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honestly i'm not even a hellenic polytheist or even a spiritual person at all, but whenever i see dionysus described as just "the god of wine" i get 10 years off my lifespan cuz honestly wine is basically just a tool to his thing about liberation and spiritual ecstasy like "god of wine" just feels so reductive for a deity thats so important and represents something so rich within greek culture

i can relate!! i live with my lady dio close in my heart always, and wine is important, yes, but its more than just a drink and dionysus was more than just the fool who went around getting turnt all the time (i mean, i doubt they’d be entirely innocent of that, but it goes deeper than just the alcohol)

dionysus is a god of a certain kind of joy and freedom. the god of laughter, the god of tragedy and comedy through the power of drama… this is human ecstasy. this is that which humans call divine that is allowed to be felt by humans. dionysus is less party god, and more pleasure god. the pleasure of freedom - from our oppressors, from our expectations, from ourselves.

like…. im gettin really excitable about this haha! basically, i love dionysus, my lord and lady, goddess and god. i probably worship them a bit differently than most people, and im sure many people think im a total whackjob (i do, too, so i understand), but i think most people that know her and love her can agree that dionysus is a god of wine, but is also so much more than just what those words appear to mean.

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rich, rich, sweetheart, talk 2 jake

Rich: Why the hell would I do that?
Rich: Tell the guy that’s never going to like me the way I like him that I’m exactly what he hates?
Rich: The man told me if my dad got drunk and hit me again he’d kill him.
Rich: Could you imagine what he’d do if he found out what I was doing to myself while I’m drunk?

charming-words replied to your post “OK so I know people were saying Jensen was super drunk during the JIB8…”

As someone said - he had lunch after the M&G and drank. TBH, I get people prefer sober!Jensen but it’s just not realistic. He was clearly drunk.

Sorry, but my M&G was after lunch (he had one before lunch too) - he went to do autos IMMEDIATELY afterwards and as many people have mentioned, they needed to be rushed because they were running so far behind and loads of hunter passes still had to get their autos. The cockles panel started late because the autos ran late too.

I haven’t heard anyone who was at the autos say that he looked or acted drunk in the afternoon. Again, tipsy, sure, maybe. But it’s far more likely his somewhat erratic behaviour was due to a combo of the rushing around and the heavy moment earlier with the YANA volunteers…

Also it’s not a question about preference…I don’t have a preference. I like Jensen as he is - sober or drunk. I am just saying that in my opinion he was not all that drunk - definitely not that drunk that he was totally out of control of his actions…

Maybe I’ll get drunk, again. I’ll be drunk again just to feel a little love.
—  66 days after you left

“What the hell? I’m so drunk, I ended up in a different anime and pulled a Breakfast Attack. Yeah, that was a shock. I didn’t hear about this show being on TV Tokyo!”

why am i always motivated to draw gay shit when i’m drunk

gpf 2k16 banquet

victor: yuuri, how about a glass?

yuuri: i guess a sip won’t hurt

yurio: YUURI NO

victor: YUURI YES

sometimes i wonder if true love really exists anymore ?? having someone geniuenly worry for you?? care for you?? look at you with such fond and loving eyes. a person you can give your body and mind to, a person you can call yours and yours only??