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There’s a very logical explanation for all this: the place is haunted.

100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

14. Can I have this dance?


I rolled over once again, lying on my back and staring at the celling, I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. I was defiantly tired. But every time I closed my eyes I was wide awake again. My mind kept thinking about my roommate, Calum, thinking about how I could probably get to sleep faster if I was wrapped in his arms as he kissed my head. I pulled back the covers and swung my legs out into the cold air, I thought that I should do something productive instead of staring at the celling all night.

The tiles were cold underneath my feet as I passed Calum’s room, ‘I won’t wake him up’ I thought to myself as I could hear his snoring. The kitchen was equally as cold, and silent. I decided I didn’t like the silence so I turned the radio on, quietly mind as a double precaution so I won’t wake up Calum. All the songs were fairly slow and calming, so I chose a book from the shelf and began to read. However I couldn’t focus on the book either, I thought a glass of water might help that situation so I walked to the cupboard to grab a cup. Because Calum was taller than me most of the cups were quite high, so I stood on my tip toes to try and pull a cup forward. I finally gabbed one, but I began to lose my balance. Just when I thought I was going to fall I felt two large hands on my waist steadying me.

“Steady there y/n, don’t want to go dropping any more cups.” Calum giggled im my ear, referring to when I dropped one last week doing this same process. I carefully placed the cup on the counter and turned to look at Calum.

“Shut up, I was perfectly fine.” I poked his nose once I had finished my statement.

“Okay, whatever you say.” He smiled at me, causing me to smile back. God damn his smile. “Why are you awake anyway?” he asked me once he had sat on the couch.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I told him filling my cup and joining him on the couch.

“You could have come in to me.” He said pulling me into him, playing with my hair. I sighed and thought to myself ‘I wish I could’. We both sat in content silence listening to the quiet music, both of is humming along with the words. Suddenly Calum stood up, causing me to flop onto the couch where his butt previously was. I looked up at him in confusion.

“Can I have this dance?” He asked, gesturing his hand out to me. My eyebrows knitted together, but I still stood up taking his hand. He pulled me close so that my head was resting on his chest, my right arm was wrapped around him and my left hand was locked into his. We both stood in the same place swaying lightly to the music, I couldn’t tell what song it was until Calum lowered his head and began to sing the words into my ear. I smiled realising that it was ‘When We Were Younger’ by Adele, this was currently my favourite song and Calum knew because of how much I had it on repeat. That was what Calum the best person, he always remembered the little things. He always knew how to cheer me up.

“You’re the best you know.” I told him, moving my arms so they were now wrapped around his neck, and his arms were around my waist. I knew then, the reason I couldn’t sleep was because I needed Calum. Looking into his brown eyes I had never seen someone look so good in the middle of the night, messy hair and morning breath. I felt the sudden need to kiss him, but he had never shown any signs of liking me back so I never did anything about it. I just sat and suffered as he brought girls home every other night just to kick them out in the morning.

“How so?” he whispered back leaning his fore head onto mine. Causing the need to kiss him increasing.

“I, don’t know. You just are, you remember the little things and it makes me happy.” I whispered back, slightly tightening my arms.

“Well, you’re the best too.” He informed my tightening his arms too. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks, it’s not like he’s never said anything vaguely like that before. But we’ve just never been this close before.

“How so?”

“You just are.” He smiled, the dimly lit lamp shining in his eye. “Can I try something?” he asked, readjusting his hands onto my waist.

“Go for it.” I whispered, he took in a deep breath and slightly tilted his head downwards but stopping half way, I closed the gap and held him close. I felt him smile against my lips, causing me to smile too. He ran his tongue against my bottom lip, I gave in fairly quickly letting our tongues fight for dominance. Both of us pulled away breathlessly after a while.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He said, resting his forehead on mine again.

“I’m sure I could imagine.” I giggled, he pecked my lips.

“Let’s get you to bed.” He told me, lifting me up and heading to his bed room. He carefully placed me down onto the bed and quickly ran around the other side of the bed, slipping in behind me.

“You know I could have walked here by myself.” I questioned him rolling over so that I could nuzzle my face into his neck.

“You could have also kissed me by yourself before now, but you didn’t.” he giggled holding me close, I laughed at his comment.

“Good night.”  I whispered kissing his neck.

“Good night, y/n” he whispered back kissing my forehead.


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Masterlist // Request

so I just realised that Eddie’s gorgeous declaration at the end of the episode

“I would do anything for you. You can always count on me”

is Eddie once again mimicking Ozzie’s mother

because in my excitement I forgot about the little quote Ozzie attributed to her at his meeting with ‘constituents’ -

“Anything for you, my little Cobblepot. You can count on me”

so like, actually, that was a super obvious kind of bookending to Ozzie’s story this episode and kinda the whole point of the whole Red Hood Butch-Ozzie-Eddie thing - I really dropped the ball on that one!

but while last week it seemed pretty clear to me that Eddie was DELIBERATELY invoking specific memories/feelings Ozzie associated with his mother by consciously phasing his belief in Oswald the way he did, based on what he’d heard Ozzie say during his speech earlier, THIS WEEK… well, this week Eddie WASN’T THERE when Ozzie was talking about what his mother used to whisper to him every night, so…

I’m not sure if the intent was that maybe Ozzie had told Ed what Gertrude used to say to him previously, off-screen, in person - which is easy enough to believe as there’s plenty of times Ozzie could have shared personal info like that, even way back when he was staying at Ed’s apartment


that Eddie’s declaration was, actually, honestly, just a genuinely spontaneous emotional outburst that touchingly, but unknowingly on Eddie’s part, echoed Gertrude’s mantra, thus presenting Eddie as UNINTENTIONALLY stepping into Gertrude’s role, at least in this instance…

I feel like both these options are equally viable, and I honestly don’t know which I like more!