Sevdaliza, the intensely magnetic Dutch-Iranian artist who released her debut album ISON to much critical acclaim back in spring, has been teasing us about an unreleased track ever since. Now, we finally get to partake in HEAR MY PAIN HEAL, as well as its dark and eerie music video. As always, Sevdaliza’s dusky electronic R&B and crepuscular trip hop is shiver inducing good. Its tremors and trills, swells and fluxes take us into a James Blake-esque dub heavy intoxication. Sevdaliza’s magnificent voice cuts through this thick unsettling atmosphere to lead us through a ghostly wasteland haunted by the sorrowful past, yet strangely and poetically so romantic. You can stream Sevdaliza’s album ISON on Spotify, here.

Magic Ranbow Swords (By Potoo Brigham)
Magic Ranbow Swords (By Potoo Brigham)

Hey, check it out! It’s my first solo comic dub and I did all of the voices too!

This comic is part of the wonderful and humorous Growth Spurt AU by the ever-amazing @potoobrigham  ( Fun fact: I’ve been a huge fan of his work ever since I discovered him and his brother’s work on the now-defunct Nintendo DSi service Flipnote Hatena. To come across his art blog years later and then recently get permission to dub his works has been an honor and a dream come true for me. I hope I’ll be able to dub some more of his stuff in the future!

(…But let me sleep first. It’s 2:36 AM and I gotta crash.)


I have spent WAY too much time on this thing. Have you ever just flexed out of nowhere? No one is even around. You just flex all your muscles to see if you have any and then you go walk out of your room as if someone saw you during that whole thing? Okay I’m just gonna go pass out from hunger now.

Buff Bendy is made by @thedomainoftea
Bemudi is made by @chisanaai


My thanks to Elson Wong and the talented team of participating voice actors for this highly entertaining “Hugsperiment” dub.  The outtakes at the end are a real treat!


Comic: @asktheinkdemon     (Link to the comic)


Everyone - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Marty’s Got A Plan

Kevin MacLeod - If I Had A Chicken

TobyFox - Hotel

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!

OKAY I have no idea how I did this honestly (especially bc im not in the area where youre actually able to watch it lol) but I got the video downloaded!!! so,,,,the pronunciation or karasuno is actually going to be the death of me omfg,,
hinatas VA isn’t terrible, I think it’s pretty good for how unique Murase’s voice it lol
kageyamas on the other hand,,,,,well listen for yourself yeet
Yuri!!! on Ice - Mafia!AU, Episode Five: Safe
Turns out that Yuuri has a knack for saving lives; how about saving his own heart? It's been a LONG time coming, but the fifth episode has finally been relea...

Give it a watch if you have the time OuO

Go hit up their other videos too! :D


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PJ's Daycare! (Part 7 Dubbed)
-Comic Comic creator: Comics: -Other comic shown in video by: http://tootyto...

I’d very much appreciate it that instead of demanding more you guys might have a conversation about this dub! I put a lot of time into this and seeing my fans talk about it really cheers me up instead of just greed. I might even join the theorising and talking too :3

Drawn by @blogthegreatrouge