Bts reaction to them being drunk.

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Rapmon would be the one person, that stays sober, he’d hardly ever drink when he goes out, just because he knows bts so he’ll try to stay sober to drive them all back home.

“You guys get drunk, I’ll drive you home.”

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Jin would drink not all too much, he’s a responsible adult, and he knows his limits, so he’ll make sure to not drink too much, but just enough to feel the kick, he’ll also help rapmon with bringing the rest of bts, inside, when their black out drunk.

I feel like he’ll cook something that’ll make them feel better the next day

(Being the Mum that He is)

“You guys are stupid, control yourselves next time”

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I feel like, suga would get drunk when he wants to, and control himself when he wants to, so when he is extreme stressed and Just wants some way to express that, he’ll get drunk until he blacks out, but if he’s there to just enjoy being around the other members, or even his friends, then he’ll be responsible.

But when he does get drunk, I feel like he’ll go full stupid.

“Hyung, if a cyclops closes his eyes momentarily is it a wink or a blink?”

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Jhope would be the hard core drinker, he’ll drink until he won’t remember what happened the day before, and when he’s drunk he’ll be doing stupid stuff with suga, it will be like dumb and dumber but worse.

But he won’t drink often so when he does, he goes crazy.

“But suga hyung, Ive got a better question, if you pinch yourself and it hurts, are you too strong or too weak?”

(At this very moment jin would face palm so hard, along with me….)

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Jimin would become extra cute when he’s drunk, he’d be throwing aegyo up, down, left, right and centre.

He’d smile so much that when he wakes up the next morning he’ll wonder why his cheeks were in so much pain, he’d also be the type to bug literally everyone until he blacked out.

“Taehyunggggaaaaa, I lubbbbbb youhhhhhh”

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V would be sober af, he’d not drink much (mostly cause you told him not to, jk) because he’d have the worst habits when he was drunk, he’d constantly, be trying to hug everyone he sees, and he’d try to kiss everything and anything.

So he won’t drink just because he didn’t want the rest of the members teasing him with how drunk he was.

“You guys are acting like children, I wanna go hide in a hole”

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This little bunny, would no longer be a bunny when he’s drunk, he’d drink to the point where he’d slur all of his words, show off his muscles to everyone, and anyone, hug people, lean on their shoulders, smile, laugh, just the worst out of all of them, but he’d still be cute, and somehow bloody manly all at once, it would be a ridiculous scene that unfolds in front of you.

“I mieght bee ahhh bunny, buttt, butttt, I’m stilll, a mannn, noowwwweee I wanttt a hugggyy”

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