Duanwu Festival 端午节 | Dragon boat races 赛龙舟

 Duanwu Festival: 5th day of the 5th lunar month
  Qu Yuan屈原
  The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice(糯米)wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats.
  The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes. This regatta(赛舟会)commemorates the death of Qu Yuan , an honest minister who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.
  Qu was a minister of the State of Chu situated in present-day Hunan and Hubei provinces, during the Warring States Period (475-221BC)(战国时期). He was upright, loyal and highly esteemed for his wise counsel that brought peace and prosperity to the state. However, when a dishonest and corrupt prince vilified Qu, he was disgraced and dismissed from office. Realizing that the country was now in the hands of evil and corrupt officials, Qu grabbed a large stone and leapt into the Miluo River (汨罗江) on the fifth day of the fifth month. Nearby fishermen rushed over to try and save him but were unable to even recover his body. Thereafter, the state declined and was eventually conquered by the State of Qin.
  The people of Chu who mourned the death of Qu threw rice into the river to feed his ghost every year on the fifth day of the fifth month. But one year, the spirit of Qu appeared and told the mourners that a huge reptile(爬行动物)in the river had stolen the rice. The spirit then advised them to wrap the rice in silk and bind it with five different-colored threads before tossing it into the river.
  During the Duanwu Festival, a glutinous rice pudding called zong zi is eaten to symbolize the rice offerings to Qu. Ingredients such as beans, lotus seeds(莲子), chestnuts(栗子), pork fat and the golden yolk of a salted duck egg are often added to the glutinous rice. The pudding is then wrapped with bamboo leaves, bound with a kind of raffia and boiled in salt water for hours.
  The dragon-boat races赛龙舟
  The dragon-boat races symbolize the many attempts to rescue and recover Qu’s body. A typical dragon boat ranges from 50-100 feet in length, with a beam of about 5.5 feet, accommodating two paddlers seated side by side.
  A wooden dragon head is attached at the bow, and a dragon tail at the stern(船尾). A banner hoisted on a pole is also fastened at the stern and the hull is decorated with red, green and blue scales edged in gold. In the center of the boat is a canopied shrine behind which the drummers, gong(铜锣)beaters and cymbal(铙钹)players are seated to set the pace for the paddlers. There are also men positioned at the bow to set off firecrackers, toss rice into the water and pretend to be looking for Qu. All of the noise and pageantry creates an atmosphere of gaiety and excitement for the participants and spectators alike. The races are held among different clans, villages and organizations, and the winners are awarded medals, banners, jugs of wine and festive meals.

8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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RFA + V & Saeran's reaction to like an MC with a compulsive shopping problem like "MC when will we ever need fifteen scrub daddies?" Kinda thing. Because lemme tell you late night infomercials will get to you eventually.

this sure is a blast to the past.


  • Questions you? This boy enables you.
  • By month two of living together you own a menagerie of snuggies, an armada of specialized shower slippers, and a single Obama chia pet that lives on the kitchen counter.
  • He wanders in at the middle of the night to you sprawled out on the couch, watching the infomercials flicker in a daze, and he sits down in a stupor near you to sip his coffee and watch what’s occurring on the screen.
  • “Flex-tape,” he says to himself softly. “We could fix anything with that.”
  • “Yeah,” you say.
  • “Like the bumper of our car. And that leaky bucket. And the chair that keeps falling apart!”
  • “Yeah,” you say again, pulling out your phone.
  • Seven thinks this is hilarious. Zen tries to stage an intervention. Jumin is endlessly entertained by this silly commoner practice, and ends up taking one of your Forever Comfy Cushions for his own purposes.


  • “What are you buying,” Zen says, accusation permeating every inch of his flat voice. Nothing! you insist, but he doesn’t believe you.
  • He never believes you.
  • Zen loves you and thinks the sun itself shines in your eyes, but he also knows that you have a problem and knows that you do not need another specialty home improvement product.
  • “But these are cool!” You insist. “And useful! They’re feet for your chair and they keep your floors from getting scratches and YOU CAN’T TELL ME OUR CHAIRS DON’T NEED SHOES, ZEN. THEY’RE NAKED.”
  • zen doesn’t understand. he’s lived a life of complete asceticism, often not even having the bare necessities of life. and here you are, filling his home with useless junk.
  • like really.
  • why do you need magnifying lens glasses.
  • you don’t.
  • y o u d o n ‘ t.


  • god save this poor woman it’s like dating jumin if jumin had some weird discount shopping fetish.
  • The word “sale” just gets you going like no other, and more than once have you shaken Jaehee awake saying that oh my god there’s this cooking product on tv and it looks so useful i could use it to make you perfect roasted apples AND over easy eggs and if we order now WE GET TWO
  • “go to sleep, MC,” jaehee says like a prayer, but she knows that god isn’t listening.
  • you’re going to order it.
  • you’re going to inflict this upon her.
  • …she is kind of grateful though when she realizes how damn handy your stupid Chop Wizard is for slicing onions. No more teary eyes. It’s like a miracle.


  • whenever you open your mouth, Jumin hears a great idea while everyone else hears utter insanity..
  • Of course you need five pairs of ant-resistant socks, MC! That sounds like a great idea. Get five for me, too.
  • Of course you need Hydro Mouse Liquid Lawn to promote healthy lawn growth, MC! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a lawn, it sounds useful for the future.
  • Of course you need a Super Duper Ultra Hi-def HDMI cable, MC! That way we can watch cat videos on the TV in crystal clear quality. 
  • Of course we -
  • jaehee has to get a storehouse for the Weird Bullshit you acquire and she also wants to die.


  • He turns infomercial shopping with you into a party game, where you pick random things to buy, and when they arrive, the pair of you try to find the most improbable uses for them ever.
  • Your house turns into this weird, Post-Apocalyptic style wreck where everything is crafted from jury-rigged infomercial products, and Seven is just Loving Life.
  • You have cabinets made out of multicolored duck tape and egg beaters, which you used your 5 Second Welding Wand to create. 
  • Your walls are made out of magic mesh, which you panted with your Specialty Paint Spray Applicator
  • Seven turns the set of miracle knives you bought into a makeshift home security system.
  • The 124-pack of magic, color changing markers was the best purchase of your collective lives, and you color in your ramshackle home, content with no one wanting to visit you ever.


  • V cannot say no to you, which is unfortunate, because someone really needs to say no to you.
  • Egg powder! Super choppers! Hey V, do we need a callous remover? S-sure, he stutters, and you buy that too.
  • You own five different kinds of furniture powder, eighty-one types of cleaning supplies, a drawer full of compression socks, and a case of Furniture Fixes to Lift Your Sagging Cushions™
  • Your house is somehow both pristine and also filled with junk. RIP V’s artsy minimalist lifestyle.
  • …Some of the products actually end up being pretty helpful for helping him deal with his blindness, though, so he’s thankful for that, at least.


  • like seriously, you come home and you’ve got another box of weird gimmicky art supplies like air-blowing magic markers and color-shifting crayons. 
  • You have a jolly old time using them to decorate the new apple-slicer Saeran bought.
  • He gets a “make-your-own-crayon” kit and, well, that’s your Tuesday!
  • He tries to buy you presents, too, like new pots, pans, and a third pressure cooker, and you’re always so happy!
  • Finally, someone who gets it!
  • Finally, someone who understands!
  • You have a tool for every situation! Who cares if your house is going to burst?
  • …Eventually, Vanderwood convinces you to give some of the excess to charity, because this is ridiculous.


  • “Can I - “
  • “No.”
  • "But it would be so - “
  • NO.”
  • “It’s so cheap though –”
  • N O,” Vanderwood declares like a Roman judge, then turns off the television. They are not allowing this. They are not playing this game. They are not –
  • Wait.
  • Was that a shower scrubber?
  • Shit, let’s get ten.
The Easter Bunny

A/N: Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Sam x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Niece!Reader

“You sure we got everything?” Dean inquired as he looked over at Sam who sat in the passenger seat.

Sam nodded his head, “Yeah, I think so. Got the basket, chocolate bunny, stuffed duck, supplies for dying eggs, jelly beans, and more candy then we need. I think we’re all set for the Easter bunny tomorrow.”

“Good.” Dean replied with a large smile, “Let’s go get our girl.”

Sam chuckled as he got out of the impala, “Did you ever think we’d have this?” Sam questioned before she shut the passenger door.

“What, you having a kid? Us going shopping for a stuffed duck? Me actually looking forward to taking a rugrat to the mall to see some guy dressed up like a friggin’ rabbit?” Dean scoffed, “No, I never saw our lives becoming this; but I’m glad it is.”

Sam grinned at his brother, thinking about all the big changes that happened for them within the last year. You had showed up in their lives; a result from the irresponsible relationships Sam had when he was soulless, but the brothers loved you no matter how you came into their lives.

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您想吃什么? (Nín xiǎng chī shénme?) What do you want to eat?

Chinese dishes are countless. And because of immigration and Westerner’s influence some dishes are less “authentic” that’s ok - they’re still delicious. 

Meat dishes - 肉菜 (ròu cài)

Sizzling (beef served on a very hot plate with peppers/onions): 铁板牛肉 (tiě bǎn niú ròu)

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs: 酸甜排骨 (suān tián pái gǔ)

Sweet and Sour Pork: 糖醋里脊 (táng cù lǐjí) 

Gong Bao Chicken: 宫保鸡丁 (gōng bǎo jī dīng)

Char Siu (Barbecued Roast Pork): 叉烧 (chā shāo)

BBQ Meat: 烤肉 (kǎo ròu)

Hot Pot : 火鍋 (huǒguō)

Vegetable dishes - 素菜 (sùcài)

Fried eggplant: 红烧茄子(hóng shāo qié zi)

Fried Chinese cabbage: 炒大白菜 (chǎo dà bái cài)

Fried shredded potato: 土豆丝 (tǔ dòu sī)

Deep-fried pumpkin sticks: 黄沙南瓜条 (huáng shā nán guā tiáo)

Breakfast -早餐 (zǎo cān)

Fried bread stick: 油条 (yóu tiáo)

Egg 鸡蛋 (jīdàn)

Tea-soaked egg: 茶叶蛋 (cháyè dàn)

Century-old egg (preserved duck egg):皮蛋 (pídàn)

Steamed bread: 饅頭 (mán tou)

Steamed buns with condensed milk dip: 炼乳馒头 (liàn rǔ mán tou)

Congee/Porridge: 粥 (zhōu)

Special Flavor Chicken Porridge: 风味鸡粥 (fēng wèi jī zhōu)

Century Egg Pork Congee: 皮蛋瘦肉粥 pídàn shòu ròu zhōu)

Shaobing: 烧饼 (shāo bǐng)

Soy milk : 豆浆 (dòu jiāng)

Stuffed steamed bun: 包子 (bāo zi)

Wontons: 馄饨 (húntún)

Dimsum: 点心 (diǎnxīn)

Dumplings: 饺子 (jiǎozi)

“Desserts” - 甜点 (tiándiǎn)

Sweet Soup Balls : 汤圆 (tāng yuán)

Sesame Balls : 芝麻球 (zhī ma qiú)

Red Been Bun : 豆沙包 (dòu shā bāo)

Red bean paste Pancake : 豆沙烧饼 (dòushā shāobǐng)
Pumpkin Pancake : 南瓜饼 (nán guā bǐng)

Dragon’s Beard Candy : 龙须酥 (lóng xū sū)

Egg Tarts : 蛋挞 (dàn tà)

Tanghulu (Candied Fruit on A Stick) : 糖葫芦 (táng hú lu)

Sweet Egg Bun : 奶黄包 (nǎi huáng bāo)

Grass Jelly : 烧仙草 (shāo xiān cǎo)

Fried Durian : 榴莲酥 (liú lián sū)

Others -

Wheat Noodles : 面条 (miàn tiáo)

Noodle soup: 汤面 (tāng miàn)

Soup: 汤 (tāng)

Beef noodles :牛肉面 (niúròu miàn)

Fried noodles: 炒面 (chǎo miàn)

Fried rice noodles: 炒米粉 (chǎo mǐ fěn)

Fried rice: 炒饭 (chǎo fàn)

Spring Rolls: 春卷 (chūnjuǎn)

Some regional dishes -

Shanghai small steamed buns: 小笼包 (xiǎolóng bāo)

Peking roasted duck: 北京烤鸭 (běi píng kǎo yā)

Chinese Muslim barbeque mutton skewers: 羊肉串 (yángròu chuan)

Changsha-style stinky tofu: 长沙臭豆腐 (chǎngshā chòu dòufu)

Hangzhou braised pork belly: 东坡猪肉 (dōng pō zhū ròu)

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles: 兰州卡面 (lánzhōu lāmiàn)

Sichuan hot pot: 四川火锅 (sìchuān huǒguō)

Ma Po Tofu: 麻婆豆腐 (má pó dòufu)

Rou Jia Mo: 肉夹馍 (ròu jiā mó)

thecrownedrose  asked:

Finding an abandoned nest of duck eggs after the mama duck tragically lost her life. You bring them home and promise the team the ducklings won't be in the way. Imagine being out an errand when they start to hatch so you make Bucky step in for you. When they're finally born they imprint on Bucky as their mama. You're not even mad. The sight of a flock of ducklings following Bucky everywhere is just too damn adorable

I’m so sad I can’t draw ducks chasing bucky 

Fluffy Friday™

More Than Meets the Eye

Today someone paid for their weekly duck eggs from my farm with 50 cent pieces and the first thing I thought was “Are they bugged? Dipped in poison? Contain an encrypted message? Who does this person work for, what does this mean, and are these pieces more than meets the eye?”

I may need to take a break from popular spy media… Then again… how many people do you know that would pay for 6 dozen duck eggs using 50 cent pieces… and who needs 6 dozen duck eggs anyway?!?! I know for a fact that they’re just a family of 4 and don’t own a bakery or anything…



5 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,921 


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Birds chirping in perfect harmony outside the window woke you from your slumber, the first good nights rest you’d had in days. Sitting up in bed you smiled to yourself brightly at your surroundings. The bedroom was duck egg blue, adorned with white frills and embellishments, it was cute, positive and had character. Nancy had sorted some clothes for you, rummaging through the back you found a black turtleneck jumper in your size, with the tags still on, and a pair of black skinny jeans. After showering you tied your damp hair up into a high ponytail and got dressed. Feeling strangely optimistic you headed downstairs to find Jimin on the sofa.

He sat with his back to you as he looked out of the window, silently enjoying the wonderful view.
“I noticed there’s some stuff in the fridge so, eggs or bacon?” You asked Jimin as you walked past him and into the small cottage like kitchen.

“I’m super hungry, can’t we have both?” He called out after you, earning a small sincere smile to dance across your lips.

“Sure.” You chuckled as you got everything you needed out of the fridge and started to make breakfast.

Once the food was cooked, Jimin set the table and poured you both a glass of orange juice, sitting down at the table in front of the large bay window. The view from the table was beautiful, there was a small green park that overlooked a little pond complete with ducks and fishes. Happy children played amongst each other as their parents kept an eye on them from the side benches. Remembering the houses former owner your heart weighed heavy in your chest, Namjoon probably decided on the area because of the park and pond, if he and his mate were considering starting a family.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked as he wolfed down enough bacon sandwiches to feed a large family.

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do you have any good side quests for low level players? i have the main quest in the town figured out but i'm not sure what small ones i want for them

1. A polite old farmer has asked you to get him eggs from his house for the farmer’s market. He forgot them, and cannot leave his booth. The eggs aren’t chicken or duck eggs but rather stolen eggs from X low level monster.

2. The local tavern’s bouncer has called in sick with a bottle to the face. Its half off night, and its packed, and the bar owner needs a few new bouncers.

3. You find a drunk sitting in the road. He slurs to you he’ll pay you handsomely if you get him home. He can’t remember where he lives, but through talking to him and asking locals you can figure it out.

4. There are protests going on in the town you’re visiting. You can join and fight the guards, or help the guards round up troublemakers.


Last evening, after sitting on my bed for several hours sorting yarn, I couldn’t walk without supporting myself on things.  But I wanted brownies!  So I went into the kitchen and mixed up brownies from scratch, and Veronica baked them for me.  They’re perfect.  They have a cracked, crunchy surface and inside are dense, moist, and chewy.

Veronica tried to move a bunch of really ripe bananas last night and accidentally ripped the tops off the whole bunch. sooo…

This morning I made 2 dozen perfect banana chocolate chip muffins from scratch, too.

Both of these were made with duck eggs.  A duck egg will substitute for 1.5 chicken eggs and BOY WILL IT MAKE BAKED GOODS RISE.  So rich and fluffy.

i want to go down by the river at the crack of dawn, when the sun’s still hiding away, bring my softest blanket and a basket full of cheeses and french bread and honey and fruits and nectar and watch the sun slowly spill into the sky like a cracked duck’s egg