Gemini says, “There’s so much possibility. I can’t just be one person when I can be all of them.” They are the mental chameleons. 

Libra says “I’ll be whoever I need to be to get what I want or to please others.” They are the social chameleons. 

Pisces says “I’m lost. I don’t know who I am, so I’m everyone.” They are the spiritual chameleons. 

So long as we dwell in the land of duality - of good and bad, happy and sad, right and wrong - we cannot touch one without being touched by the other. It is only when we realise our true Self, our own godliness, that we transcend duality; and beyond duality is an eternal state of love and joy and peace.. it’s Nirvana, it’s Jannah, it’s Heaven, it’s eternal bliss, right here on earth.
—  Dave J Watson (aspiritualwarrior)

Fingers Crossed@lordofmasks

Recently I have been illustrating lots of tattooed hands in my work; exploring how expressive they can be when making different gestures or holding various objects. Several hand gestures can have more than one meaning, or even contradictory meanings, such as the fingers crossed sign. Crossing your fingers can be used both in a very positive way – to wish yourself or someone else good luck, and in a more negative way – to indicate that what you’re saying is a lie.