The signs as types of drivers
  • Aries:the asshole who keeps cutting you off
  • Taurus:sings along to their music, forgets the windows are down
  • Gemini:races other people but other people are not in on the race
  • Cancer:yells sorry to any one who even looks slightly annoyed
  • Leo:One hand out of the window at all times
  • Virgo:the sensible driver
  • Libra:the one with the hot ass car that shows it off to everyone
  • Scorpio:the middle finger makes many appearances
  • Sagittarius:the multitasker, stop light? Make up time/time to grab my drink
  • Capricorn:always in a rush
  • Aquarius:windows down, bass up, music so loud it shakes the car
  • Pisces:just getting their license and has to drive with other people
Democrat Rep.  Eleanor Holmes Norton caught on camera hitting cars in worst parking job ever.

A couple of Washington DC office workers looked out of their window at just the right time and captured this video of Democrat Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton hitting neighboring cars as she engaged in the worst parking job of all time.

here’s the video:

I don’t know what Washington DC’s traffic laws are, but I’m pretty sure this would qualify for a felony hit and run because Norton didn’t even bother leaving a note after she dinged the other cars.  At the very least, she should permanently have her drivers license revoked. 

As a Washington politician and Democrat, Eleanor Holmes Norton most likely is under the impression that traffic laws (or any laws) don’t apply to her.  Laws are only for the little people.


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anonymous asked:

I want to give my car to my parents. I'm told that the best way to do this is to sell it to them for a dollar. My car is titled in Virginia, but they live in Massachusetts. (I just moved to Connecticut, but have not changed my driver's license over yet.) Do you know anything about the process of getting this done? Is there a better way than "sell it to them for a dollar"?

It depends on the laws in the various states. There is a good guide here for how to go about it. (Please note that site is not an official DMV site, but is super helpful!) Your main concern is taxes — what taxes you or they will pay if they purchase the car vs. what taxes you or they will pay if you gift them the car. 

In Virginia, where your car is titled, there is a 4% or $75 fee when you buy a car, so I wouldn’t sell it to them in Virginia. (It looks like a fairly long process to prove exemption.) In Massachusetts, it looks like proving exemption is a bit easier but there’s still a fee if you don’t prove exemption.

If you give a car to a family member, they don’t pay an upfront sales tax at least. You may need to investigate if they’ll pay taxes on that gift in the tax year you gave it to them (looks like maybe in VA, no in MA), but in all, a gift seems easier.

So, I’d do some more digging and weigh your options, but from googling, looks like gifting is best. Good luck!

Help Chris

Hello friends. I am coming to you once more on the behalf of one of a dear friend of mine, Christopher. This fund-raiser is not for an illness, for the cure of cancer, or for college, but for a young man who could truly use a hand. 

This is Chris.

Chris is a 19-year old young man who is endeavoring to make a life for himself.

Having spent most of his teenage years unemployed while helping his Mom and two little sisters escape domestic violence, he has now moved in with his real father— the only place he can go.

His real father Mike has allowed Chris to live under his roof, but he resents this fact greatly. Every day he subjects his son to shame and humiliation. He refuses to help him get his driver’s license, resulting in Chris having to spend money on taxis to and from work. Chris is currently spending all his money on food, rent for his father, and taxis. Every day it grows more difficult for him to live under the roof of his real dad, with nowhere else to go.

This money is to help Chris get a second-hand car so he can finally save his money for his future, and break free from the prison he lives in every day. Every bill will be deeply appreciated.

Here are the three ways you can truly help Chis:

1. Pray.
I believe in the power of prayer, and Chris could use all the prayers he  can get.

2. Donate

If you find it in your heart to help Chris out, your contributions would mean the world to me. Whether you donate $1, $5, or $10, it will ALL (100%) go to the cause of his car. You can donate to, or paypal to

3. Reblog!

If you can’t donate (and that’s alright!), please do consider reblogging this, as we are trying to get this out to as many people as we can.

4. Encourage

If you’d like to submit a word of encouragement to Chris, please write to All emails will be forwarded to Chris. If you would like to personally contact Chris, please let me know by email.

I’m submitting this donation plea here because I have confidence in the compassion of my friends on tumblr. I know how much Chris needs this. If we work together, we can raise the money that will contribute to his future.  

Here is the donation site:

Thank you so much, and may you be abundantly blessed for your help. ❤️

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Name: Sego

Date and time: March 26, 1:48pm

Average hours of sleep a night: 4-7ish

Last thing I googled: howl’s moving castle howl (was trying to see if I could find a different icon, ha, still love this one the most)

Nick name: Sego~

Birthday: March 29th

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Asexual panromantic

Height: 5′5

Favorite color: Green, purple, red

One place that makes me happy: The desert <3

How many blankets do I sleep under: Two!

Favorite movie: It really varies, but Howl’s Moving Castle will always be a favorite.

What I’m wearing right now: AE men’s hoodie with a Barren’s shirt beneath and jeans, I’m actually dressed because I need to go update my drivers license soon

Last book you read: Dead Beat from the Dresden book series

Most used phrase: probably ‘Oh man’

First word that comes to mind: KILL. ANTS.

What I last said to a family member: idk probably ‘Goodnight’

What is family: People you either love or pretend to tolerate

Favorite beverage: Coffee

Favorite food: I LOVE ALL FOOD.

Last movie I watched in theaters: Big Hero 6

Dream wedding: Signing a paper

Dream pet: Chickens ;;

Dream job: Fish and wildlife officer, but I might be grooming forever ha

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Hey Everyone! I’m protesting with the Michigan Student Power Network tomorrow! And we need all the press we can get! So please keep an eye on March on Lansing and the Michigan Student Power Network on March 26 2015! We are protesting for the following agendas:

1) Protection of Michigan waterways through decommission of line 5 and a ban on fracking in Michigan
2) Undocumented people in Michigan should have access to in state tuition and state driver’s licenses
3) Return public education funding in kindergarten through college to pre-snyder levels adjusted for inflation
4) Elimination of the Educational Achievement Authority
5) Mandatory age appropriate comprehensive sex education for middle school, high school, and college focused on affirmative consent.
6) Repeal Right To Work and guarantee a living wage with paid pa/maternity and sick leave
7) Comprehensive legislation protecting african american citizens from all violence (including police violence) by mandating community elected special prosecutors for crimes committed by police, and citizen oversight committees with the ability to hire and fire.
8) Recognizing the failed and fraudulent nature of the war on drugs, we demand the intentional reduction of the incarcerated population through parole reforms and review of sentencing guidelines
9) Include gender identity and sexual orientation in all anti discrimination laws
10) Non partisan redistricting policies to end gerrymandering.

The march starts at 11 am Eastern Time! Please keep the press up on this! Please reblog this as much as you can x 

Follow me on twitter for more info: allisonemily14

Follow March on Lansing on Facebook and Michigan Student Power Network on Facebook

Thanks and Lots of Love xxxxx


Most of the nation is unaware of it, but there are two states which will take your driver’s license away if you do not pay your student loans.

Alums in both Montana and Iowa, face laws that allow the state to revoke driver’s licenses if the individual is unable to pay back their loans.

This has obvious consequences for potential employment, as well as childcare, creating a downward spiral of self-perpetuating poverty.

The Montana Department of Justice says that those who default on their student loans face “indefinite suspension until student loan association notifies Motor Vehicle Division of compliance.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Iowa parallels this legislation almost identically. The law says that the State will “suspend a person’s driver’s license upon receiving a certificate of noncompliance from the College Student Aid Commission in regard to the person’s default on an obligation owed to or collected by the commission.”

But the group Jobs With Justice notes that in October 2010, there were also 42 nurses in Tennessee who similarly had their licenses suspended for nothing other than falling behind on their student loans.

The irony of all of this is that taking away the ability to drive makes student loan defaulters even more certain to fall behind on payments.

In effect, this is little different than debtors prison, which, in a misguided effort to deter loan default, actually perpetuates it