The Eternal Problem: A Meditation on Mortality in Sherlock S4

When asked about S4 during the promotional lead-up, Moftiss repeatedly said this new series would be about one thing: consequences.  Now that we stand on the other side of S4, what do we think they meant?  It obviously wasn’t legal consequences for shooting Magnussen, or physical consequences of overdosing on drugs.   

In this meta, I argue that TAB and S4 are above all about the moral, metaphysical, and narrative consequences of Sherlock faking his death during the Reichenbach Fall—an act which continues to reverberate through the story two series later, both for the characters and, significantly, for the writers.

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do you ever sit on your bed thinking why you are still alive? after all the overdoses, the cigarettes you smoke, the new drugs you tried? you’re still alive after all the alcohol, the accidents, the drawbacks. you live even if you destroy yourself every day, despite you are conscious of you actions. you are still fucking alive and you don’t even know why

Do you ever sit there and wonder why you’re still alive? After all the attempted overdoses on painkillers, the amount you smoke, all the alcohol you’ve consumed, the experiments with drugs..You do all this self destructive shit and you’re still alive and you don’t know why?

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The criminalization of substance abuse kills far more people than it helps.

The solution to addiction will never be to lock up addicts and hope they stay sober when released, the solution will always be to provide them access to the resources needed to keep them alive until they are ready to seek the resources that will help them quit.