Ok, sorry for lack of content lately. I’ve been super busy! I found out that I will be working at a camp this summer, so when June hits I’ll be focusing on more practical aspects of beauty and addressing more skincare issues and multitasking products. I’ll also probably be posting once a week tops. Annnyways, I promise I have a bunch of reviews lined up and will be posting them soon. Today my DuWop Iced Tea arrived in the mail, and so far I am really loving this product. It’s a cooling lip treatment that smells like delicious fruity iced tea. It has a very slight flavor, just enough to taste pleasant but not so flavorful that you lick your lips all the time. It is very lightweight, moisturizing and has sunscreen. It delivers a very translucent color- I would say it more enhances your natural color than changes it. And let’s face it, the main attraction of this product is its appearance. The tube is an icy blue that practically cools you down just looking at it, and the translucent color of the treatment is reminiscent of a popsicle. This has to be one of the cutest products in existence, and as far as I know is completely unique. Would I pay the full $19 for it? Probably not, but the $13 I did pay was more than I would usually spend on a lip treatment, and I think it was worth it.

anonymous asked:

What does the kh cast (like all the trios) listen to ?

Ahhhh I love you! Thank you for requesting this :)

Okay let’s see…

Sora - any bright, happy music; j-pop; funk; musical numbers, ‘cause he likes to belt em out at the top of his lungs. oh and disney songs up the aaaaaa

Kairi - pop punk princess; most anything punky or contemporary; country from time to time; i also headcanon kairi as a total g gettin that dirty south swag on you know it’s true

Riku - old school rap (like the deep philosophical stuff); hip hop & underground stuff; he listens to disney songs too though don’t let him fool you; likes to make fun of sora and kairi’s music

Roxas - also likes underground; alternative; j-rock (& j-pop); acoustic anything; Arctic Monkeys, Lumineers, Hozier fan

Xion - indie queen; mellow, acoustic stuff; reggae & funk; lots of Red Hot Chili Peppers; rage metal (at times)

Axel - reggae for sure; old school rap; alternative; kairi gets him hooked on country & dirty south too don’t lie; is it wrong i picture axel as a total stoner?

Ven - electro; techno; SHAKIRA; ska; whatever as long as he can dance to it; also, ven has a nasty twerk– lots of twerking competitions between him & kairi

Aqua - R&B; some indie & contemporary; her real jams are old school soul like Aretha Franklin, motown, duwop franki valli and all that; SINATRA!; she used to chill with master eraqus when she was younger and they’d listen to all the oldies together just the two of them so she’s retained that taste in music and always thinks of him when she listens to it AJKJSHFBHJNAHGD

Terra - he is dubstep trash. all about those filthy beats, bro; seriously terra’s like that guy at the gym with his music audibly pounding out through the headphones and he’s got this super intense look on his face bc– getting pUMPED; also alt/indie & feel-good pop, even sometimes the super girly stuff but shh that’s a secret

Namine - indie pop & rock; alternative; loves Florence and the Machine; finds a lot of her favorite bands through tv shows; appreciates songs with beautiful/meaningful lyrics

Vanitas - the sound of (Ven) screaming; okay but deep, dirty house music; screamo; alternative & mixed genre, experimental stuff 

Isa - 80s headbanger music. seriously. 80s rock. Madonna. Michael Jackson

Eraqus - see Aqua; down with jazz too every now and again

Xehanort - intense classical

Guest Blogger: 4 Foolproof Self-Tanners

Certainly not all style blogs are worth reading, but we’re absolutely smitten with Sonia Evers’ Runway Hippie and we think it should be on your radar. Aside from her daily dose of inspiration, great finds, or personal pics, Evers also finds time to contribute to Refinery29.com, Modelina.com, and Glamour.com. Check back here all week as she muses on all things summer fun, from self-tanner to beachy waves.

St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse, $30, sttropeztan.com; Neutrogena Micromist, $13, amazon.com; DuWop Clear Revolution Shimmering Self-Tanner, $30, cosmetics-deals.com; TanTowels, $22, amazon.com

Nothing says summer like a good healthy tan, but nothing ages you faster than sun exposure. Thank goodness for self-tanner! You may as well call me the head honcho of faux-tans as I’ve literally tried about every product out there. I’ve walked out of many Mystic Tanning Salons resembling an Oompa Loompa and have stained at least six sets of pristine white sheets with self-tanning lotion. But, after much trial and error, I’ve finally found these four self-tanners that don’t leave so much as a smudge on my pillowcase. To top it all off, I don’t walk around all day smelling like self-tanner, which is easily one of the worst scents out there.

For more great self-tanning options, check out our Birchbox Shop

Jemmye @JustJem24 Carroll tells @TheBeautyBag 3 things she can't live without! <3

You may have seen her on the @MTV reality show The Real World: New Orleans. Jemmye’s makeup MUST haves are:

  • Duwop eyeshadow.
  • Bare minerals bronzer
  • Lancome face lotion (her #1 fave)

External image

Follow Jemmye on Twitter: @JustJem24 !! She is hilarious! Love that girl.

Photo source: Jemmye’s Twitter.

Whats in your beauty bag?” XO Steph

Do you DUWOP?!?!

Because I DO….

Late night infomercials you are trying to get me aren’t you???

I want the entire collection of TimeLife’s The Teen Years….

So far I’ve collected a few cds from Target and downloaded some from online but there is so much more!!!

I want to dress up in that time period and listen to duwop music all day…

Seriously, if only time travel was possible…

I am already picturing what outfit I’d wear…shoes???

Maybe, just maybe it will inspire.challenge me to find some wonderful pieces during my thrift trip this TUESDAY.

Oh and SUPER BONUS, I think it just put my sweet 18 month old, Jacob, to sleep =)….

Makeup Haul!

So I have some new editions to my makeup collection and got a bit behind on reviewing them, so here we go!

Cargo Mediterranean Kit-
This is a Summer 2011 kit, but it’s been on sale all over the place for practically nothing. I think it was $10 on Hautelook recently. Anyway, I am IN. LOVE. with this kit. I don’t care what time of year it is, these colors look amazing. The blush looks really scary in the pan but it’s a beautiful gold shimmered rose on the skin. The eyes hadows are creamy and pigmented and are perfect for the “on the go” type of look. The lip gloss is absolutely stunning. Shiny, not sticky, and just enough pigment for the lips. The eyeliner. It literally made me gasp in delight when I swatched it. It’s a deep teal, and goes on so creamy and smooth you BARELY have to touch it to your skin. You also get a full-sized mascara that I have yet to try, but I’m sure it will be amazing.

Also the little bag it comes with is RIDICULOUSLY cute. It’s a bag made to look like a post card, and has a beautiful picture of the Mediterranean on the front. This bag is incredibly well-made too. Feels like a real, buttery leather. Love it.

Lorac Jewelry Box

This is another seasonal product that was a Christmas 2011 limited edition item. This was a gift from a friend that got it from hautelook on sale. A quick review on this? The jewelry box is covered in glitter that falls off all over the place, which sucks. As for whats inside, there are 2 lipglosses that are really pretty and pigmented, a light bronzer that is really more like a neutral blush. It’s HUGE though, so that’s a plus. It also comes with 2 pencil liners which are…meh. They aren’t awful…just not Lorac quality.

Now the eye shadows. There are two palettes: Day and Night, and each has it’s own blush as well. However these palettes are more “Warm and Cool Tones” in my opinion. They are incredibly pigmented, you barely need to pick any up with your brush to get an amazing color payoff. Very high quality. There isn’t a HUGE array of colors even though it may appear that way. The “Night” palette is mostly neutrals, blacks, greys and purple tones. Also if you like Matte shadows, this kit does not have very many. Maybe 2 per palette.

The Balm- Mary Lou Manizer and Lipstick in “Mai Billsbepaid”

Just got into this line and I LOVE the packaging. LOVE it. It’s retro and adorable and it looks so nice on my dresser. The lipstick is a nude tone and it’s super pretty. The Luminizer is incredible! It’s great to use on the face, but also on the inner corners of your eyes to give a little extra pop.

Moon Venom

I’ve been a die hard fan of Lip Venom since I bought my first tube at my first trip to Sephora ever back in 1998. It burns the crap out of your lips, yea, but once you get used to it, you almost become addicted to that feeling. Moon Venom is a very similar product to the original, except it has a different sheen to it on the lips.

Now I am going to take a much needed break from purchasing makeup, and I am going to spend some quality time with all of these products, the things I got for Christmas and for my birthday!


So today, we went to EDSA Shangri-La. Since my sister and I weren’t wanted at our store in the hotel, we decided to go to the mall next door.. It was a VERY good decision since there was a MALL-WIDE SALE. :“> Of course the very first store I went to was Beauty Bar and I was able to get some cool stuff. :D

Smashbox Reign Lash DNA Mascara

(P1,150 - P300)

External image

External image

External image

Skin Alison Raffaele Lipskins (Whistle)

(P1,150 - P348.25)

External image

DuWop Venom Gloss

(P995 - P285)

External image

External image

External image

DuWop Prime Venom

(P1,150 - P350)

External image

External image

External image

Palldio Couture Herbal Eyeshadow Trio

(P325 - P178.75)

External image

External image

That’s all for now. :) Feel free to leave any questions if you have any.