Gemini says, “There’s so much possibility. I can’t just be one person when I can be all of them.” They are the mental chameleons. 

Libra says “I’ll be whoever I need to be to get what I want or to please others.” They are the social chameleons. 

Pisces says “I’m lost. I don’t know who I am, so I’m everyone.” They are the spiritual chameleons. 

So long as we dwell in the land of duality - of good and bad, happy and sad, right and wrong - we cannot touch one without being touched by the other. It is only when we realise our true Self, our own godliness, that we transcend duality; and beyond duality is an eternal state of love and joy and peace.. it’s Nirvana, it’s Jannah, it’s Heaven, it’s eternal bliss, right here on earth.
—  Dave J Watson (aspiritualwarrior)