Duel Wielding

Luke is either gonna be Jokester Yoda Master or Salty Sad Ben Master in Episode 8. There is no in-between.

Although I personally would love it if he developed an Obi-Wan level of depressing sass.

“Back in my day, our Death Stars only destroyed one planet at time. This is just ridiculous.”

“Are we sure Han died? There may have been a vat of Carbonite down there. Someone go visit Jabba’s son, just to be sure.”

“Why did I choose Ahch-To? Well, I’ve been on planets of all sand, cloud, and ice, and I hated all of them. I thought maybe all water would be a good change of pace. It’s not. Get me the fuck out of here, my ship malfunctioned years ago and everyone thought I was being edgy when really I was just stranded.”

“Oh great, another helmeted murderer I’m related to.”

“Rey, pray to the Force that you’re not actually part of this family. Nobody wants to be part of this family.”

“If Yoda could do it at 900, I can do it at 60.” *promptly dies out of spite*

“Your friend is a stormtrooper, huh? You know, I was a stormtrooper once. Yeah. Yeah, I was great. Tallest one there.”

“There is no luck, only the Force… and the Force likes to be very unlucky around me.”

“Uh, thanks for bringing the lightsaber that holds only memories of pain for me, but I have my own. In green. With a custom handle. You can keep that one.”

“Just kidding, watch me duel-wield.”

Episode 91, part 2, this would be such a fun duel if it wasn’t for the murder #justYGOthings

Part 1, focusing on Mai’s flashback early in the episode, is here!

Shit’s already super fucked-up, Yami Malik stylz

Mai can’t hear or see Anzu. I’m pretty sure this is a sop to the viewers to show where Anzu should be, and not actually what Mai sees.

But Mai is determined and battles onwards nonetheless.

Wow that’s … some name. And her attack is called Dance of Betrayal. #IblamePegasus

Yami Malik isn’t rattled by such things as counterattacks or human conversation.

oh, fuck off, edgelord

you were never even really a child, you’re just a magical mental illness

Anyway, he’s quickly able to destroy Mai’s Monster, matching her move for move.

… didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Yami Malik makes a good point.

But tragically, the upshot of Mai losing this Monster, and therefore another fragment of her own memory, is that glowing, floating memory!Jounouchi explodes like a wine glass that abruptly met a bullet

Don’t worry, she copes well!

lol jk


(right before the exploding-Jounouchi is when she has her flashback, which I recapped separately, when she realises what’s about to happen)

Meanwhile Jounouchi doesn’t even know why Mai’s no longer responding to his (near-constant) yelling

“How the hell would I know?”


Can he see the illusions? Yami Malik says only the people in the game can, but, as we’re about to see, he doesn’t account for Yami’s dark magic abilities elsewhere.  Can he somehow sense what’s happening? Or does he read Mai as well as Yami Malik does, and also read Yami Malik, and guess that that’s what’s happening?

… Wait didn’t Yami Malik TELL Mai out loud with words what’s happening? So then this changes from “Yami’s incredible control of dark magic or Yami’s superlative observation skills?” to “why the fuck is everyone else so fucking dense?”

Either way, Yami says that outsiders can’t interfere with a Dark Game…

YEAHHHH :D I fuckin love when Yami gets all Dark Sorcerer up in other people’s business

Yami Malik is not delighted.


fucks sake


Yami butts in to the floating green void that idk symbolises the Dark Game somehow and delivers some motivational slogans to Mai

He tells her that the horrible things that are happening are illusions based on her fears. She listens and starts to feel hopeful again, and it jogs her memory, although imperfectly: she’s now able to hear Jounouchi but not see or remember him.

well that’s sweet!

Just in case things get too sweet and touching, Yami Malik moves on to Phase 2: The Kinky Shit


It’s the emphasis on “slowly” that makes this weird.

…. I’m just saying, he’s DEFINITELY getting off on this. Good to know he’s a masochist as well as a sadist. Or maybe this is like, an emotional-control kink as a Dom? idk

Mai didn’t object to Yami visiting the green void, but she’s determined to do this herself.

Jounouchi grabs Yami and asks him what the hell is going on, specifically what Yami Malik means by saying that, if Mai loses, she’ll fall into a “slumber”.

That’s… not a very informative answer.

But look at his body language: he stiffens up and looks away, turns his whole face away, so he’s not looking Jounouchi in the eyes. Even though he was perfectly comfortable identifying and even interfering in the Dark Game, he’s very uncomfortable talking about it here. I wonder if he’s ashamed of how he used to run his own Dark Games and inflict similar punishments on people, even though he thought at the time he was doing the right thing, while Yami Malik is pretty explicitly just really into fucking people up.

But hey, one slick combo later!


Even Yami Malik is impressed

Actually he’s been very complimentary throughout. When he’s not being a sadistic creep, which is rare. But he gives her credit for all her good moves, and even does so politely.

Unlike SOMEONE I can mention

RUDE. (so cute tho)

Meanwhile, speaking of people getting off on weird shit

good lord, he’s so into this

But when she summons it, it doesn’t exactly go the way she’d hoped and everyone is shocked

pictured: adorkable Pharaoh, shocked

and Yami Malik laughs so hard his entire cloak blows up in the air to join him in merriment:

you could even say, he’s having a BALL

I’m going to apologize in advance because my pictures are such poor quality. I wish I had more time to devote to stuff like this as I had done in college. But I don’t. Anyway, I was getting ready to sit down and do some writing when I decided to go through a folder on my desktop of screenshots of Aeva. Thought I’d post a couple.

I just love her so much she’s a total ass. And she’s stubborn. But her character development comes a long way. And I’m proud of her. I could just be bias, I find her unique which is also really weird considering I made her. But whatever.

Two things I forgot to mention in the last post that further supports my thesis that the Homestuck ending prioritizes utility over identity in creepy ways:

- Dave is often held up as the one character who got decent resolution. But after explaining his issues with Bro, heroism, and violence… he acts as aggressor on a rooftop duel wielding a full blade (Bro and Dirk’s strife specibus) and kills on Dirk’s command.  He takes back up the elements he rejected before because they didn’t belong in his identity because they’re useful at the moment. And while we all have to do that sometimes, considering it’s his last big moment and pairing it with everything else… it’s a little unsettling.

- The dreaming dead get jerked around a lot throughout the story, but the first time Vriska and Aranea steal their minds, it’s supposed to be messed up. We see Scorpio symbols over their blank expressions and hear John pointing out it’s ethically dubious. The first time dreamers die at English’s hand, it’s portrayed as horrific both through the presentation in Caliborn: Enter itself and Dave talking later about how after witnessing “the screaming and the killing” he’s had a hard time sleeping. We even recognize some of the dreamers - John hails from Davesprite’s timeline, and we even followed his time with Vriska briefly. They have identities. We know them.

In Collide, though, dreamers are dispatched in droves without fanfare. They’re simply a distraction Vriska uses until she can get English with the weapon (although why she needed one I’m not sure, since she doesn’t exactly try to sneak up on him). They change hands between ‘leaders’ without ever having voices of their own, and no impact is made of their deaths. It’s just visual noise. Again, they only matter for how they can serve MCs’ aims and the narrative.

This is not particularly eloquent because I’m typing it out in a rush over my lunch break but it just continues to back up my argument that postretcon HS has a disturbing tendency to validate the suppression or destruction of individual identity in order to promote the goals of the game and the narrative. And considering it’s in Skaia’s interests to have a bunch of game victors complacent about the sacrifice of people for the Big Picture (and who seem content to let Vriska, who is no longer there, call all the shots and make all the decisions) AND the story’s biggest villain is a Lord of Time who, besides losing most of his identity beyond a love of destruction long ago, is all about forcing people onto the paths that serve him despite what might be better for them and who has a whole subplot where he actually attempts to rewrite their story with crappy, subpar imitations of every character, it’s… unsettling. To say the least. 


GUESS WHAT. I’m back to working five-six day work weeks again, so lets upload some older art I have done for my RP group but never got around to uploading.

I just, don’t want month long periods without SOME art on my blog. It is…an art blog after all.

First two is my Human that I play. You’ve seen Myra before. Her soul weapon is a crowbar and she tends to duel wield. She aint happy in that one pic (because a giant flower ate her best friend) and I wanted to try extreme foreshortening I HOPE IT WORKS.

Second is her and her parents, Joe and Audrey. They are scientists that go around busting hoaxes and frauds. They are a very happy family. I play her parents too. Nerds. All of them.

@sushinfood plays a Gaster based on one of @guppys-paw‘s gaster (werester I believe). Of course I had to draw him transforming because that skeleton can never be happy. Give the guy a vacation plz from all the melting and snarling.

The Babyblaster Papyrus player (Nessa) made it so that Papy can assume a mid shift form and so I drew it out. He’s a sweet baby.

So yeah…these are all oldddd so here’s hoping I can make some newer art eventually.


Break Time! (Reader x Noctis / Reader x Prompto)

A/N: When you have to cleANSE YOUR SOUL OF SIN with pointless fluff before you sleep because phew, I don’t want lightning to strike me while I’m out.


Originally posted by ffxvcaps

It was raining outside. 

It was disgusting weather and by some miracle, a combination of whining from you, Noctis and Prompto convinced both Ignis and Gladio that today was a good day for a break.

You lay on the bed between the prince and blond, body lying across them both. Your head rested on the back of Noct’s shoulders while you had your legs bent over Prompto’s back with your feet resting on his other side. All three of you were playing King’s Knight on your phones. The strategist and guard had opted to run errands and replenish resources while the three of you were content with being lazy in the motel.

Honestly the boys were veterans at the mobile game and you had only really just started. They had also managed to convince you to spend a minuscule amount of gil on some in app purchases to get started. Honestly you thought it was to keep you playing a bit longer to get your monies worth, but whatever.

“Why am I even doing this?” You groaned and rolled to lie on your side with your cheek pressed between Noct’s shoulder blades. The boys squirmed beneath you as you shifted so they could get comfortable again. “What level do I have to be to team up with you guys again?”

“Umm 10 I think.” Prompto gestured for you to show him what you were up to in the game. “You’re nearly there! Half way through level 8, that’s pretty good.”

“Mm, I think you get a free character pack at 10 too.” Noct rolled over to lie on his back and you lifted your head for him to do so before you dropped your head back onto his chest. “What role did you pick for the packs you bought?”

“Um… Hybrid. Tank, healer?” The system in the game was a little strange, but you were getting the hang of it. “I think that’s what you guys said you wanted?” You opened up your character screen and looked over your team of one and two star characters. Their characters borders were either blue or green, indicating their tank and healer roles respectively.

“Yeah, I know we said that, but you could have picked anything to be honest.” Prompto looked back and grinned at you.

“Well technically no, because you dorks both chose DPS roles. You have to balance the team out.” You rolled your eyes. As far as you knew, Gladio had taken a solely Tank role and Ignis covered the Healer role whenever he was coerced to play. “Sooo typical. You guys always go for the cool looking types. Like—” You reached up and grabbed Noct’s wrist to forcibly turn his phone towards you. “Look, it’s all duel-wielding sword DPS. Standard Noct! So standard.”

The prince rolled his eyes. So what if he had a particular character aesthetic? “I’m highest ranked DPS out of all of us, so you can make fun all you want, but my shoulders are tired from carrying you all.” He chuckled as you and Prompto groaned at his shit-talking and you felt it through your cheek on his chest. His free hand brushed through your hair a couple of times before he yawned and dropped his arm. “Ah, I’m tired. I wanna nap.”

“You always wanna nap, Noct.” Prompto dropped his phone onto the bed and turned to lie on his side too. He gently held onto you legs as he shifted and gave your calf a squeeze. “But this weather is kind of perfect nap weather.” Honestly all of you had been working pretty hard the last few days, tracking down and successfully completing quite a few hunts in the area. It was nice to just chill.

“Alright, we’ll nap and you have to finish grinding to level 10 in King’s Knight.” Noctis declared as he poked you in the side before shutting his eyes with an easy grin.

“What? Noo, guys that totally isn’t fair.” You laughed, knowing you were kind of powerless to do anything. You were getting pretty drowsy too. After so many days of action, your body was ready and willing to rest whenever it could. It was likely how the boys were feeling too.

When Gladio and Ignis returned they witnessed the pile of you curled up together fast asleep and they shook their heads. 

Lazy butts.

Overwatch Vs Darksiders: Death

Class: DPS (Offense )

Weapons: Duel wielding scythes.

-Pressing the left mouse key uses his usual downward attacks which is him slicing and dicing everyone.
-Right mouse key is him using his upper cuts, this does more damage but takes 5 seconds to charge-
-E places a trap of ghoulish hands that an enemy player can step on and be trapped for 5 seconds, enough time for him or another team player to kill them-
-Left Shift is a quick dash-

Ult: Reaper Form
-Death goes into his Reaper Form and fucks everyone up-
-Easy to get POTG with-

75 creds: Recolors of his classic skin.
-Sickness (Green)
-Famine (dark yellow)
-Wrath (red)
Conquest (purple)
250 creds: Cloak and hood, Spell binder, Nomad.
1000 creds: Executioner/Juggernaut armor, Warlock/Necromancer armor, Abyssal Armor

Highlighted intro:
Fear (250): Death grabs the camera (a supposed person) by the face with one hand and lifts it up.

The Pale Rider (250): Death summons Despair and hops on him, riding forth.

Voice Lines:
When selected for a game:
“Their time is up.”

General Voice Lines.
“This is no place for a horse.”
“A fools errand? Wouldn’t be my first?”
“You want me to get you what?”
“To Hell with you.”
“Every blade dulls…eventually.”

To Reaper:
Death: You call yourself ‘Reaper’, yet you would not last long in my shoes.
Reaper: Try me.

Death: Everyone meets their fate eventually.
Reaper: Could have fooled me.

When killing Reaper:
“You are not but a mere mortal.”

To Hanzo:
Death: You should be grateful your brother forgives you.
Hanzo: Rather he does or not is not my concern.

From Genji:
Genji: Your relationship with War reminds me of me and my Brother.
Death: My siblings are all I have.

(Feel free to add anything. I’ll be working on others.)

A list of my D&D characters that no one asked for.

I won’t be offended if you don’t continue reading. I don’t even know why I’m doing this. Reference?

Torga Ironfist- Pretty sure she is a Life Domain Cleric, Dwarven, and used to be an adventurer before a Lich killed half her party and she decided to hang up the armor and work as a weapon maker. She gets real antsy though and is always looking to join up with a group again. I’ve only played her once.

Therlynn- Basically everything I just really wanted to be my first go through in D&D. Inspired by Keyleth, she is an half-elven outlander who’s tribe lost their home because some assholes started to destroy her forest (Think businessmen tearing down some really cool property to make a parking garage scenario). Circle of the moon Druid who really likes to be a wolf. She sings sea shanties, curses a whole lot, and is basically me when I’m too hyper. Played her for…7 sessions? maybe a little more.

Darren Rookson- Half-orc life cleric who I just describe as the cool nurse at the kid’s cancer ward. He loves his town, his friends, and his family, and is pretty sensitive. He doesn’t really like to fight much, preferring to heal. He was the result of me trying to try out support classes. About 6 sessions.

Raymond Fallow- The first, my Human Ranger who looked like Ruby Rose and had a mountain lion animal companion. She could have had a really good story, but my DM just threw us into the shittiest of situations and she got traumatized, saw a party member straight up kill a kid, blamed herself for it, and then had to mercy kill her mountain lion after it got stabbed and I rolled real bad to remove the sword. She hung herself (I did it for drama, but it was just a bad move) and she came back as a zombie druid. I don’t know if I will ever use her again, but I’m definitely redoing the character if she ever interests me. 10 sessions tops.

Minnow- My current D&D character who I play on sundays. I’ve mentioned her before. She is a Tiefling Bard who is…pretty much me when I’m hyper, but a bit more eloquent and confident about it. I love her to bits and she is a great counter balance to her best bud and partner in crime, Wilma the halting Rogue. Yep, me and my GF and the Rouge and Bard duo. Fight us. Ongoing.

Ryan Galanodel-McAurther- My other bard that I have only played twice, but she is pretty cool. A half-elf noble with a Human Lord father and a Elven mother. She grew up with her father, decided to head out on her own, made amends with a mother she was previously venomous with (hence the double last name), got captured while traveling and had her best friend killed in front of her, escaped from a crime lord, and set up shop in a city where she became the leader of a cast of characters known as The Clean-Up Crew. (It’s like a Minutemen concept with the city being a hot spot for random portals to open up in. She gets word that something is causing havoc, she and whoever can respond head over to solve the problem. It was a cool game to play because it meant she knew everyone who just joined the game and had hired them, making them part of the party, but people could be absent from the campaign whenever they wanted to. It was a sit down and pull up a chair whenever scenario. Just give me a reason to hire you.) 2 sessions.

Character on the back burner

Lia Wesson- My human monk sailor character I honestly think I was inspired to make after Captain Adella appeared on Critical Role. I legit forget having created her. Whoops.

Joan Dotsk- Human Wizard. She was a professor, but was falsely accused of a crime and is on the run. Paranoid, Cowardly, and is probably going to be proficient in abjuration magic. She is on hold in case I want to dabble with an arcane caster.

Roran Maria Elizabeth Cadenza Krause V- Shamelessly showing my Percival inspiration here. And honestly, she really is just Percy, but with shit charisma. Human fighter, duel wielding short swords and a badass sense of fashion. What can I say. Imagine her being a Mary-Sue, the youngest of her family, but the poor thing can’t talk her way through any conversation without embarrassing herself. Like, her Charisma is six. I’ll buff up her backstory to be as ridiculously self indulgent as I want if my girl can’t talk to anyone normally. 

And lastly the one I’m most excited to use.

Val Ganderstim- Aasimar Warlock, pact of the Raven Queen. I’m just…the aesthetic my dudes! Picture the RQ’s dark divine energy, and then picture black divine wings instead of white ones and I’m just…dying? Raven companion to watch over her, and pretty much obsessed with the Raven Queen. Any chance she gets, she is singing the good queen’s praises and just trying to do her best to fulfill her patrons wishes. She’ll probably trip over everything along the way though.

Random Ninjago Headcanons #2

Every one of the ninjas has their own way of playing RPG games.
Jay usually goes for the mage, Kai goes for knight, Cole goes to tank, Lloyd for rouge, and Zane goes either archer or support. 

For example: If they were to play Skyrim…
Jay would strictly be a mage and would focus all of his time leveling up all of the magic-focused categories in the game. He duel-wields destruction magic (mostly lightning because he’s a nerd). He plays as a high elf and wears the master robes of destruction and enchanted rings and the like. 
Kai duel-wields swords, and wears light armor (namely, the dragon armor). Nothing really special, he just raises his stamina and health so high that he can just run up to his enemies and kill them with one super hit. He’ll play as a Nord, usually. 
Cole uses two-handed weapons and heavy armor, really focusing on brute strength rather than anything. He’ll take whatever hits he can and try to force his way through everything. He’ll probably play as an Imperial. 
Lloyd mostly goes for stealth kills and thievery. He plays as a Khajiit and wears light armor. He really only fights with two daggers but knows restoration spells for when he needs them. He’ll go through an entire dungeon focusing on sneak kills.
Zane plays as a wood elf, wears light armor that’s enchanted, and mainly uses a bow. He does have one-handed weapons leveled up though, and will use daggers if an enemy gets too close for him to use his bow. Zane’s stealth is rather high, but he doesn’t focus entirely on stealth. It depends on the dungeon he’s in.