“You’re a fucking whore y/n, dancing with Seth like a dirty slut!” Dean yelled at you. You stormed into the bedroom slamming the door in his face, but he caught it and swung it open. He grabs the hem of your shirt and slams you against the wall. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, Jack Daniels to be exact.”Maybe if you paid more attention to me, I wouldn’t have to seek attention from other men.” You yell back.”I’ll show you attention.” He said through his gritted teeth. He pushes you on your back, your dress and his pants piled up next you. He thrusts inside of you without warning, not letting you adjust to his size. You find yourself moaning in pleasure, cursing yourself for letting him he makes you feel pleasure.”Say my name y/n.” Dean demands thrusting in and out of your roughly. You feel yourself getting close and you know he is too.”Say my name you fucking whore.” His pace grows faster by the second.”DEAAAN.” You yell as you cum. He pulls out and releases all over you breasts and stomach, collapsing on top of you.”I’m sorry for. . . “ Dean’s finger traces up to your lips.”SHHH, don’t worry about it y/n, I love you.” He whispers. He flips you so that you are on top of him, rocks you in his arms, humming in your ear until you are fast asleep in his arms.
It is your birthday and your friends Sasha and Bayley went all out renting an entire club for you. The intoxicating environment mixed with the alcohol you were downing like water made you loose control of your body. You feel a pair of hands around your waist a somewhat of a hard thing pressing against your ass.”Happy Birthday love.” You turn around only to be met by those mesmerizing green eyes.”Thank you Irish.” You thank him, Finn’s arms still around your waist.”I couldn’t think of anything to gift ya. I don’t really know about flashy jewelry or sparkling shit. So I went ahead got ya the first thing that popped into my mind when I thought of ya.” Finn slurred.”Would you like an Australian kiss??” He asked. You look at him dumbfounded.”It’s just like a French kiss.” He pulled your body closer to his, his breath getting harder.”,but down under.” He growled in your ear.”I’d like that very much indeed, but I’d also want a normal kiss, you know the ones that include tongue action, dominance, exchange of fluids, and sex.” His lips trace your jawline, neck, and at last connect with yours.