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Drunk dialed wrong number AU

Rolled another 9, which means more Anyelle. So…. I watched Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School and met the adorable Frank Keane. 

The first time it happened, he thought he dreamed it.

Something buzzed incessantly, burrowing through his dreams and tugging at his subconscious until he rolled over to fumble through the covers for the annoying disturbance. By the time his fingers had unlocked the phone (a force of habit for a small business owner in this economy), he was still half asleep.

“Hello?” he mumbled sleepily, voice muffled by the pillow.

Someone giggled. “Ooh, he sounds Scottish,” he heard a woman say, her s’s slurring together as the giggling continued unabated in the background.

“Aye,” he replied automatically, cracking an eye to check the time. It was just a quarter past midnight. His alarm would go off in three hours. He had the first shift this week, which meant early evenings and long mornings.

“Who is this?” came a new voice.

“Frank Keane,” he said automatically.

“Hello, Frank. I’m Belle.”

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I Drunk Dialed To Say Don’t Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

I love you Morgan Dickerson. You’re the first girl in a while to actually affect me. Make me care about somebody other than myself… maybe a warning for everyone else is, the worst thing you can do is fall in love with your best friend.

Thanks for calling.

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You Can Now Drunk Dial Congress

One progressive digital firm wants furloughed feds to drunk-dial Congress.

Revolution Messaging — a mobile ad firm — has built a new web tool that connects users with a randomly selected congressional office.

At drunkdialcongress.org, users put in their own phone number. The site then calls them from an 1-800 number and connects them to a Capitol Hill office.

(Read it: Site offers chance to ‘drunk dial’ Congress)

To our friends at Revolution Messaging, very well done.