Driven Forward

Space Orcs- Momma Knows Best

The Cartosan Abyss had been the site of the fiercest battles in the thousand giga-cycle history of the Federation-Athalan War, now that theater of the war was nearly closed. Athalan fleets fell back, their troops demoralized and disordered as none had ever seen them. Some claimed that it was irresponsible to oversimplify things, that the superior numbers and diverse tactics of the Federation had all but guaranteed success since the beginning, that no one member race could ever take full credit.

Others simply pointed out that seventy five percent of the territory gained in the Abyss had been taken in the handful of Terra-cycles since Humanity joined the war, and Lt. Dyati wasn’t going to argue with them.

He had been assigned to one of the few mixed units, with soldiers from a variety of races. They were said to be a laugh, cush assignments that were more about diplomacy and good press back home than any real tactical significance, but apparently no one had told that to Captain Daniels.

They’d warned Dyati and the others than humans showed remarkable genetic diversity within their own genome, and that anything but the simplest expectations of physical form were likely to be misleading, but that had only been the barest of warnings to this gargantuan beast of a human, nearly as tall as a Granx and twice as wide, rippling with muscles barely contained by charcoal black skin, with massive paws that he had seen grab two Athalan soldiers by the heads and crack them together like ripe fruit.

Daniels had taken command when their nominal leader, a Granx Captain, had been killed by an errant shard of fragmented masonry early in the first battle, and had driven the team forward like the point of a spear, cracking through Athalan lines and disrupting their communications net. Dyati had watched Daniels take on War Behemoth single-handedly, climbing it like a tree and dropping hand held ordinance (The humans called them grenades, most other races called them suicide balls) down an exhaust port before leaping free.

From that moment on, the platoon had known that they would follow Daniels anywhere, and even started adopting his mannerisms, their multilingual shouts of “WAR DAMN EAGLE!” leading the unflappable Athalan Death Squads to fragment in panicked retreat.

They shouldn’t have lasted an hour. Instead, they had won, the lot of them awarded medals, and now granted an unprecedented week of shore leave. It had taken some doing, but Daniels had convinced Dyati, too far from home to make the trip, to instead accompany him to Earth.

And so Dyati had ended up at a table in a small abode crawling with humans of all sizes, shapes, and ages. They had just finished remotely spectating some kind of violent sporting event (Though he hadn’t understood the rules of the encounter, Dyati had been thrilled that he knew the chant, as had been the humans) and now food was being served. Dyati didn’t know whether he dared to be surprised that they would be eating scorched animal flesh, and tried, as carefully as he could, to inquire if there were any other options.

“Aww, come off it squiddie, we’re on leave, just try a wing,” Daniels had said, in a tone Dyati had recognized as boisterous friendliness, but before he could respond, an elderly human had stood, walked over to the the most dangerous living creature Dyati had ever seen in nearly three dozen cycles of military service, and SMACKED HIM ACROSS THE FACE.

“Jackson Daniels, you apologize to Mr. Dyati RIGHT NOW!”

Daniels gaped up at the other human, elderly and, if Dyati made his guess, female. “But Momma…”

“Don’t you ‘But Momma’ ME, young man. You bring this fine gentleman into my house and then call him some racist word those soldiers use in the barracks, in your Mommas house, like you some kind of ghetto ass punk instead of a war hero on leave, and I’ll smack your mouth like the ghetto ass punk till you remember you Captain Daniels, not Big J on the block. Now you apologize to Mr. Dyati and go get him some rice and beans from the back, and not the spicy stuff, you KNOW they don’t like that off world.”

Daniels scampered off, and Dyati stared at the elderly matron like she was a fission reactor about to purge. For all he knew, she was.

“I’m sorry ‘bout that. He’s a good boy, deep down, football always makes him act the fool, though, but what can you do? He graduated in ‘43 and coulda gone pro if he hadn’t enlisted. Now, sweet tea?”

Dyati nodded, dumbfounded, and then munched on the rice and beans (which was maybe the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten) and sipped the tea (which was sweet enough for him to charge his thorax adrenal boosters without supplements) and wondered at what he’d seen.

Did humans get more powerful as they aged? Were soldiers like Daniels just weak cannon fodder? Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, Dyati was SO glad that Humanity had joined the Federation…


The Imperials targeted only Cassian now. He swung desperately toward cover as sparks spilled off metal all around him. Jyn started to call to him, but he cried out louder, “Keep going! Keep going!”
She reached a trembling hand toward her pistol. She could die. So could they.
She knew she had to climb.
The decision was taken from her. The second stormtrooper took a hit as a bolt flashed toward Cassian. Trooper and spy fell together; Jyn couldn’t tell whether Cassian had been struck or if he’d simply lost his grip, but he plunged out of view without a scream or a word. She nearly loosed her clutching fingers, nearly followed him into the abyss, but a swell of vertigo shocked her out of her horror and impelled her to cling more tightly to the stack.
Cassian was dead, like so many others. So many taken by the man in white.
She had to escape.


I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.
He smiled softly and thought of Bodhi, the strange pilot who smelled of Jedha beneath his Imperial suit. Chirrut’s chant was faltering now. With the switch activated, his path had become obscured. He listened to the storm of blasterfire and heard Baze’s voice again: “Chirrut! Come here!” So he turned toward Baze and the bunker and began retracing his steps. The rhythm of his breath was off, and the thousand noises and odors and sensations all about him failed to coalesce; each tugged at him, insisted on his exclusive attention.
Then there was only one noise: a terrible thunder like the world splitting open. He was driven forward as pain flashed through his old bones and every injury he’d ever suffered ignited. Somehow, as Chirrut impacted the dirt and rolled to one side, he was aware of Baze shouting his name again.

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I'm an Eruri shipper, but sometimes I get the feeling that Erwin didn't love Levi back, which makes me sad. Levi's feelings towards Erwin are 100% canon and have been reiterated countless times, but Erwin seemed too focused on his father and his mission to truly love Levi back! I think is why their relationship hasn't been established as romantic: Levi loves Erwin but cannot be with him due to Erwin's one track mind. It makes me sad, as I don't want Levi living knowing Erwin didn't love him :(

Okay so this is an argument that I’ve heard many times before and I’ve already answered a few asks about this: Undoubtedly. Unquestionably. Unconditionally. Let me see if I can set your mind at rest Anon…

You’re right that Levi is much more vocal about his devotion to Erwin.  There are countless examples in the manga, in the Smartpass content and most recently, and most heartbreakingly, in the monologue that accompanies Levi’s character song.

“In order to catch the freedom, I felt outside the wall. I chose everything by myself. Even Erwin will lead me to hell, I will never regret. Never. Not even a bit.”

JFC just kill me Levi….

Erwin is much more reserved, but that doesn’t mean that he does not reciprocate Levi’s feelings, and in actual fact there’s plenty of evidence that he does.  It’s there in the way he talks to Levi in the manga, the weird humour they share, the fact that he uses ore when talking to Levi rather than watashi, which he uses with everyone else.  It’s there in the Smartpass content, in the private meals they share after expeditions, the tender moment in the rain, the fancy clothes and the contraband tea that Erwin procures for Levi.  It’s there in the ridiculously shippy official art.  And it’s there in spades in ACWNR where Erwin is openly fascinated by Levi and pursues him with single minded determination.


Now I know there is an argument that even if Levi and Erwin’s feelings are reciprocal, they never have a chance to act on them as they are in the middle of a war.  And I think there is certainly a grain of truth in that.  However, war does not necessarily negate love, if anything it can heighten feelings of devotion, particularly for those who fight side by side.  Sure Erwin and Levi aren’t going to go swanning off on fancy dates, but it’s canon that they spend private time together when they can.  In times of war, love may be reciprocated in the smallest acts, a meal shared together, or the grandest gestures, I will trust you with my life and fight to the death for you.

And I know there is also an argument that Erwin is so focused on his dream that he has no time for anyone or anything else, and that’s certainly the way that Erwin himself sees it latterly.  But as I’ve said over and over again, Erwin is the most unreliable of unreliable narrators. It’s true that Erwin’s dream has always driven him forward, but it’s really only towards the end that it becomes an all encompassing obsession.  Erwin is clearly depressed towards the end of his life, he’s weighed down by guilt, and confesses to suicidal thoughts, however depression and love are not mutually exclusive.  You don’t stop loving someone just because you suffer from depression, even if it means you struggle to express those feelings.  Even if you are in the depths of despair, those feelings are still there, buried deep. I think it’s telling that when Erwin does finally confess his fears and his struggles, it’s Levi that he opens up to. And it speaks volumes that it’s Levi who is able to free him from the burden of guilt he carries. Ask yourself this Anon, would Levi’s words really have had such an impact on Erwin if he didn’t love and respect him? 


Daisuke Ono said in an interview once that the amplitude of Erwin’s feelings is so great that it can be hard to see.  So don’t worry Anon, I’m certain that Erwin did love Levi and I’m certain that Levi knew it, you just have to stand back to see it.

Tied Together | 01

The last thing you needed when you had a demanding daughter and job was a divorce made difficult by your husband. Luckily for you, Min Yoongi—Seoul’s top divorce lawyer—stepped in to save the day. Well, more or less.


▸ PAIRING: Min Yoongi x Reader

▸ RATING & GENRE: PG-15 ; Angst, Fluff, Divorce Lawyer AU, Marriage AU

WORD COUNT: 9,744 words

▸ A/N: Planned this fic a long time ago but it’s finally done alkwejrkwlejr second part where all the Real Action happens will be out soon!! I hope you like this :’) ALSO huge disclaimer I know nothing about law so I apologize for any inaccuracies!

Part One | Part Two

Divorces were rarely ever a clean slate. You’ve learned that through attending the trials and tribunals of family members, seen how much of a struggle and how costly everything was that plenty of the people you knew chose to stay in a miserable standstill with their partners.

For a little while, you figured that if you had the right resources and helping hands you would be able to sign a few documents and free yourself from all restraints, from the supposedly sacred bond that you and your once-loved one held together.

But things were never so black and white — not when he would never be happy unless you went through enough inconveniences to please him.

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The way Eve presents this particular question might be one of my favorite things about the Anna/Eve conversation because Eve absolutely has an eye for how to understand the fundamental parts of a situation. She might be a rookie in many ways, but she is capable of establishing an effective way to learn more, reorient and come back to the point she needs in order to move forward and I’m charmed by that because Eve doesn’t venture into a full on sentimental glitch (Look at her in 1x03, then in 1x05, and now here. G r o w t h).

Her approach is not just finding out more about Oksana, she works with Anna herself (which I feel is very important for how Eve acts for the rest of the episode and the finale) and watching Eve unpack the difference between a couple occurrences (”a few” letters) and ongoing experience (an entire box) is just so great. She sees what’s happening in front of her and puts her thoughts into words, “This is not just “a few” letters, Anna. This is…”, and it is so much about discovery that stretches beyond Oksana and Anna’s relationship. I love that Eve doesn’t finish her sentence because what Anna says next is what Eve basically thinks, with difference that Eve operates through a more intimate lens.

When Anna uses the word “fixation” to describe the situation with the letters Eve moves her head in a way that shows how she is trying to piece the puzzle together because It’s clear that Oksana exhibited an obsession, no doubt about that, but what about Anna? (Consider Eve’s own curiosity as significant here because she is determined beyond the job). On many levels the scene is loaded with misdirection because the images do not go together with the text. And Eve wonders about that and posits the question:  “Was it reciprocated?”.

Personal subjectivity is brought forward and Eve, for a moment, steps away from Oksana’s fixation and wants to know more about Anna’s own feelings. Why? Because it’s also about Herself. The switch is noteworthy because Anna chooses to defend her position first, “I was a teacher. I was married” which makes clear that the scene is saturated with a subject that Anna regards as a taboo, but that’s not what Eve asked, nor what Eve thinks, considering how she feels about Oksana/Villanelle. So Eve repeats the question, looking down at the photograph, and we get that very important emotional pause that highlights where this is going to go. Of course Eve saves the situation by saying “I’m not judging you. I just need to know as much about her as I can”, when Anna doesn’t answer, the sentimental beat opening Anna up. But lord, there is so much within the frame of that conversation because Eve’s character arc is driven forward in large part by what she gathers/chooses to do but also feels.

In other words. She picks that convo apart in a way that makes me love her more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

Tarotscopes 1/22–1/28

Aries: Seven of Pentacles

Similar to the hanged man, the seven of pentacles shows a need for patience. However, unlike the hanged man, you need to work at progressing. The work and time you invest in your projects now will bring great rewards–so long as you stay dedicated and patient. Don’t give up, it’s gonna pay off in the end.

Taurus: Two of Wands

Expansion. This week is all about expanding your horizons. You’re making plans and moving forward in your goals/projects and proving your worth. This is a time of growth, where you’re driven forward by your passion, inspiration, action, and will. Opportunists are coming your way, and if your plan of action is solid, you will succeed. You have a lot of opportunities for growth this week, so now is the time to figure out what helps you and get rid of anything that’s holding you back. Allow your inner star to shine, you’re leveling up!

Gemini: Strength

You must be both the lion and the maiden this week. You can win, you can overcome, but not with raw strength alone. You need to balance both the gentle, quiet strength of the maiden, with the raw, loud, violent strength of the lion. Be patient, be persistent, be courageous…be consistent in your thoughts and actions. Develop and refine your raw ideas into something more.

Cancer: The Star

If things have been difficult recently, the star appears to put an end to all that. The star reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there’s always a glimmer of hope, and if we nurture that hope, it will grow and spread to all parts of your life. The star signals an end to bad times, feeling rejuvenated, reborn, and moving on from bad situations. It also signals amazing opportunities coming your way this week; allow your light to shine brightly and take you to where you’re meant to be.

Leo: Ace of Wands

This card embodies the flash of creative energy that can start a raging inferno. It exhibits the potential that lies in each and every one of us to create, to begin and to start anew.

This week is the week to act! New opportunities will be presented for you to move forward; taking up a new class, creating works of art, following your passions are highlighted here. Do it. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, go for it. This is the beginning. All the steps will reveal themselves as you move forward.

Virgo: Two of Cups

The two of cups comes swooping in and brings with it harmony and reconciliation. Old arguments will be resolved as you put the past behind you. Any ongoing negotiations will work in your favor. Though this card can show the coming of a promising romantic relationship, it can also just signify new friends,  or even great work between business partners. Nurture all your relationships and enjoy the love and pleasures they bring.

Libra: Four of Wands

You’re reaching that state where what you’ve been working on has neared completion and you finally get to reap the rewards. The four appears to let you know that all your work is about to pay off. All around you this week will be calm and uplifting, allowing yourself and those around you to reach new limits and finally celebrate your labors!!  Now is a time to be grateful. Make sure to acknowledge and give thanks to those that have helped you along the way. Enjoy what life has to offer.

Scorpio: Seven of Wands

The seven of wands warns you that this week you will be put in a situation where you will have to fight for what you believe in. Where there will be obstacles blocking your path, but it brings you the strength to overcome these obstacles. Stand your ground, be true to yourself, and push forward, fight on and you will succeed.

Sagittarius: Artist (page) of Wands

If you’ve been thinking about taking a risk, this is the week. Now is the time to make that change and try something new. This week you will encounter various situations in which you can stick to the same old, boring, monotonous pattern you’re used to…or you can be expressive, bring light and color into your world. The choice is up to you…but the artist of wands is never boring and never afraid to follow their heart.

Capricorn: Student (page) of Pentacles

This is a time to nurture your abilities. In realms of finance and education and travel there should be good news. An opportunity may come your way to manage a project or a group of people, and maybe even a job offer, take it! Just make sure that you pay attention to details and double check all arrangements and agreements before signing.

Aquarius: Five of Swords

The five of swords represents battle and loss. Conflicts with neighbors/family members/managers etc… basically being the victim in whatever situations you’re facing. Ongoing stress, challenges to your position, and overall, defeat. All is not lost, as long as you can manage to stop yourself from continuing to fight and just walk away. That’s your challenge this week Aquarius, learn when to walk away.

Pisces: Three of Cups

The three of cups says it’s time to celebrate! It says that there’s a lot of amazing things coming your way! Parties, anniversaries, births, weddings, etc…they’re all on the menu. The three does highlight the community aspect of celebration (there are three people pictured in the card) so it tends to related to celebrations with families, friends, workmates, or any type of group you’ve been part of for a long time.
In general, this is a period where you need to let your hair down, let go a little, and have some fun, you’ve earned it! Whether it’s passing your exams, expanding your business, or even moving into a new residence, you have more than enough reason to celebrate and allow yourself to have some fun.


For your angsty needs, here is the infamous “tearful Team Avatar plus Naga” frame. Korra’s premature death wasn’t a decision we took lightly– we understand how hard it is to lose a beloved character. Ultimately, the choice has driven our plot forward in meaningful and unexpected ways. In this image, we highlighted Team Avatar and Naga to make sure our audience understood just how sudden and devastating Korra’s loss was…

also, we wanted you to feel all the feels 😉

arboreal-elm-ash-oak  asked:

Hi, Moddy! Distant pain is really interesting. Can we know more about why the council is changing the types of missions Obi-wan and Zuru are going on! Thank you for all your wonderful stories!

Settling down beside his General, Zuru yawned and scratched his nose before glaring down at the tray of breakfast. “So run by me again what you meant that our missions are going to change?” He questioned, glancing tiredly at the other man.

Lifting the fork to eye the overcooked meat at the end of it, Obi-Wan let out a low hum. “We have been a seek and destroy unit of two since the start of the war when I was sworn in on the council though I was rarely on Coruscant to sit in the damn chair. But with the way the rest of the council members are behaving I get the feeling those missions are going to be changed.” Obi-Wan finally put the meat in his mouth and chewed, grimacing a bit before shrugging.

He had eaten worse.

Taking a bite out of the luckily soft bun, Zuru tapped his fingers on the table. “Which means?”

“Publicly sanctioned missions, suitable for the common people to know and understand,” Obi-Wan took a bite of his own bun. “No more off the grid behavior and murder pretty much so white board missions. No more black ops.” He shrugged and peered at the pilot.

Huffing in understanding, Zuru nodded. “I see, this is going to mean we’re going to be returning to Coruscant more doesn’t it?” He questioned with distaste. He really did not like Coruscant, all those politicians everywhere that made faces at the slums of Coruscant while pretending they were among the people causing it by not granting credits in restoration.

And the war was making it worse he knew, having heard from Senator Amidala while watching the Senate report holo with Obi-Wan that water and power regularly went out in the worst districts. He would bet his hands that there were areas that didn’t have power at all.

“Why are they changing our missions?” Zuru whined, uncaring who heard.

He liked the solo missions!

“Because I’m a broken piece of shit Jedi whose utterly insane and apparently now the other councilors want to fix me.” Obi-Wan said cheerfully.

Pausing in grabbing his water, Zuru ogled at Obi-Wan, opening his mouth and then closing it again while raising his brows, eyes wide.

“They did not outright say that,” Obi-Wan rolled his eyes at Zuru. “But that’s the implication. I’m becoming too much so they need to reign me in and now they want to ‘fix’ me after all the things they had me do that has driven me forward.” He grunted a bit, settling his elbows on the table to rest his head on his folded hands.

Blinking, Zuru scratched at his nose before shaking his head. “Well okay, that’s going to be a change in pace at least.” He said weakly, not sure what else to say.

He couldn’t exactly argue that his Jedi wasn’t a bit broken or insane, the latter he told the man regularly after all. But it was odd to hear it from the man himself and to find that there was finally consequences for all of the man’s downright suicidal and traumatizing behavior he put himself through.

He looked up smiled weakly when he saw Obi-Wan smirking at him. “Well, they aren’t really wrong. You could do with a bit more socializing with others.” Zuru said.

“Like a toddler, in need of social interaction.” Obi-Wan pointed out dryly before chuckling when Zuru coughed into his arm crook, the pilot trying to hide his rather obvious grin.

Around them the others also tried to hide their own laugh.


Obi-Wan felt more like another vode than a Jedi at this point, his wry sense of humor and sarcasm making him fit quite well in with how effective he proved to be.

And it also helped he seemed to genuinely care for clones.

Researcher Pinpoints Brain Circuit That Triggers Fear Relapse

Steve Maren, the Claude H. Everett Jr. ’47 Chair of Liberal Arts professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Texas A&M University, and his Emotion and Memory Systems Laboratory (EMSL) have made a breakthrough discovery in the process of fear relapse.

A paper on their findings, called “Hippocampus-driven feed-forward inhibition of the prefrontal cortex mediates relapse of extinguished fear,” will be published in the February issue of Nature Neuroscience, a scholarly scientific journal that focuses on original research papers on brain science.

Maren said this discovery could prove helpful for clinicians treating disorders like PTSD.

“Patients often undergo exposure therapy to reduce their fear of situations and stimuli associated with trauma,” Maren said. “Although exposure therapy is often effective, pathological fear and anxiety are known to return or ‘relapse’ under a number of circumstances. This often occurs, for example, when trauma-related stimuli, which have come to be tolerated during therapy, are unexpectedly experienced outside of the clinical context. Relapse of fear after therapy has been estimated to occur in upwards of two-thirds of patients undergoing exposure therapy.”

In their research, Maren and his team studied the relationship between three parts of the brain: the hippocampus, which is involved in memory; the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in executive control and regulation; and the amygdala, which is involved in emotion. While the neurocircuit between the three have long been known to process fear, this study has been able to pinpoint connections between the hippocampus and a specific type of cell in the prefrontal cortex that is involved in a relapse of fear.

Travis Goode, a graduate student and member of the research team, said, “This has wide-spread implications for treating fear disorders in the future, as we now know what part of the brain to target.”


MapleStory - Okami AU

What else could one expect of me, really. But I’ve actually had this little idea stewing around in my head for years now, but never got past some (hella old and subpar) sketches to actually draw it out. But I’ve been in an art slump for a while now and decided, ‘to heck with this. I’m drawing indulgent ideas and no one can stop me.’

And boy was it therapeutic. And fun! And my anger that this huge ass file won’t display properly is boundless.

Full size solo pics under cut, plus my ramblings

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I just wanted to vent anonymously for a sec - I was convinced by my girlfriend to watch Voltron and I finished it last night, and I don't understand how it developed this culture of antis at all? There's almost no shippy stuff in Voltron at all. I especially don't understand why I've seen so many people say that kl*nce is a canon m/m couple; they're barely even friends??? How did people convince themselves that they're dating at the end of S3?

the kl@nce fandom has been queerbaiting tumblr into watching vld for the promise of canon gay for over a year now :V it’s incredibly popular and thus widespread, and I’m sure you know how fans talk to each other about their OTPs. I doubt that many kl@nce fans really believe the ship is (currently) canon, but there’s more than a few that really depend on it being VLD endgame.

Reality check: 

  • so far VLD has proven to be pretty close to a true ensemble show and it’s definitely not very shippy in canon. 
  • the relationship dynamic between all the Team Voltron members seems to be Found Family.
  • the target audiences are preteens and adults with nostalgia for the original Voltron (Defenders of the Universe). 
  • Shiro couldn’t be gone for more than a few episodes because he’s gotta sell toys and by all accounts Dreamworks gets huffy every time an episode passes without a giant robot fight. 
  • It’s going to be all plot, plot, plot from beginning to end, with maybe a (straight) romance or two on the side.*

If there’s been a relationship that’s driven the plot forward more than any other so far, it’s been between Keith and Shiro - Shiro being unwillingly tangled up in the plots of the Galra and Shiro trying to help Keith grow as a leader, and Keith’s strong loyalty to Shiro for Shiro’s past kindness and his struggle with his own growth as a person. but other important, plot-driving relationships have been the one between Allura and her father, Pidge and her brother (and Shiro), and Hunk’s fast friendship with Shay.

Poor Lance and Coran! So far they’ve just been ‘along for the ride’, so to speak, with their personal stakes in the state of the Universe being their affection for the rest of Team Voltron. I think Lance will do some plot driving soon, though. (Coran, I’m afraid, is trapped in the Comic Relief Zone.)

But part of what makes Lance so great is that he’s an everyman. He’s relateable. He’s insecure about himself, competitive, likes to show off, friendly and open, and deeply homesick. I get why he’s so wildly popular and why people exaggerate his angst and minimize his flaws. It’s easy to see yourself in Lance. I know I do. and favorite characters inevitably get shipped the most, and honestly: kl@nce is seen as a rivalship, and rivalships are incredibly, unbelievably popular as a trope. of course Lance gets shipped with Keith constantly.

IMO: kl@nce isn’t actually a rivalship. Lance considers Keith his rival, but Keith shows no particular recognition of Lance that way. Lance frequently provokes Keith in S1 & S2 and Keith reacts when sufficiently irked, rarely ‘starting it’ himself and being civil - friendly, even - when Lance isn’t sniping at him. Lance wants everything Keith seems to (effortlessly!) have, but Keith bears Lance no returning ill will except insomuch as Lance keeps attacking him for what Keith perceives to be no reason. But they do butt heads when Keith gets pissed and have opposing personalities and I know that’s enough for many people. 

Now I don’t ship it: rivalships aren’t my thing, and rivalships-that-aren’t-actually-rivalships are even less my thing. I’m sure a kl@nce fan could better tell you why they think kl@nce is a likely endgame. But I can see how people who love the pairing would get a lot of hope from the immediate softening that happened in season 3. Lance did a lot of off-screen growing, it seems: he’s able to put aside his jealousy of Keith to support him post-Shiro’s disappearance, and his decision to respect the Black Lion’s choice and accept that Keith will be leading the team from now on does away almost any reason they had to be antagonistic. Keith responds by warming up to Lance very quickly, and Lance is able to relax into doing what he does even better than before.

But there’s certainly fans who take that fast improvement a lot further than I think canon does.

(I’ll reassess when the main tension in Team Voltron isn’t between Keith and Shiro trying to negotiate their changing relationship dynamic as Keith rotates to leadership and Shiro wrestles his PTSD and injured self-worth.)

*I know the creative team mentioned wanting to have queer representation on the show but I will be quite shocked if it’s she1th or kl@nce. The show is rated TVY7 & the relationship focus is on found family, not romance; conservative parents are very sensitive to their kids being exposed to LGBT content ‘too early’; this isn’t the same directors as LoK, and both DW and Netflix aren’t especially ready to stick their necks out for queer rep. I’m betting on some side characters getting a nod or Coran alluding to a boyfriend back in the day or something.


𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑒 𝑚𝑐𝑘𝑖𝑛𝑛𝑜𝑛, 𝑐𝑖𝑟𝑐𝑎 𝟏𝟗𝟕𝟖
𝑔𝑟𝑦𝑓𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑜𝑟 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑚𝑜𝑛 𝑟𝑜𝑜𝑚

you’re the brave girl, driven girl, charge forward and leave everyone to follow you girl — you’re firewhiskey and loud music and never saying never. in your voice they hear encouragement, in your face they see a sibling. yet they don’t know that fear is your friend and panic your god : one you can’t help but pray to every night, can’t help but cling to as the nights drag into days, and days fall to night. you’re the proper girl, yes mother and no mother and of course mother girl, proper pureblooded princess with a legacy to uphold and children to bear, but you’re not. wild girl, party girl, smoke too many cigarettes and lose your shoes before the night ends girl — how lucky you are to be loved by kindred spirits and warm souls. the devil made your heart a double bed and its sheets are woven in terror, weighing on your chest and breaking your cold bones. your armour cracks every day a little more and they look away. you’re thankful. 

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Caretaker, I need the confidence and courage to talk to my mom about something that’s very important to me,, I offer the tears I’ve shed alone in the bathroom and my favorite hoodie


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What is the point of giving Bellarke these big moments if it never drives their relationship forward? Now J Roth is saying that we've "misinterpreted" Bellamy's motives this season. Like I don’t get it??

You… you think the bellarke relationship has not been driven forward? 

You think their relationship hasn’t moved forward? I don’t understand. How did you miss it moving forward every season?

As to JR saying we’ve “misinterpreted” his motives? First the question is: which misinterpretation is he talking about? whose misinterpretation? Everyone has a different interpretation. As a blanket statement, it doesn’t really make any sense and it’s not clear which interpretation he sees as a misinterpretation. but seeing all the loudest interpretations out there…idk. All interpretations? 

Anonymous said:So Jason said this regarding the s6 Bellamy/Clarke journey: “I would say perhaps some people misinterpreted the story of Bellamy in season 6: yes, of course he was trying to save Clarke but leaving with Josephine in episode 8 was a way to save them all. If he had stayed, as Clarke points out, they’d all be dead. So he was making the right choice, but of course it was definitely also an emotional choice, because she was in more immediate danger and he had to save her.” Thoughts?

of course he was trying to save clarke but leaving with josephine in episode 8 was a way to save them all. So the misinterpretation was that he was sacrificing his people for clarke, probably. That saving Clarke was THE WAY to save his people, not abandoning them. I’m sure some people made that interpretation and some people probably interpreted is in an anti way towards B/E. However, it was also canon that he FELT that leaving them behind put them, specifically Echo, in canon, at risk. In fact, she was pointed out as being particularly in danger, and her fate would have been the same as Clarke’s if Gaia and Miller hadn’t broken in. He talked to Clarke about it. He saved her and he left them behind in need of saving. And he felt guilt about it. He talked to Octavia about Echo not being okay as she was trying to brush off his concerns by saying she was strong. He said that’s always what we think, until they’re not. Which is what happened with Clarke. So there’s still another parallel there. But Echo escaped because earthkru was there for her. 

Maybe the misinterpretation was that Clarke was seen as “good,” and Echo was seen as “bad.” That’s an interpretation I saw spread pretty widely that was proved wrong. Echo killed Ryker so she was not peaceful or changed and Bellarke were committed to peace and saving everyone. Meanwhile Clarke killed four primes? Including the one inhabiting her mother’s body. 

However, clarke only points out afterward that they’d all be dead if he stayed, that was not clear to him in the moment. that’s a retrospect she can provide knowing josephine’s mind. Josephine was telling him that if he was a good boy and went back with Russell, they’d work something out, right? This does not seem right for JR to say because Bellamy couldn’t have known that letting Josephine have Clarke’s body would have killed them all. It turned out wise, but he didn’t have insight into Josephine to be able to say that, except for that she was a backstabber and not to be trusted. So that’s a good instinct. But leaving them behind also almost got them all killed (and did kill Abby) except Murphy, Raven and Abby found a way to get them nightblood. This part of the explanation doesn’t seem to fit with canon and I’m not sure I’ll pay attention to it. It might have been true, but Bellamy DIDN’T know that. 

Anonymous said:Sending this to you because I’ve found you to be a logical viewer of the 100. Thank you btw. I’ve seen ppl flipping out over a post finale interview JR did where he said some ppl misinterpreted Bellamy’s actions in S6. But he then literally said Bellamy made the right choice & the emotional choice in saving Clarke. I’m like I see what you did there JR, the head &the heart. You know what else is the right& emotional choice for Bell now that O is missing? Turning to Clarke for support. Queue S7

This is actually an interpretation of his words that makes a lot of sense. He’s saying Bellamy was using his head and his heart. Right and Emotional. That tracks not only with the story but with JR’s previously statements. 

Look, we don’t actually know which interpretations he thought were wrong. We’re all sitting here thinking he’s saying OUR interpretations were wrong (whatever those might be) without recognizing that he said SOME were wrong. There have been many interpretations of this season, of Bellamy’s motives and feelings and goals and I have considered a lot of them wrong, too. I mean, it’s one of the reasons I cut myself off from fandom. I think the best way to handle when the writers say something that doesn’t make sense is to compare it back to canon, and see where it fits and where it doesn’t, and where it doesn’t fit, to discard JR’s statements, just ignore them, and stick to the text. 

So in the end, what Selina says is what I’m doing and what I’ve always done.


Stick to the text.

Title: The Prince and the Knight

Summary: Written for the Royalty AU square on my Sambucky Bingo card. Bucky is the Knight who finds out his lover and Prince, Sam, is to marry someone else to form an allegiance between kingdoms. 

Warnings: Angst; Secret Relationship

Word Count: 1,808

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Though he had traveled by horseback for the better part of three days and was stiff and achy from the journey, the Knight climbed the stairs with urgency and ease. Being the ‘best friend’ of the Crown Prince afforded him access to that particular part of the citadel. Despite how lethargic he was, the Knight was driven forward by his need to see the Prince and to hear the words from his mouth.

The Knight had one hand pressed to the hilt of his sword, out of habit, while the other grasped the letter he had received a week ago whilst on border patrol. He felt his heart sink to his stomach as his traitorous brain flashed the words over and over again in his minds eye:

My Dearest,

I trust this finds you well.

I am sorry you are to find out this way, but it seems I am to be wed in the coming months.

She is from an honorable, noble family and will surely make a dutiful wife. She will celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of her birth this week. My father hopes for news of an heir by the harvest moon. I feel sick and I miss you.

Of course, I do not want this. I want you and only you.  But we were sure that this day would come. As sure of the fact that the sun would rise and set.

I am sorry.  

My heart aches for you.

Forgive me.

Yours forever,


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I honestly wasn't really for the June Egbert being canon mainly because I fear Hussie is gonna do something transphobic with her so I kinda just was like "Mmmmmmmmmmm..."

Remember that Hussie isn’t writing June Egbert. Hussie is the creator of Homestuck, but Pesterquest, the Epilogues, and whatever Homestuck has looking forward is driven by WhatPumpkin, and as he mentioned, they are listening to the fans for where to go next.

If/When June is showcased as a thing, it will be veto’d and shared around WhatPumpkin’s Team, and likely not even be written by Hussie at all, so. Could there still be iffy elements for some people? Yeah, but whatever happens will be closer to someone’s actual experiences in the Team and their general outlook on it.

Ebony and Ivory (V x Reader Fanfic) Chapter 15

Author’s notes: Sorry this chapter was late! I’m a mess of a person with a messy life and zero excuses.

Chapter 15

The sky was forgiving that day, at least for a little while.

Within an hour or so of walking, the sun was up and shining. It was cooler for a day in June, but it was perfect for the walking you needed to do with the poet. Something about the light glinting off his hair made you feel weak in the knees, but your steps didn’t falter. Focused, you reminded yourself. Focus first, fun later when the job was done. You had no idea what this so-called Devil Sword looked like or where it could possibly be, but V seemed to know where he was going. Eyes ever forward, driven once again once you departed from the broken town. It was hard to describe where you were now, especially with the absolutely convoluted landscape. It felt like you were walking through a valley, but upon further inspection you could tell it was just the earth rising and following with the damage done. This was the base of the tree, where all the roots were.

And there were a lot of them. Roots extended above, weaving through the dirt and stone. Christ, this place was a mess. Barely any buildings, most structures torn apart by the demon tree and flung in various directions. Everything seemed lifeless, grey. Even more so once the clouds came back, casting a discolored feeling all over the dead plants and stony ground beneath your feet. Despite the pallor of the world around, you were keeping yourself in high spirits. Walking alongside the poet and keeping up conversation with him, making sure to keep an eye on his condition. You had eaten breakfast with him, summoning some minor food for everyone including meat for the familiars. All in all, you were prepared for anything and everything.  

Another day of travel and fighting, it would seem.

You didn’t mind, per se. But this area was full of baddies you weren’t particularly fond of. You passed graveyards, fighting the typical rough and tumble variety demons with the usual ease you had with V. You were getting your momentum back energy wise, testing your limits a bit more with each hour to see what could stick. No Void walking yet, but soon. You could feel that. Along this path you tried to keep your eyes out for shrines of any sort, since it was areas like these that would hide them. But you found none, and that made you sigh. This felt similar to when a parent was mad at you, that you were sure of. You couldn’t quite decide whether you saw the Deity as a father or not, or a mother for that matter. But you doubted it mattered.  

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Tarotscopes 4/16–4/22

Aries: Five of Swords

The five of swords represents battle and loss. Conflicts with neighbors/family members/managers etc… basically being the victim in whatever situations you’re facing. Ongoing stress, challenges to your position, and overall, defeat. All is not lost, as long as you can manage to stop yourself from continuing to fight and just walk away. That’s your challenge this week, learn when to walk away.

Taurus: Mystic (Knight) of Pentacles

The knight tells us of a period where we may have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation, and you will have to commit your time to see it through to the end successfully. He does tell you that it will be successful, so don’t freak out too much. Pay attention to the practical details now, get through the mundane, routine situations and success will be yours.

Gemini: The Hierophant

This week, you find yourself developing spiritually and emotionally. You will be presented with an opportunity that allows you to connect to your higher truth, so bring together your higher self and your physical self, and to become more…aware. The hierophant represents taking those abstract ideas of yours, and grounding them (generally through tried and true methods) to manifest them into reality. As this is also a card about learning, you may find yourself taking up a new class or learning a new skill. If you find yourself “stuck” you can always turn to someone “older” than yourself for advice, or even old methods of seeking advice, such as tarot or geomancy.

Cancer: Four of Pentacles

Manage your resources wisely.

This is a card of both positive and negatives in regards to abundance. What this card is telling you is to remember that there is more to life than just money, and nice things. If you’ve been hoarding your money recently, give back to those who need it, even treat yourself. The four tells us that what we put out will come back.

However if you have been spending a lot on yourself recently, now is the time to pull in the reigns. Know that your worth isn’t defined by the materials you surround yourself.

Leo: Two of Wands

Expansion. The two of wands is all about expanding what you began in the ace of wands, and the opportunities that come out of your ideas. You’re making plans and moving forward in your goals/projects and proving your worth. This is a time of growth, where you’re driven forward by your passion, inspiration, action, and will. Opportunists are coming your way, and if your plan of action is solid, you will succeed. Now is the time to figure out what helps you and get rid of anything that’s holding you back. Allow your inner star to shine, you’re leveling up!

Virgo: Ten of Cups

The ten of cups is one of the most positive cards in the entire deck, and brings peace and harmony for you and your surrounding environment. What you have worked hard for is finally coming together, and a well-deserved period of prosperity flows your way. Everything you’ve wanted is coming to you.
Everything in your life will be flowing smoothly, and you will have plenty of reasons—and time—to celebrate! Be grateful, be open, enjoy the peace.

Libra: The Hermit

Spiritual Solitude. It’s time to take a step back from your surrounding environment and spend some time alone in order to see things more clearly. This could even include working by yourself/running your own business without the help of others. It’s time to undergo a period of self reflection and soul searching in order to progress; turning inward will give you the answers you seek. This is a period of healing.

Scorpio: Ten of Swords

Defeat. You’re fighting a battle that’s already been lost and to continue is going to lead you to a breakdown. This is rock bottom. You need to remove yourself from that which is no longer working, and learn from it. The good thing about rock bottom is that the only way from here is up. This will release you and bring new possibilities your way. Friendships may end, you may switch jobs, but it’s for the better.

Sagittarius: Eight of Wands

The eight of wands brings with it swift progress in all that you’re doing…maybe even faster than you originally anticipated. You may feel like you’re barely keeping up with everything because of how fast things are flying forward, but this is a positive period; learn to prioritize. Everything that you’re currently involved in will carry you forward to where you need to be.

Capricorn: Ten of Pentacles

Fulfillment, completion, accomplishment. When the ten of pentacles arrives, it lets you know that all of your hard work is about to pay off and you will be rewarded not only with a sense of accomplishment, but with an improvement in your career (potentially a promotion or an entirely new, better, more solid career change altogether) financial stability, even stronger bonds with those you hold dearest. As all the pentacles are earth; physical, this is a time for you to spread that wealth with those around you, to celebrate your success with those who make you happiest and make sure they’re taken care of as well. Even if things have been tough recently, luck is on your side, everything is finally coming together and you will succeed.

Aquarius: Five of Pentacles

The five of pentacles is never necessarily an easy card to absorb. It represents loss, radical shifts in your current stability, feeling like the outcast in your own family/friend group. However, a lot of the time, the five of pentacles can reveal a fear of loss rather than actual loss. You begin to be overwhelmed with feelings of isolation—so much so that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and you begin to isolate yourself from those that truly do care and want to be around you. However, it’s important to take note that there are those around you who have been in your position before, and they’re more than willing to work together with you and help you figure things out. The challenge here is to fight through those feelings of fear and isolation to try and get the stability back. Much like the tower card, it’s important to remember that destruction is a form of creation, and something better can rise from the ashes…so long as you make it so.

Pisces: Warrior (Knight) of Swords

The warrior indicates a period where you’re hit by a powerful gust of inspiration to execute a project or a plan. This does, however, come with some highs and lows. Highs: you’re going to be motivated to finally get what you want done! Congrats!! Downside: you’re moving so fast you aren’t aware of the consequences to your actions! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t make it happen, but you need to put in the effort; don’t cut corners, don’t cheap out. Make sure that the quality is there, remember, it’s a reflection of you.

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Hello Lost-san! Do you think Erwin would've continued as the active commander of the SC had he lived?? I mean his wish was to prove his father's theories and that's the very reason he dedicated his life to the survey corps. Personally I believe even after finding out the hidden truth of the walls, he still would've fought bravely as the commander; however, I still can't make sure if he would've fought for freedom! What do you think?

Hello Anon! Yes, I absolutely agree.  If Erwin had lived he would have continued as commander of the Survey Corps and would have done everything in his power to free the people of Paradis and bring an end to the cycle of conflict.

I’ve said this before, but the idea that Erwin had no purpose in life beyond proving his father’s theories frustrates me enormously.  It’s ludicrous to think that after discovering the truth, Erwin would just have shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I don’t know where this idea came from because it’s not supported by canon. In chapter 70, when Levi asks Erwin what will happen when his dream comes true, Erwin replies that he doesn’t know and won’t know until it does.  


I don’t think this remotely implies he would just give up after discovering the truth.

It’s true that Erwin was driven forward by his desperate desire to prove his father’s theories, but that doesn’t mean that he cared nothing for Humanity. Quite the opposite, Erwin sacrificed everything for Humanity.  Each and every death weighed heavily on his conscience and, although he needed Levi’s help to take the final step, he laid down his own life for the sake of Humanity. 

And as I said in this post, all the events that Yelena mentions in chapter 106, routing the Warriors, stealing the Female and the Colossus Titan, weakening Marley to the point that others could attack, are a direct result of Erwin’s brilliance as a commander and his sacrifice as a man. It’s hard to imagine how much more he could have achieved if he had lived. 


The Sobivo is a medium tank created by Siwi after the continental war to fight against Mabalian and Evrosian forces. Like other Siwi tank designs It is driven by large forward wheels rather than tracks. It is armed with a 60 mm armor piercing gun and light machine gun contained in the commanders turret. The main gun is mounted in such a way that allows it to depress, elevate, and move horizontally. This allows the gunner to aim without having to move the entire turret.

Its large wheels give it a top speed of 30 kph on flat terrain. The wheels have a higher ground pressure than tracks and as such may more easily get stuck in mud or other such terrain. In addition they greatly increase the vehicles vertical profile, making it taller than equivalent tanks of other nations. The large wheels are however more durable than tracks or traditional wheels.

It has 50 mm of frontal hull armor, with 20 mm on the sides and 15 mm at the rear. The turret is 40 mm thick all around. The rounded armor plating on the outside of the wheels provides an additional 15 mm of armor protection. Compared to medium tanks of all nations except the Xhan empire it is rather well protected. Especially Mabalian tanks which are simply inadequate when dealing with the Sobivo.

The crew consists of 3 people.