things that have happened in 2014 so far:

  • sherlock comes back from the dead
  • leonardo gets nominated for an oscar
  • nash grier hates body hair
  • jennifer lawrence photo bombs people
  • that movie about the ice came out and that song got nominated for an oscar
  • liam tweeted the duck dynasty guy 
  • supernatural gets a tit load of views
  • justin bieber gets arrested

its only been like two and a half weeks 


Take a look at these two men, one is the redneck persona of a millionaire from A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and one of them is a former CIA agent who then turned against the United States and helped plan, finance, and carry out terrorist attacks such as the USS Cole bombing, the bombing of the United States Embassy in Kenya in 1998, and the 9/11 attacks. The one on the top is Phil Robertson, a Christian extremist who believes god speaks to him, believes Blacks were “happy happy” with slavery and should have remained enslaved by Whites, and believes Gays are evil. The one on the bottom is Islamic Extremist and former leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden who really needs no introduction. Which one do you think said this:

“All who hate [God] love death… Either convert [Non believers] or kill them.”

That’s right, it wasn’t Osama who appeared on FOX with his holy book exclaiming death to those who believe in other gods or no god, it was Phil who could be mistaken for Osama at first glance.

The simple truth is that all religious extremists are the same, they are all a danger to peace and humanity. Phil claims to love “god” but is obsessed with death whether it is killing ducks, or killing Muslims. While ISIS may be the face of terrorism currently, let’s not forget who was responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing… Timothy McVeigh, a fundamentalist, White, right wing Christian. Lets not forget Eric Rudolph who carried out the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing in Atlanta, the bombing of abortion clinics in Alabama in 1997 and 1998, and the bombing of the Lesbian bar the Otherwise Lounge in 1997, all acts of terrorism committed in the name of Christianity. Lastly, let us not forget Bobby Frank Cherry, Thomas Blanton, Herman Frank Cash, and Robert Chambliss who in 1963 as members of the extremist Christian group the KKK, bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing 4 Black girls and injuring 22 others. Terrorism is not an Islamic action, it is a religious extremist action which often times comes from men just like Phil.

Phil Robertson vs. Melissa Harris-Perry

White male patriarch, Phil Robertson, from “Duck Dynasty” in an interview compares homosexuality to bestiality and gay people to terrorists who are “full of murder, envy, strife [and] hatred.” Says that black people were not mistreated during Jim Crow and were happy and godly then before getting welfare. Refuses to apologize and defends it as “freedom of speech.”

White people flock to his defense. Gets reinstated to his show, sees a surge in his ratings and merchandise sales and gets lionized by the right.

Melissa Harris-Perry, a black woman, remarks that Mitt Romney’s new grandson is in fact black (which he is). Apologizes afterward forcefully on twitter saying “without reservation or qualification I apologize to the Romney family” and retracts her statements.

White people launch a witch hunt after her anyway, demonizing and slandering her character despite her apology and calling for her to be fired.

Harris-Perry issues a teary apology on air.

White people continue to attack her anyway calling her “racist” and a “true bigot” who deserves to be fired as the controversy continues to build.

God bless AmeriKKKa. 

Some fun facts that all of you should learn
  1. Liam tweeted Willie.
  2. Willie. Never. Said. He. Was. Homophobic.
  3. Liam. Never. Said. He. Was. Homophobic.
  4. The Robertsons are not racist. They’ve adopted children of different races.
  5. Phil was asked about his personal beliefs and he answered them honestly
  6. Phil  a sixty something year old southern redneck
  7. Liam has nothing to apologize for
  9. Liam has nothing to apologize for 

liam payne | under pressure

in light of recent events i decided to make this video to show how much liam goes through!! pretty pretty please reblog if you enjoyed it!