Please smile guys....

//I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem very sad right now, and I wanted to do something to try and make everyone feel a little better, even if it’s just for a few seconds, so, I’m putting all the funniest gifs and pictures I have (from multiple fandoms) and putting them in one post in the hopes of making you guys smile ^-^.

From Gastroposter N.J. Soler-Lozoya, via Instagram:

Dinner prep! Today is a special day as the husband officially accepted a position at a big patent law firm in downtown Seattle. Being the fabulous domesticated husband that I am, I will cook him a super deeLish dinner. I will Sous-Vide some duck breast and make “Duck L’Orange”. Look at all the colorful organic vegetables I got - purple cauliflower, rainbow carrots, easter bunch of radishes. Fresh sprigs of rosemary, thyme, dill and microgreens. How can I forget about the lovely bones? Bone marrow was sliced carefully by our local butcher (no worries, he did not lose any fingers!!) and will be roasted with that black truffle sea salt from Italy

Golduck by RedScarfGuy01

Hahah, do u guys remember when Misty thought Psyduck became a Golduck during the filler season, and that Golduck was an Adonis with the ladies… eversince no other Golduck had as much charisma ((if any)) on any other pokemon episode…

God i miss Golduck… and Psyduck… and Brook and Misty…and May… and Dawn, but definetly not Iris and Cilan…neither Tracey nor the little tumor known as MAX…

Princess Tutu Means I Can’t Take the Author Plot Seriously

Okay so…we’re doing this. The whole “well, yeah you have free will but someone’s still controlling at least some of it” schtick. As you no doubt guessed from the title, I have to cite something that’s done this better—mostly because they had the time to do this and it wasn’t suddenly shoved in for one season while having to juggle other shit. Spoilers for Princess Tutu ahead!

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