Dualshock 4

Here’s another thing I did for PlayStation recently while freelancing at 27: a simple illustration of the DualShock 4 for use on the controller configurations at various UK events. I also had to lay out a lot of the configs themselves, showing what each button did for various games including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Assassin’s Creed IV, Driveclub and Warframe to name but a few.

The angle of the whole thing is a little skewed to show both triggers and the lightbar on the top of the controller without tilting the entire thing and trying to make it look 3D. I figured that anybody attending a gaming event would probably know how to use a controller anyway so I could get away with a little artistic license in regards to that.


DualShock 4 Controller Break Down/Changes

  1. Touch-Pad: Can press down as a button “Slick and Smooth”
  2. Button Pad: Standard
  3. Analog Sticks: Indention to reduce finger slips.
  4. PS Home Button: Standard
  5. Speakers: Able to listen to gaming audio, voice chat, and music.
  6. Directional Pad: Buttons slightly turn down towards center.
  7. Options Button: Acts as “Start” Button
  8. R1 & L1 Buttons: Semi-Circle (instead of rectangle)
  9. R2 & L2 Buttons: Curves outward (more sensitive)
  10. Light Bar: Glows Blue and Red (ex: when killed)
  11. USB Port: Standard
  12. Headset Port: Supports PS4 and Normal Headsets.

The vibrations of the controller also have improved so you can feel vibrations on different parts of the controller (can simulate pouring water)

Editorial: How Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Can Each "Win" E3

By: Mikey Krieger

With E3 2013 being only four days away and the next generation of console gaming just around the corner, expectations are high for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to come out strong and sell their next-gen offerings to the gaming community. Everyone is anxious to see what each of the big three has up their sleeves and how they all plan on captivating us over the next few years. Now that Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U, has been out for a little over 6 months, and Sony and Microsoft have unveiled the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, it’s time to see their plans for their hardware, and the future of gaming, laid out in full.

E3 is for gamers. For the community that drives the industry. This is where each of the big hardware developers need to sell their product to us, the consumer. This year, and this console cycle more so than any before it, is where each of the big three hardware developers need to step up and show gamers why their respective consoles are going to be the place you’ll want to play your video games in the following years. The stakes are high, and each of the three conferences already have a set of high hopes and expectations. Every year, we are quick to decide who the “winner” of E3 is. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all have a chance at claiming that title this year, and the steps they have to take are simpler than one might think.

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