Waterworld, Sterek, Explicit.

In the future, the polar ice caps have melted and covered the earth with water. Dry land is a myth that people tell their children about when they put them to sleep. People live on floating communities called atolls and merchant ships.

Over centuries, mutations have evolved from the human race to allow for their survival in this post-apocalyptic world. Stiles is a mutation, an omega, living in this world. But Stiles has a secret. He knows where dry land is. Or, at least, he might know where dry land is. He’s not sure if it’s real, but he knows that’s where he comes from and that his father is supposed to be there waiting for him. And he has a map that’s supposed to tell him exactly where it is.

Enter Derek Hale, an Alpha mutation that has adapted to life fully on the water.

Stiles and Derek set out on a lifetime journey to find mythical dry land and dammit, Stiles can’t help but be attracted to Derek and his intoxicating scent.


White Arrows - “Get Gone”

ainsley-russet liked for a starter, with the mermaid babe!

Narissa laid on a a jagged rock that jutted up from the sea, her red and gold tail glinting in the summer sun. She stretched, stifling a yawn as she let the rays of the sun warm and dry her skin. In all honesty, this was her favorite spot to be. It was close enough to the shore that a curious human might see her, unsure what exactly she was, and dangerous enough that only the best sailor could navigate. She didn’t quite like humans, with their endless curiosity. She didn’t go on land and pretend to own it, why did they insist on trespassing into the water, polluting it and pretending to care. She stretched again, sitting up and flipping onto her stomach, her bare back exposed. She was somewhat of a local myth, on the land. Though she didn’t know it. People often tried to sneak glances, find the mythical mermaid.