Also, speaking of Ireland, I really wanna come up with a headcanon backstory for Moira. I need to make headcanons for her. Like, what did she look like as a kid/teenager? Did she live in Dublin city (unlikely considering her accent), or did she just work there and live in a town outside the city? She must have gone to at least a few conventions when she was younger, we’ve no shortage of them and she seems to be into anime. Where did she go to school/college? What is Dublin even like in the future world of Overwatch? Are there Dublin Buses without wheels? Are there still DARTs and trains to and from the city? Are all the trains electric in that future (not just DARTs)?

Blizzard, I have so many questions about Moira and Ireland in general. I need to know what my country is like in the future XD

Before Niall played Flicker for the first time, he talked a little about how much the song meant to him, about how much the producers and session band loved it when he first performed it to them. He talked about how the song meant the most to him lyrically, how it was his favourite song on the album, and how natural it was for him to call these gigs the Flicker Sessions. Then he played the song, and the room fell completely silent. For a song that is relatively calm and quiet, and a perfect opportunity to proclaim your love for Niall, there was hardly a scream at all. Once it was over, the room erupted into the loudest cheers of the whole night so far and you could see on Niall’s face just how proud he was to have played this song and to have received such a response. His face lit up, he turned to his band mates, and everyone in the room shared that moment. Knowing that he was appreciated as an artist, and that his favourite song would soon become a favourite for many others. That was the best part of the entire night.