Going Dark : ’ The Exchange’

Something I thought of recently and wouldn’t let me go. I thought of characters in Sherlock’s mind palace as beings with sentient thoughts. Mindpalace John witnesses how Sherlock is wasting away with despair and drugs . With Moriarty coming back , he unleashes the darker side of Sherlock’s personality.

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“It’s important, at your age, to make friends with your stunt man, Sebastian.”

“Why is that, Robert? Is it because they’re good networkers or just nice guys?”

“Oh no, they’re fucking crazy, but they control how safe you are.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“Also they usually have the really good prescription drugs. I’m not recommending it! But if you need to bribe someone who likes the good pills…”

“Why would I need to…bribe…”

“Hey, sometimes the casting director has issues. I’m just saying. Stunt men, that’s where you go to get the good stuff.”

“Good to know, I guess.”

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans Sebastian Stan on his Life Choices]

marijuana is a plant. everything in the world is a vibration, and this substance holds a vibration. plants also have consciousness- a sort of group consciousness. when we ingest a plant it’s vibration, its imprint interacts with us. when smoking marijuana we experience altered states of consciousness. generally speaking intoxication of marijuana seems to amplify one’s baseline state of consciousness. this can be enjoyable, this can be terrible- depends on the personality and environment.

either way, as with many things and experiences we come across in life, there are things to be discovered or learned. after use of a substance, you may see what it has to offer, and stop using it. other times people become attached to it, and need it to ‘relax’, or 'enjoy’ things. people oftentimes, with marijuana specifically, use it to stimulate their senses- enjoying food, sex or television more while under the influence (this can arguably be seen as a distraction from spiritual evolution).

again, this substance can sort of amplify someones experience. it can make meditation very intense, or a cookie extremely tasty. either way, it is altering consciousness from the normal state. i would suggest that we do not need these substances, but they do have an effect- and that is what it is…

the issue today is that the organic balance of this substance in particular has been thrown off. thousands of years, even just centuries or decades ago, marijuana had ratios of CBD (cannabinoids) (which is what make you feel relaxed), that balanced out the THC (which makes you feel trippy/dreamy/or crazy). this means that originally nature had intended it to have a certain effect that was not too insane: it was naturally balanced.

over time, man developed things like hash, and also produced marijuana that was exceedingly high in THC. this has more of an intoxicating effect, but also can be overwhelming. it also doesn’t have the same medicinal properties that it would have in its natural form. this natural balance of CBD to THC has been even more thrown off with this new craze of 'dabbing’- or whatever. this stuff is so high in THC, and has very low amounts of CBD. this means you’re not really smoking marijuana, but really marijuana-crack.

speaking of natural… today, especially because it’s (mostly) illegal, you don’t know what you’re getting. we love our organic food, but do we ever consider organic pot!? most marijuana growers do not consider these things- they want the strongest, easiest to grow product. there is no regulation on pot growers (because its illegal for the most part), so you could be getting stuff grown with all sorts of weird chemicals.

these are some ideas i have on the topic. hope i didnt offend any stoners, im not against ya…

Harm Reduction 101

Part I:

How you use heroin

Before I get into a conservation about harm reduction, I feel like I have to explain how a person actually prepares and injects heroin into their body.

Unless you yourself have ever done heroin, have known family/friends who used heroin, or have worked with substance users in a professional capacity, you are probably where I was one week ago: completely ignorant of the process involved with taking heroin.

However, you can’t fully understand or appreciate the harm reduction approach unless you know how intravenous drug use works.

Step 1:

Buy heroin. In Puerto Rico, you can get a fix for between $5-$10. It will usually come in a powdered form after having been cut with cheap fillers – sometimes crushed pills, etc. – whatever is available to the drug dealers.

Step 2:

Cook the heroin. Using some sort of metal or heat resistant object (called a “cooker”), you add water or saline solution to the heroin powder and heat it over a heat source. This liquefies and dissolves the heroin so it can be put into a syringe.


(The cookers we hand out to Intercambios’s participants. The little cotton pellets will expand when wet. Photo credit: Corinne Guest.)

Step 3:

Place a “cotton” into the cooker. This can literally be a small piece of cotton, but on the street is more likely to be a used cigarette filter or clothing lint. The cotton absorbs the liquid and filters out impurities that may clog the syringe.



Step 4:

Place the tip of the syringe on to the cotton and draw up the liquid heroin. Flick out any air bubbles.


(Clean, pre-packaged syringes at Intercambios.)

Step 5:

Find a vein. This can be difficult depending on how long a person has been using heroin. Often, veins will collapse or die due to repeated use or disease from unsanitary needles. Injecting into the hands, neck, toes, or muscle tissue is not uncommon for this reason.

Sept 6:

Once you put the needle in your skin, pull up on the plunger. If you see blood mix into the chamber with the heroin, you know you’ve struck a vein.

Step 7:

Inject the heroin into the vein you found. At this point, many will “nod” off into a heroin high.


The pictures I used to illustrate this process were taken from our work at Intercambios. Tuesday we spent several hours packaging 2,000 clean syringes into 10 packs and making hundreds of baggies with two cookers and clean cottons.


As you can already imagine from my description, injecting heroin can be an incredibly messy process and one that has many opportunities to exchange bodily fluids.

To complicate matters, life on the street pretty much DEMANDS the sharing of resources between substance users. When you have nothing else, the “moral economy” of sharing syringes, cookers, and cottons becomes a way to express social power and strengthen social bonds within your substance using community.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how the reality of life on the street combined with how addiction functions makes harm reduction a pragmatic, life-saving approach to addressing substance use.

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Dated a total ned once when I was 17. Thought I could "fix" him and all that. He got into drugs, decided it was time to breakup. For months he'd come round and just stand outside my house drinking and breaking bottles outside my door. My dad got fed up one night and came out to shout at him and he said he'd be back with his "gang". Never did come back, but still. Fucking crazy.

i picture some punkass kid yelling “Imma get you!!” while backing down the streets and pulling up his sagging nike sweatpants

As promised, a list of the twins current stock:

Sweet Leaf

  • A mild blend of Chamomile and Marshmallow; for a calm and sunny sensation.

Regal Leaf

  • A rich blend of Chamomile and Cocoa; to bring you confidence.

Lofty Leaf

  • A smoky blend of Chamomile and Moko Grass; to relax your body and mind.

Warm Leaf

  • A spicy blend of Chamomile and Licorice root; to warm you on a chilly evening.
He That Is Not Jealous, Is Not In Love. 1/2

Prompt; Jealous!Harry. Harry fights some dude for making out with Louis, then takes him home and . . ‘fucks the shit out of the bitch’s bum’. <3

Word count;1805



(Slight Ziam)

WARNING; Contains foul language, fighting, and alcohol.

(This prompt will be done in two parts. Part two will be posted within a day or so, and it will be ALL smut. The reason this is in my smut tag is because, well, It’s part of the story. You wont be able to read the next part and fully understand unless you read this one first c: Thankss <3)

Part two


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