Duel Wielding

Luke is either gonna be Jokester Yoda Master or Salty Sad Ben Master in Episode 8. There is no in-between.

Although I personally would love it if he developed an Obi-Wan level of depressing sass.

“Back in my day, our Death Stars only destroyed one planet at time. This is just ridiculous.”

“Are we sure Han died? There may have been a vat of Carbonite down there. Someone go visit Jabba’s son, just to be sure.”

“Why did I choose Ahch-To? Well, I’ve been on planets of all sand, cloud, and ice, and I hated all of them. I thought maybe all water would be a good change of pace. It’s not. Get me the fuck out of here, my ship malfunctioned years ago and everyone thought I was being edgy when really I was just stranded.”

“Oh great, another helmeted murderer I’m related to.”

“Rey, pray to the Force that you’re not actually part of this family. Nobody wants to be part of this family.”

“If Yoda could do it at 900, I can do it at 60.” *promptly dies out of spite*

“Your friend is a stormtrooper, huh? You know, I was a stormtrooper once. Yeah. Yeah, I was great. Tallest one there.”

“There is no luck, only the Force… and the Force likes to be very unlucky around me.”

“Uh, thanks for bringing the lightsaber that holds only memories of pain for me, but I have my own. In green. With a custom handle. You can keep that one.”

“Just kidding, watch me duel-wield.”

Bad End: Grog gets fully possessed by Kas, teams up with Arkhan, and together as evil jock boyfriends they wreak havoc upon Exandria 

Good End: Grog gets separated from Kas, and Kas gets banished to the same plane as Craven Edge, where the two swords connect to each other in having the same ex-boyfriend and find comfort and solace in each other, slowly learning to trust and love each other over time, healing together from the pain of their past breakups

True End: Grog keeps Kas, gets Craven Edge back, and duel wields them while dedicating his life to hunting down his arch nemesis and greatest love Arkhan, whilst also dealing with both Kas and Craven Edge fighting for his affection 

aqua things I wanna see in kh3

• aqua gets pulled from the RoD by sora, but she flips and thinks it’s vanitas at first
- they almost fight but kairi calms her down and makes sure she feels safe

• any kairi/aqua sisterly bond would be exactly what they both need tbh
- kairi tells aqua about how aquas magic kept her friends together during the events of kh1. aquas just glad she finally managed to save someone without it turning sour
- aqua helps kairi with key blade training, kairi helps aqua with getting back to a normal life

• aqua meets roxas, but thinks it’s ven at first. everyone’s confused.
- “ven you’re awake?” “master aqua, this is roxas. he’s sora’s nobody.” “what the hell is a nobody” “what the hell is a ven?”
- yen sid has to break out the chalkboard to explain while roxas sulks in the corner

• they into xemnas on an outing
- “terra!?” “That’s xemnas, master. He’s an evil nobody” “but aren’t they created when someone dies?” “…oh”
- xemnas and aqua both feed into each other’s cryptic-talking habits without even realizing it. nobody knows what they’re saying. the group reasons it’s because of the darkness
- they finally start connecting dots and filling in gaps in knowledge, and aqua has real hope that she’ll save her friends for the first time in a while

• on a mission with sora and roxas, they run across aquas old armor
- “hey it’s still here! but what am I gonna do with this old keyblade? I already have the master’s” “…We might have some ideas”
- square pls give me my duel-wielding spell-slinging ballet war goddess

feel free to add onto this!!

Okay consider: The paladins are fighting Lotors generals. Allura is fighting with Acxa and uses her whip to snatch the gun out of her hands. Allura tosses it to Lance, yelling “Lance, CATCH!” He grabs it with his free hand and his bayard changes into a smaller blaster. Without missing a beat Lance starts firing and THAT is how we get duel wielding Lance, thank you and goodnight!!

Episode 91, part 2, this would be such a fun duel if it wasn’t for the murder #justYGOthings

Part 1, focusing on Mai’s flashback early in the episode, is here!

Shit’s already super fucked-up, Yami Malik stylz

Mai can’t hear or see Anzu. I’m pretty sure this is a sop to the viewers to show where Anzu should be, and not actually what Mai sees.

But Mai is determined and battles onwards nonetheless.

Wow that’s … some name. And her attack is called Dance of Betrayal. #IblamePegasus

Yami Malik isn’t rattled by such things as counterattacks or human conversation.

oh, fuck off, edgelord

you were never even really a child, you’re just a magical mental illness

Anyway, he’s quickly able to destroy Mai’s Monster, matching her move for move.

… didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Yami Malik makes a good point.

But tragically, the upshot of Mai losing this Monster, and therefore another fragment of her own memory, is that glowing, floating memory!Jounouchi explodes like a wine glass that abruptly met a bullet

Don’t worry, she copes well!

lol jk


(right before the exploding-Jounouchi is when she has her flashback, which I recapped separately, when she realises what’s about to happen)

Meanwhile Jounouchi doesn’t even know why Mai’s no longer responding to his (near-constant) yelling

“How the hell would I know?”


Can he see the illusions? Yami Malik says only the people in the game can, but, as we’re about to see, he doesn’t account for Yami’s dark magic abilities elsewhere.  Can he somehow sense what’s happening? Or does he read Mai as well as Yami Malik does, and also read Yami Malik, and guess that that’s what’s happening?

… Wait didn’t Yami Malik TELL Mai out loud with words what’s happening? So then this changes from “Yami’s incredible control of dark magic or Yami’s superlative observation skills?” to “why the fuck is everyone else so fucking dense?”

Either way, Yami says that outsiders can’t interfere with a Dark Game…

YEAHHHH :D I fuckin love when Yami gets all Dark Sorcerer up in other people’s business

Yami Malik is not delighted.


fucks sake


Yami butts in to the floating green void that idk symbolises the Dark Game somehow and delivers some motivational slogans to Mai

He tells her that the horrible things that are happening are illusions based on her fears. She listens and starts to feel hopeful again, and it jogs her memory, although imperfectly: she’s now able to hear Jounouchi but not see or remember him.

well that’s sweet!

Just in case things get too sweet and touching, Yami Malik moves on to Phase 2: The Kinky Shit


It’s the emphasis on “slowly” that makes this weird.

…. I’m just saying, he’s DEFINITELY getting off on this. Good to know he’s a masochist as well as a sadist. Or maybe this is like, an emotional-control kink as a Dom? idk

Mai didn’t object to Yami visiting the green void, but she’s determined to do this herself.

Jounouchi grabs Yami and asks him what the hell is going on, specifically what Yami Malik means by saying that, if Mai loses, she’ll fall into a “slumber”.

That’s… not a very informative answer.

But look at his body language: he stiffens up and looks away, turns his whole face away, so he’s not looking Jounouchi in the eyes. Even though he was perfectly comfortable identifying and even interfering in the Dark Game, he’s very uncomfortable talking about it here. I wonder if he’s ashamed of how he used to run his own Dark Games and inflict similar punishments on people, even though he thought at the time he was doing the right thing, while Yami Malik is pretty explicitly just really into fucking people up.

But hey, one slick combo later!


Even Yami Malik is impressed

Actually he’s been very complimentary throughout. When he’s not being a sadistic creep, which is rare. But he gives her credit for all her good moves, and even does so politely.

Unlike SOMEONE I can mention

RUDE. (so cute tho)

Meanwhile, speaking of people getting off on weird shit

good lord, he’s so into this

But when she summons it, it doesn’t exactly go the way she’d hoped and everyone is shocked

pictured: adorkable Pharaoh, shocked

and Yami Malik laughs so hard his entire cloak blows up in the air to join him in merriment:

you could even say, he’s having a BALL

FF15 Headcanons | Mafia AU

The Caelum Cosche | Business is casinos, bakeries and laundromat |

Regis: Regis “royal daddy” Caelum | He is the Don, the boss, the Capofamiglia.  All have to answer to him in the family, he is a kind and benevolent boss. He is the type of Don that gets things done without anyone know how it happened. The votes are neck and neck in the newest poll for senator - somehow the next day the polls are so far apart it’s just crazy. He is nice to all so when he does get angry no one expects it from him. It makes other mafia families view him as weak but he’s not, not in the slightest. Don Regis strikes back with a iron fist.

Noctis: Noctis “Sleepy Boy” Caelum | He is the Underboss the Capo Bastone. He is the one to inherit the family “businesses” he’s not too fond of it. There is a lot of things he has to learn daily about it is tiring beyond belief. He rather skip out and play at the arcade with his associates. He’s engaged to rival family member Lunafreya to help “meld” the families. They have only met a few times during the family meetings, only small talks under the supervision of Ignis and Ravus. There is not a weapon he’s not skilled with, he doesn’t like to kill anyone but he will if he has to and it’s normally messy.

Ignis: Ignis “man with a devious plan” Scientia | He is the right hand man, the Consigliere. The man with the plan at all times and for anything and everything. You don’t get speak to the Capo Bastone or the Capofamiglia until you speak to Ignis first. He deals the dirtiest of deed for the family ones that no one needs to know about. Ignis knows the darkest of all the secrets even ones that Regis isn’t aware of. He’s skilled with daggers of all sorts, poison daggers are his favorite though. Ignis has eyes and ears everywhere he watches over Noctis’ schooling and extracurricular practices like a hawk.

Gladiolus: Gladio “the destroyer” Amicitia | Soldier - Gladiolus is the personal bodyguard to Noctis he follows him around like a shadow. He is the one to do all the heavy lifting in the family. He’s first in and last to leave, his whole family has dedicated their lives to the Family. No one speaks ill about the Caelum family in Gladiolus’ presence not even a joke. He’s skilled with all manner of duel wield weapons and comes out looking a mess but you should seriously see the other dude.

Cor: Cor “the immortal lion” Leonis | Soldier - Cor would be in Gladiolus’ spot but his heritage is not a Amicitia. He wanders around a lot for the Family taking in new Associates and training them to be Soldiers. His style is smooth and flawless no one ever sees him coming and no one sees him leaving. There are times when people think he didn’t finish his job because they saw nothing change, he can severe a head that cleanly. Cor knows almost as many secrets about the Family and other Families that he can rival Ignis’.

Nyx: Nyx “the pryomaniac” Ulric | Soldier - He is the most versatile soldier around and one of the few that uses magic instead of a weapon on the regular. He is around a lot to do the oddball tasks the ones that no one wants to take on. He’s known to break a few Family rules but he is often pardoned by Regis for them. His kills are inventive and many.

Prompto: Prompto “the smiling gunner” Argentum | Associate - he’s training to graduate to be a Soldier. At the moment the boy is running small tasks for Gladiolus with only a few failures. Cor trained him for the basics and sent him off to Ignis but Consigliere grew frustrated with the cheerful youth and moved him to Gladiolus. Prompto spends a lot of down time with Noctis at the arcades playing games and chatting up the ladies. He photographs a lot of things including his kills it gets him in trouble all the time, secrets of the Family must not get spilled. He’s one of the few that uses a gun, his aim is legendary. King of “one shot - one kill”.

The Izunia Cosche | Business is bars, loan sharks and restaurants |

Ardyn: Ardyn “man of no consequences” Izunia | Capofamiglia - Don Izunia is vile and ruthless his Family has been weeded out for many years by the Caelum Family that he’s vengeful. He tries to “soothe” enraged emotions by arranging a marriage to Lunafreya and Noctis. To supplant them from the inside, hopefully. Ardyn unlike Regis is not friendly he acts it but once behind closed doors there is a storm that rages in the Family Manor.

Lunafreya: Lunafreya “moon princess” Fleuret | Capo Bastone - she is not the first pick for Capo Bastone. The original - well no one knows what happened to the girl but Lunafreya showed up with her older brother one day. Most thought it odd that Ardyn picked her over Ravus as the Capo Bastone. He says he has reasons - getting married to Noctis. (They have been secretly dating for years) Lunafreya takes her schooling for becoming the next Capofamiglia seriously she has a secret agenda of turning around the Izunia Family into the Fleuret family that Ardyn had squashed killing most of the family off years ago. She wants to see a new dawn, a better Family that is honorable unlike the Izunia. Nobody sees her kill, she’s far more a silent killer than Cor of the Caelum Family.

Ravus: Ravus “one arm bandit” Fleuret | Consigliere - He is shrewd, ruthless and has  fondness for cakes. It was his idea for him to join with is sister to the Izunia family to eventually overthrow him. Ravus follows all the orders of Ardyn and deals out heavy damage to the rival family to slowly take them down. He wants to take down the Caelum family - his motives are hidden from most even his sister is truly unclear why he wants to take out the Caelum family. Ravus lost his arm in a grievous battle with the Caelum family in his attempts to seek his revenge. His skill with the rapier is out matches anyone around.

Aranea: Aranea “dragon lady” Highwind | Soldier - She really could be the Consigliere but her desire for that position is rather low. She likes the ability to goof off when she wants to. Skirting under the wrathful glare of Ardyn is a good thing in her book being a soldier puts her in the best spot. She is a head of the squad and has her own motives most of the time. They loosely follow the orders of Ardyn. Aranea taunts Ravus a lot - well taunts everyone all the time. It’s what keeps her sane. Sometimes there is rumors of her leaving and going to the Caelum family and there are times with rumors of her giving the Caelum family the upper hand on a mission. Her fighting style is elegant and powerful no one tries to tell her that “a lady can’t fight”.

Cindy: Cindy “get it fixed” Aurum | Associate - She was pulled into the family by her Auto Garage going under after lawsuit. She went to the Izunia’s loan shark company to get money to pay for the lawsuit. Not able to pay them pay they took her in as a Associate. Cindy runs the streets chop shopping any vehicle she can get her hands on. She flirts with the other associates of the Caelum family a lot. She admires Aranea greatly spending a lot of down time with her if she can’t leave the Family Villa. She is often caring for Ravus’ Magitek arm, keeping it all in tact.

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Dragon Age Made Me a Feminist

Growing up, there weren’t a lot of female role models (that’s not really the word I’m looking for here, but it will have to do) in the things I was interested in. I mean, there was Lucy Lawless as Xena the Warrior Princess and the yellow and pink power rangers, and that was basically it.

Not to mention being a girl in rural Texas means being given poofy-sleeved dresses and nail polish every year for… all the special occasions? And being told to act “ladylike”, which pretty much means just sit still and look pretty.

And so for a long time, I thought being a girl was really… lame? Boring? Like, I really believed that women were just damsels in distress or love interests, not dragon-fighting knights or badass duel-wielding ninjas. And they certainly didn’t have much in the way of personality, besides being kind and gentle and sweet (not that there’s anything inherently wrong there, mind you– be nice to people, for real!)

I distinctly remember a conversation I had with our drama teacher in high school. We were supposed to be writing a one-act play for our final grade. I had decided to write a story which pretty much had an entirely male cast, all except for the sweet, demure housewife who made sure dinner was on the table. My teacher asked me why I chose to write a story where the main character was a guy. And I shrugged, and said I just liked them better. And it was always like that, every time I wrote a story, it was about a heroic dude, going to do his heroic dude stuff. Because that’s what dudes do.

And then, I played Dragon Age. And as usual, I started playing with a male character (who I love and is still my Canon Warden). But… the women in Dragon Age are soooo far removed from the way women are portrayed in most of the media I’ve been exposed to. The women of Thedas are smart, strong, independent, powerful, witty, wise, and just… three-dimensional?

And then the lore! Even the concept of the Chantry (yes, yes, I know, fuck the Chantry, but still!) was this major feminist thing for me: a religion controlled by women? A female “Pope”?

When I got DA2, I decided to play as a female Hawke (with the sarcastic dialogue choices, because sarcastic!Hawke is life), and I fell in love with how amazing she was. How even though she romanced Fenris, her story wasn’t about him, it was about her and her struggles. And how she could have struggles! And overcome them on her own! And how sometimes she couldn’t overcome them, but it didn’t make her weak or helpless. And how she didn’t have to be nice all the time and how her opinions actually shaped the world around her.

So, naturally, by the time I got my hands on Inquisition, I was like, fuck playing a dude, I’m gonna be a lady again! :DD And I did, and I fought ten freaking DRAGONS (11 if you count Corypheus’s, and 12 if you count the one in Jaws of Hakkon!) and I cavorted with Sera and I drank my fill with Iron Bull and I made out with a freaking god and I decided the fate of the Orlesian empire and I saved the *fucking* world and how could I have ever thought that girls were boring???

And so, yes, Dragon Age is important to me, because it taught me how to be proud of being a woman. And I just needed to get that out, because I’m so grateful for the writers and developers of these games.

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