The killer is Kieran

After last night’s episode, here are some of my reasons for believing that Mr. 17 Going on 30 is our killer. 

1. He has a motive: He lost his father due to the first killings, so he would taunt Audrey over it because he blames her for it. 

2. His height and strength: I know that it could be anyone in the costume during production, and that with Emma’s current  psychological issues, she could have super human strength, but Kieran is the only one with the body to match. 

3. Ms. Lang’s reaction: She screamed upon seeing both Emma and Kieran, and why is that? One of them has to be the killer, or there’s a new loop we don’t of yet. 

4. Haley’s Special Friend: Haley mentioned having a boyfriend and her constant attacks against Emma could be that she’s jealous of Emma/Kieran. And her dropping to her knees to “find a place to put her lips.” I mean, yeah she could drop on her knees to please a girl, too, but the whole knee-dropping-in-the-media thing is the common stance for bj’s. 

5. Kieran was the only one we didn’t see when all the lights went out at the party. Noah and Zoe were seen, as were Audrey and Emma, but Kieran didn’t show up until after the scene with Haley. (So did Stavo, but he seems too obvious?) 

BUT, was he Piper’s accomplice? The episode where Piper and Will are attacked, who was that in the costume? And what do the adults know? Who was that in the photo holding Emma with the fact sketched out? HOW was Piper’s body preserved so well? For every reason I find that Kieran is the killer, I find another reason why he isn’t…. 

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➳ (mh)

Send ➳ for your character, a royal, to receive mine as a gift/spoil of war.


The dragon had struggled and fought the whole way he was being dragged, so he was a fair mess by the time he was brought to the fair-colored royal. No matter how they shoved and pushed, he refused to even so much as drop to his knees. So, in the end, they simply shoved him face-first onto the ground, crushing his face and nose against the stone floor. Even then he struggled against his bonds.

“A gift to the princess, from your brother of the Fire Kingdom. He has given a young dragon to do with as you please.”

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joshler engagement on stage

Josh knew everyone expected Tyler to be the one to propose; whether it be on stage, or at some super romantic location. So he decided to beat him to it, but agonized for a week over when would be the best time to do it. 

“How about during Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love With You?” Mark suggested, “Since you’re off for most of it, just, like, come in at the end and just drop to one knee.”

“I like that, but it’s a little obvious,” Josh bit his lip, tossing the ring box in the air and catching it.  They were on their bus, late at night when their planning could be most secretive.


“Also too obvious.  I wanna surprise the heck out of him–I got it!” Josh leapt up.  “Oh man, Tyler may kill me, but it’s going to be great.”

It was time.  Tyler finished screaming “entertain my faith” and Josh hit the drums with a little extra power today, just because of nerves.  Tyler didn’t indicate he had any idea what was about to come.  He was too busy doing his little dance and rapping on top of the piano to notice Josh getting a microphone and ring box from a stagehand.  Nor did he notice Mark and Brad rush the stage, with cameras.  Josh lept up beside him, and when Tyler lifted his hand for the cue to flip–the music cut and Josh dropped to one knee.

“Hey Tyler.  You’re my best friend and I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. And I’m not the one with words, so please…Tyler Robert Joseph…Will you marry me?”

A feather could’ve knocked Tyler over, and Josh watched a wide range of emotions cross his face; shock, excitement, and that way his mouth twitched when he was about to cry.  “Yes! Yes! I will” Tyler squeaked, and Josh backflipped off the piano to the roar of the crowd.

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Something shifted in it’s throne.

Something yawned as it brushed cobwebs from it’s body..

“… How long, this time?”

“Four months, two weeks, six days, nine hours, and twenty-two minutes.”

Her neck loudly creaked as she turned over to the other pinkette approaching her, dropping to her knees, forehead touching the ground. “Was your slumber good, m’lord~”

“… Indeed. It was a satisfying nap. I trust you ran the barrier well in my absence, Archbishop Sakaki?”

Sixteen year old veteran magical girl Ami Sakaki giggled, saluting the fearsome witch before making a peace sign.

“Of course! The familiars tend to the gardens as always! No magical girls have despaired, but we did execute some silly fools! We got enough recruits to make up for it, though~”

The chuckling echoed throughout the barrier.

“As always, my trust has been well placed in you, Archbishop.”

Sakaki twirled for her lord, before making her peace sign once mre. “The Kriemhild Faithful exists to serve the devourer. So that instead of being devoured, we may become devourers instead…”

Gretchen’s grin widened upon noticing the blotches of red on Sakaki’s face.

“… And so we live in accordance to the whims of the Great Devourer, eater of worlds, the Witch of Salvation and Goddess of Despair-”

Ahh, I forgot how fun and theatrical my servants can be~!

“- Kriemhild Gretchen!”

“I am pleased, Sakaki. And good morning to you as well,” she chuckled as she noticed the Kyubey that had for so long remained by her side, nuzzle her hand like a cat…

“It has been quite dull. It’s good to see you awake, Witch of Salvation.”

“Lord Gretchen! What are your orders!?”

“Do as you will, all of you. Uuu… For right now, I am going to alleviate my boredom.”

“There is fun to be had.”