Dualscar: *chants* STRIP STRIP STRIP STRIP

[I hate my life.]

Damion sighs, having many second regrets about his choices. He took deep breath and slid the shirt off of his shoulders. “I feel no different.” He rolls his eyes in disgust. He is the inventor of the century. He gave kids supernatural abilities, and this is what he has been reduced to. He is disgusted with himself.

“YOU KNOW WHAT I’M DONE HERE.” He yelled in frustration. Why did life have to be so frustrating? He huffed like a child and then left the room angrily. He was most certainly done for the day. There was no way that this asshole is doing anything else. He got NOTHING done today. He needs to do paperwork and research, yet he was doodling pictures and taking his shirt off. What a shame….all of this time….wasted. What a shame….



Come to find out in another timeline somewhere, we would have been pretty good friends.  II am a bit pleased that shenanigans have enabled multiple timelines to cross at times in this new world.

((Achievement Unlocked: askamporas’s Dualscar is now your friend.))


More Homestuck nails! Decided to do the Ancestors, realized I only have ten fingers. So sadly Disciple and Darkleer will have to be saved for another time. 

First is Her Imperious Condescension, followed by the Signless; Orphaner Dualscar, the Grand Highblood, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, and Redglare; the Dolorosa, the Psiioniic, the Summoner, and the Handmaid.

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