers. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

 A blush heated your face, and you looked back and forth to see if anyone had caught the small display of affection.

Sitting across the restaurant, Veronica Lodge glared at you with a look that could kill.

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ok how ‘bout a really tangential/dumb RPG dream daddy au

Joseph: The Cult Leader Boss in the secret dungeon, drops the Lost Shaker of Salt. Weak to pot brownies and sick dance moves. New Game + lets you rid Maple Bay of the curse once and for all, allowing Joseph to have a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves (now that’s a tru end)

OR if you don’t jive with the whole cult thing (and that’s ok!) then he’s just ya friendly neighborhood white mage that is in a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves

Brian: friendly weaponsmith and arms dealer. always has discounts on shields and armor because he wants you to be safe!! breaking his record in Fishing levels and knocking 18 slimes into various holes scattered across the bay unlocks his Reach and Cut 3000 as well as stat-boosting cuddles. smooch emoji. All his battles are Pokemon format. Gives the most sidequests

Mat: travelling Bard. Literally lucio. Has to have the best taste in music, or your travelling party would be falling asleep during the journey. Smells faintly like daisies and baked goods, increasing the odds of random encounter battles with bird-types.

Hugo: teacher/archwizard. Knows the strongest cheese and wine based spells. Largest collection of tomes. Everyone is jealous of his stylish robes like seriously. His limit break is him literally suplexing someone

Craig: like, a level 69 scout or something, bro. His loyalty sidequest is just you and him chillin’ because he needs it yo. River’s capybara plushie is arcane, and will become Real and Deadly to protect u. Advises your dadsona against using Joseph’s yacht for fast travel to and from the bay, because it’s healthier to swim

Robert: ghost hunter/ paranormal ice trucker. So like a summoner/hunter kinda thing? His pit (is it a pit? fuck me robert) and brian’s dog maxwell are indestructable npcs that sit in the sidelines during combat to support you!! whiskey doubles his strength, as does supporting him through his vulnerabilities and watching sappy romcoms

Damien: duke of Maple Bay. Rides a horse into battle with hair as beautiful as his. Probably wields blood magic and taught hugo those spells. Vampire/Black Mage? Levelling him to max releases the puppies he takes care of at the animal shelter, adding them to the dog audience on the sidelines

Amanda: Kicks Ass. a ranger that HAS A PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY. Consider: Finger guns shoot actual bullets. Can probably pull some Life is Strange business with her photography. Thus, is literally Tracer + Prompto. cracks equally hammy puns during battle. Always support our internet daughter


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“And they all lived-”

“Happily ever after.” Her little voice squeaked out as you closed the book.

“That’s right.” You said, smoothing down her hair and planting a kiss to her head. “Goodnight Lillian.” You said as you put the book with the others on her shelf and went to walk out of the room.

“Mummy!” She cried, causing you to stop and turn around. “You forgot to check for monsters.” She whispered, pointing to the space under her bed.

“Oh right, I’m so sorry baby.” You said, walking back over and bending down to look under her bed. You reached far underneath, making sure there was nothing there.

“Is there anything under there?”

“Nothing, you’re safe. Now try to get some sleep.” You said, giving her another kiss. You walked back out, ready to hit the light when she called you again.

“Mummy, when’s Daddy’s coming back?” 

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Worrying Little

*Has been silent and upset for a long time while on Skype*

Me: *in tears and not talking as I bury my face in my pillow*

Daddy: “Baby what’s wrong? Where’s my princess? I need to talk to my little girl..”

Me: “It’s not important, it’s dumb..”

Daddy: “Its important to me baby, talk to daddy.”

Me: “I.. I’m just trying to tell myself I need to stop. Stop being little, stop acting like a child, I’m too old for this stuff and it’s dumb.. I don’t want to bother you with it anymore or need so much attention..”

Daddy: “Noo! No no no baby, you don’t need to stop being little. I love your little side, I’ve fallen in love with everything about your age regression, please don’t stop.”

Me: “you, you have..?” *Peaks up as he smiles*

Daddy: “Yes, i love everything about it, I love you being my little girl. This is part of you, it’s part of us and our relationship. Being little makes you happy, and you don’t feel stressed when you’re little. You don’t need to stop, I don’t want you to stop being my little.” *smiles at me*

Me: “Oh…” *melts into a puddle as I cuddle my Stuffies*

Daddy: “Yes princess, now, close your eyes and let me sing to you. You don’t need to worry anymore about this.”