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Dub Thompson - “No Time”


Say hello to our new family members Dub Thompson!

Watch/listen to their debut single “Dograces” directed by Robert Beatty: http://bit.ly/1lSIkA8
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thompsonemail

New album ‘9 Songs’ will be out June 10th.

This kid is the future. A 17 year old from ATL, Raury has been making some big waves in the past few months with this track that defies the confines of genre, naturally. It’s urgent, atmospheric, big idea stuff. All credit goes to my main man, Dirty Ross B., for sending this song my way.

Listen When: you’re getting hype for a confrontation.  

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Dub Thompson - No Time - 9 Songs

One of the many bands that I just heard at the very end of this year while browsing through countless Best-Of-2014 lists. Can’t say it was one of the my favorite albums since it’s so new to me, but it is pretty solid. Another lo-fi Los Angeles project to add to my list. Apparently it was produced by some guy in Foxygen, which was kind of surprising to me since that band seems a little too sugary and precious in its 60’s revisionism if you ask me. Even though this particular track has a hazy retro production and jammy dub feel, most of their other tracks veer closely to Noise Rock territory while still remaining somewhat accessible. Here’s a snippet of a review by Stuart Berman trying to pin it down:

“Dub Thompson proffer a combustible collision of various record-collector subgenres—’60s proto-punk garage,Beefheart-ian skronk, Krautrock, discofied post-punk, hardcore, mid-‘80s American indie, and, yes, even a daub of dub—all captured by Rado (from Foxygen) in a perfectly grainy patina that makes it sound like the band is performing on a live pirate-radio broadcast in the basement. ”

The video, created by some guy named Vinyl Williams, is pretty good too and makes me wonder what else this guy has made.

LIVE REVIEW: Ought/Dub Thompson/SMLH - The Pinhook - Durham, NC - 7.7.2014

“Maybe I am a dinosaur in rock years. Whatever. Regardless I need to see young kids every now and again totally killing it. Call me a vampire but I need them to pump a little bit of pickup juice back into this jaded heart of mine. My most recent trip to Durham’s Pinhook was just the shot of love I needed to clear my senses and get my head ready for the next wave of youthful inspiration that’s always primed to wash over those who have enough energy to pay attention.”

Read Full Review at: http://fabricohmusic.com/live_reviews/oughtdub_thompsonsmlh/