Welcome to September! In Japan this mean the rice harvest has begun. That also means that it’s time for the annual Wara Art Festival (previously featured here and here)! “Wara” is the Japanese term for rice straw, which is what’s left behind in great amounts after the rice grains are harvested. In Niigata Prefecture locals use the dried wara to create awesome straw sculptures that are put on display in Uwasekigata Park, located in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward where they’ll remain until early November.

This year’s wara sculptures include two enormous dinosaurs created by an art student named Amy Goda, a monstrous hissing cobra, giant pinchy crab, a duck that’s actually floating in water, and a fantastic praying mantis.

Nothing that is, unless you’ve got an art student handy. Enter Amy Goda, an aspiring artist currently studying art in Niigata Prefecture. She has taken the leftover straw after the harvest and has fashioned some pretty awesome straw sculptures that might make you think the land is alive.

Head over to Kotaku and the Wara Art Festival Facebook page to check out more photos of this year’s fantastic rice straw sculptures.

[via RocketNews24 and Kotaku]

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