Jae Lee illustrated a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover miniseries that was set during World War II. John Ney Rieber wrote the miniseries, and it is every bit as awesome as you could hope for it to be.

Starscream transforms into a Messerschmidt, and Megatron is a Panzer (and then later on a Luger). Oh, and Snake Eyes is introduced to the miniseries when he throws a pair of dice at Duke.

Google Doodle Honors Duke Kahanamoku, the Father of Surfing

Known as the Ambassador of Aloha, Kahanamoku traveled the world, bringing surfing to the likes of California, Australia and New Zealand over his lifetime. Aug. 24 marks what would’ve been Kahanamoku’s 125th birthday — he passed away in 1968.

In Hawaii, Kahanamoku is known for much more… a swimming champion, winning five Olympic medals over the course of his career. His success also enabled him to raise the profile of Hawaii’s true passion of surfing.

Kahanamoku was also elected the sheriff of his home county 13 times and starred in over a dozen movies. Most importantly, he is credited with helping the Hawaiian islands achieve statehood in 1959.

Happy Birthday!!!

He didn’t like being alone, that was one thing certain. Especially in this circus tent, it was so big and so…lonely. Duke got bored of practice quickly and went off, against Ringleader’s wishes, to go find something fun to do. Duke ended up grabbing some cookies from the little restaurant they had in the circus and walked about, tossing them up in the air and catching them in his mouth. He wandered upon a shop that held so many dream catchers he was sure that the place was rid of nightmares completely. Duke eyed each item carefully, eating his cookie slowly and thinking about getting himself one just for fun.

Duke groaned, rolling over to answer his phone. “Hello?” He mumbled groggily until he saw the time and he saw he was late. He shot out of bed and hurried off into the closet, pulling on his slacks and long sleeve. “Sorry, sorry! I–I, uh..” Duke looked into the mirror and saw his neck along with his chest and abdomen. “I…can’t come in. I c-came down with something last night…Yeah. Sorry.” He hung up the phone and flopped back down on the bed. “It’s been two days and they’re still there, seriously?” He groaned, rubbing his face.

There’s one more important thing to think about. You can look at these stories and learn from them. You can learn how the world works, how people think, what other people’s lives are like who are different than you. (Jesus was actually a big fan of this stuff.) You may be surprised to find that the story of Alison Bechdel and her relationship with her father strikes a chord with you or that there are parts of her life that are similar to yours. You may find that she has seen a side of the world you didn’t know existed. One day that knowledge may come in handy in places you don’t expect.

So next time you get a reading list, think about what your reaction says about the way you live your life. Think about how much of the world you don’t know and how much you still have to learn. Think about where you want to draw those lines.

And make your own decision.