Duck King

Let’s make this the cutest and longest hockey post

reblog with a gif/photo of a smiling hockey player to show everybody how adorable little sh*ts we obsess over!


” In the battle for the Moon, Neo Petite stands in the way of Sarah. Will the two of them really fight ? Can Sarah defeat consoles as easily as she did against bots ?
Meanwhile, Kevin is in jail reflecting on his past choices and video games addiction…
Anger and resentment are building up in this 22th episode on Console Girl, brought to you by Nikoneda and Spunchcomics ! “

—– Episode 22 is now avalaible. I used more nervous strokes and tried things with black speedlines for the fighting scenes. i’ll push onward and work on my brushes for next time !
my gaming time last month was Last of Us and Helldivers. The latter made me want to watch starship troopers again (and lol’d about friendly fire mayhem) !

As usual your opinion and
suggestions about Console Girl would be greatly appreciated !


  • shitty always texts jack bless u when he hears him sneeze from his room (he continues to do it when they graduate, he just guesses when jack sneezes)
  • ransom applied to fuck like 13 colleges including multiple ivys he got into all of them except he got wait listed from yale (holster is So Bitter, he always shouts at the buildings when they play games there like “DO U UNDERSTAND WHAT U FUCKING L O S T!!!” “dude it’s fine” “it’s no T DO THEY UNDER ST AND”)
  • movie talk alongs ft. back to the future and princess diaries 
  • shitty teaches biweekly sex ed lessons for the team, u get free condoms and dental dams if u attend
  • chowder responds to every text in the group chat with :O 
  • roadie games: “fuck marry kill, donald duck’s voice, burger king chicken fries, and ransom’s salmon shorts bits u go first” 
  • roadie conversations: “jack…jack……….do u think ur dad ever jacked off into the cup?” “stop” “jack…..the same sperm that made u has been inside the stanley cup…..its…… destiny” “i’m getting off of this bus” 
  • pt 300949 of why all of samwell hates the samwell men’s hockey team: they go to poetry slams and lose their SHIT when nursey goes up 
  • “hey has anybody noticed that all of nursey’s poems are abt like hot ginger dudes…..dex r u okay bud” 
  • “hey guys what do u want for christmas-” “hugs jack. we just want hugs.” “yeah how come bitty gets all the love?”
  • (he gets them all matching snuggies)