Dark Things Implied - Chapter 16
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“You’re starin’, Jameh,” he pointed out.

“Can’t help it,” Jamie replied softly. The way Alex’s expression changed a half dozen times at any point in the song made Jamie’s breath catch.

That was really the only reason he kept playing: for Alex’s obvious enjoyment. He would play for hours if it meant he could watch Alex, and a quick glance to the clock on his bedside told Jamie he’d done just that. It was after two pm already. The shift of weight on the mattress pulled Jamie’s attention back to the dark-eyed man perched next to him, one leg bent up, the other dangling, toes pressed to the carpet. With his hair falling softly around his dark eyes, Alex was simply gorgeous.

“You’re…really quite…” Jamie broke off with a helpless smile. “You’re amazing.”

Dark lashes fluttered at the admission, and Alex’s cheeks turned pinker, but he didn’t let his eyes stray from Jamie’s. “No, I’m not-”

“Yes, you are,” Jamie laughed with a shake of his head. “I know that’s a defense mechanism, Alex, denial, not seeing the truth. I mean, I don’t know how else I can put it to you: you’re unbelievably intelligent, and brave, and…” Once more Jamie trailed off and he looked away for a moment, the feeling inside of him tearing open every box he’d sorted his feelings into. “And someone is gonna end up getting hurt, Alex, but I don’t think it will be you.”

A small, feathery gasp escaped Alex’s mouth. Jamie swooped in, angled his head, and kissed Alex softly, swiftly. He pulled back for heartbeat, one that pounded in Alex’s veins, and then he was cupping Alex’s cheek, slipping the guitar from his lap to stand it on the floor against the bed. Then he turned and gathered Alex into the vacant space.

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I am in love wth you're DTI tunes. The Arcs!!! Grizzly Bear!!! Awesome!! You and kyt have always been the ultimate fan ship in AM fandom for me because you are very fond with each other and show so much respect and love to each other. You are a power couple here. I would like to see you each visit each other in your cities one day because it would be very interesting and fun to watch. I enjoyed your playlist very much.

YAY! I’m so excited you’re into the soundtrack! Again, you guys have no idea how much it excites me to hear that you guys are into and listen to the soundtrack (s). Seriously, the concept of fic soundtracks are something are fun to me (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) but it really excites me and turns me on when I hear that some of you guys feel the same way/hear the same things are at the very least reading some of these scenes these same way I do ;_; 

Power couple, you say? This is a strange feeling @glassjacket I’ve never been part of a ship before ;_; A visit, however, is inevitable. She is, after all, just down the street – couple hundred miles away…no biggie. <333

having @sleeptight-grimrite compile and arrange both soundtracks for DTI has done three major things for me:

1. It gives the story that much more depth.  I cannot stress this enough.  I wouldn’t have even attempted something like this because my music library before we started on this project was dismal, and that’s putting it nicely;

2. I relinquished total control over the music chosen for both volumes.  I mean, sure I had some input, and I actually chose one of the tracks! But other than that, this has been Stanzie’s baby and I had to give creative control to someone else in relation to a story that means so much to me.  I trust her taste in music 100%, and you should too;

3. which brings me to my third point: my music library has only flourished and benefitted from this.  Where my iTunes recommendations were paltry based on current albums I’d been stacking since I got iTunes, in the last year there is so much amazing music being sent my way because of the tracks Stanzie has chosen and I’ve downloaded to make playlists for DTI.  I’m currently having my ass kicked by no less than 15 artists whom I’ve never heard of and I am loving every minute of it.

Oh, and DTI OST Volume 2 should drop sometime today ;)

Deceiving the Innocent by paulweslea


The death of one. That’s all it would take for Klaus to finish the job. His victim still lives and is a liability to his entire family. If Caroline ever remembers, everything could come crashing down so he sets out to kill her again but since he failed the first time, what’s to say he won’t the second time around?


Stefan sat next to a sleeping Caroline and he had his eyes closed.

The girls went home because they needed their rest.

Stefan needed his rest as well but he wasn’t going to leave Caroline alone. Especially when she was in such a condition.

As Stefan drifted off to sleep, Elijah entered the room.

“Mr. Salvatore?” Elijah questioned as he looked over at his patient’s friend.

Stefan’s eyes shot open and he quickly looked around the room confused.

When Stefan’s forest green eyes landed on the doctor he relaxed.

“Everything okay, doc?” Stefan asked, his voice hoarse.

“Yes… Has Caroline moved at all since you’ve been here?” Elijah questioned.

“No, she’s been still.” Stefan said sadly.

Elijah nodded and walked towards the door but stopped.

“Mr. Salvatore?” Elijah asked.


“You should go home and get some rest. Caroline is safe here.” Elijah reassured him.

He would make sure of that.

“Nah… I think I’ll just stay here. I promised the girls that I would stay for the night.”

“If you’re sure.” Elijah said.

Stefan nodded and looked over at his best friend that was like his sister.

Before Elijah could leave, a small whimper escaped Caroline’s lips.

Both Stefan and Elijah stopped and turned to the whimpering blonde.

Stefan looked over at Elijah with alarm in his forest green eyes and Elijah made his way towards Caroline.

“Miss. Forbes?” He questioned carefully.

Caroline cried out and the tears began to fall down her cheeks.

“Miss. Forbes!?” Elijah shouted.

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Thank you Lauren for such a lovely cover :)


I’ve been debating getting a Blumaroo for a while now, and after playing around in DTI for a bit, I settled on a design! 

Already picked up the background, shoes, and pants. Just gotta get a Royal Paint Brush for the cape and crown, and have the lab ray zap him Ice

(I can’t believe you can’t get Royal with the lab ray OR a Fountain Faerie Quest)


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