Drunk again

you know what? i love that it’s canon that lance cares about his appearance and uses face masks and wears cute slippers. like it’s so refreshing to have these typically ‘feminine’ things being done with a male character and it’s not being ridiculed or made out as some kind of joke… its just a part of him?? it’s just really good and pure and im so grateful for lance mcclain i’m going to cry

  • Bach:Guten (guten) Tag (tag)
  • Beethoven:Gu-guten TAAAG! Gu-guten TAAAG!
  • Brahms:*smashes wall with a piano* *waves hand* Guten Taaaag!
  • Gershwin:Good morning, sunshine!
  • Grieg:For God's sake, don't make me say that.
  • Ivor Cutler:Good morning how are you SHUT UUUUUP.
  • Mozart:Guten TaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAag!
  • Mussorgsky:...who set the moon of fire?
  • Philip Glass:Good, good, good-good, good, morning good good morning.
  • Rachmaninov:It is never a good morning.
  • Schoenberg:Guten Tag (x12)
  • Shostakovich:Dobroe (I hate Stalin) utro.
  • Strauss:*waltzes into room* Guten Tag!
  • Stravinsky:Good morning *kills off virgins* Ah, what a wonderful day
  • Tchaikovsky:DOBROE *cannons* UTRO! *more cannons* <3

Felicity Smoak, MIT class of ‘09.


lmao i decided to do this because i’ve seen so many and they’re always fun so yea, tell us in the tags who you got!