Driven Forward


Dr. Alex Karev - Chief of Surgery

Space Orcs- Momma Knows Best

The Cartosan Abyss had been the site of the fiercest battles in the thousand giga-cycle history of the Federation-Athalan War, now that theater of the war was nearly closed. Athalan fleets fell back, their troops demoralized and disordered as none had ever seen them. Some claimed that it was irresponsible to oversimplify things, that the superior numbers and diverse tactics of the Federation had all but guaranteed success since the beginning, that no one member race could ever take full credit.

Others simply pointed out that seventy five percent of the territory gained in the Abyss had been taken in the handful of Terra-cycles since Humanity joined the war, and Lt. Dyati wasn’t going to argue with them.

He had been assigned to one of the few mixed units, with soldiers from a variety of races. They were said to be a laugh, cush assignments that were more about diplomacy and good press back home than any real tactical significance, but apparently no one had told that to Captain Daniels.

They’d warned Dyati and the others than humans showed remarkable genetic diversity within their own genome, and that anything but the simplest expectations of physical form were likely to be misleading, but that had only been the barest of warnings to this gargantuan beast of a human, nearly as tall as a Granx and twice as wide, rippling with muscles barely contained by charcoal black skin, with massive paws that he had seen grab two Athalan soldiers by the heads and crack them together like ripe fruit.

Daniels had taken command when their nominal leader, a Granx Captain, had been killed by an errant shard of fragmented masonry early in the first battle, and had driven the team forward like the point of a spear, cracking through Athalan lines and disrupting their communications net. Dyati had watched Daniels take on War Behemoth single-handedly, climbing it like a tree and dropping hand held ordinance (The humans called them grenades, most other races called them suicide balls) down an exhaust port before leaping free.

From that moment on, the platoon had known that they would follow Daniels anywhere, and even started adopting his mannerisms, their multilingual shouts of “WAR DAMN EAGLE!” leading the unflappable Athalan Death Squads to fragment in panicked retreat.

They shouldn’t have lasted an hour. Instead, they had won, the lot of them awarded medals, and now granted an unprecedented week of shore leave. It had taken some doing, but Daniels had convinced Dyati, too far from home to make the trip, to instead accompany him to Earth.

And so Dyati had ended up at a table in a small abode crawling with humans of all sizes, shapes, and ages. They had just finished remotely spectating some kind of violent sporting event (Though he hadn’t understood the rules of the encounter, Dyati had been thrilled that he knew the chant, as had been the humans) and now food was being served. Dyati didn’t know whether he dared to be surprised that they would be eating scorched animal flesh, and tried, as carefully as he could, to inquire if there were any other options.

“Aww, come off it squiddie, we’re on leave, just try a wing,” Daniels had said, in a tone Dyati had recognized as boisterous friendliness, but before he could respond, an elderly human had stood, walked over to the the most dangerous living creature Dyati had ever seen in nearly three dozen cycles of military service, and SMACKED HIM ACROSS THE FACE.

“Jackson Daniels, you apologize to Mr. Dyati RIGHT NOW!”

Daniels gaped up at the other human, elderly and, if Dyati made his guess, female. “But Momma…”

“Don’t you ‘But Momma’ ME, young man. You bring this fine gentleman into my house and then call him some racist word those soldiers use in the barracks, in your Mommas house, like you some kind of ghetto ass punk instead of a war hero on leave, and I’ll smack your mouth like the ghetto ass punk till you remember you Captain Daniels, not Big J on the block. Now you apologize to Mr. Dyati and go get him some rice and beans from the back, and not the spicy stuff, you KNOW they don’t like that off world.”

Daniels scampered off, and Dyati stared at the elderly matron like she was a fission reactor about to purge. For all he knew, she was.

“I’m sorry ‘bout that. He’s a good boy, deep down, football always makes him act the fool, though, but what can you do? He graduated in ‘43 and coulda gone pro if he hadn’t enlisted. Now, sweet tea?”

Dyati nodded, dumbfounded, and then munched on the rice and beans (which was maybe the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten) and sipped the tea (which was sweet enough for him to charge his thorax adrenal boosters without supplements) and wondered at what he’d seen.

Did humans get more powerful as they aged? Were soldiers like Daniels just weak cannon fodder? Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, Dyati was SO glad that Humanity had joined the Federation…

Examining Exaltations

Sun in Aries—The Solar Monarch becomes a Warrior King in Aries. The divine ruler of Leo steps off of his throne and enters his war room here, as he seeks to expand his influence through the Arian cardinal nature. The self-assured nature of the Sun allows for confidence and bravado, but this native is not content to sit back and allow others to enact their will for them. They rule from the front lines, inspiring and encouraging others through their own action, their own ability. Mars increases the vitality of this native beyond the solar reserves and they’re able to feel the energy crackling beneath their skin. Indeed they ARE that energy, and they use it to charge forward bearing the flag of their insignia themselves.

Moon in Taurus—The Celestial Mother descends into the Garden of Eden and her ample fertility infuses the land with life and abundance. No longer being driven forward in the endless tides of cardinal Cancer the Moon is stabilized and anchored by the fixed nature of Taurus. Like a gardener carefully tends to his garden so too does this native seek to make themselves more bountiful. The soft and nurturing nature of the moon is allowed to take root and like a cow nursing her calf this native seeks to provide and care for those close to their heart. Venus provides a soft and gentle nature as well as an innate sense of self-worth and luminescent beauty.

Mercury in Aquarius—(This exaltation is debated by many astrologers, there are some that consider Virgo to be the exaltation of Mercury) The Mercurial electricity that arcs across a thunderous sky in Gemini and races through carefully planned power grids in Virgo meets a circuit board in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. The changeable and capricious nature of Mercury is contained, and as it races to-and-fro it allows even greater leaps in logic to be made. Computing begins, and the mind is able to process in ways not indicated directly by the silvery lines of the microchip mind. Large stores of data are available for mass information management, a spreadsheet containing a myriad supply of statistics used to analyze and make intuitive conclusions about future trends. Uranus provides the human touch (the humanitarian touch) and introduces chaos and divine inspiration to keep this native thinking outside of the box. Saturn pushing for tangible results and a practicality in the thinking allows for direction and focus.

Venus in Pisces—The Goddess of Love and Beauty sinks back into the ocean whose foam bore her forth into existence. She reunites with Eros, the divine love, to swim and circle eternally beneath the waves of the collective unconscious. The self-love sought in the gardens of Taurus, and the brotherly love sought in the mirrors of Libra begin to echo through the depths of watery Pisces. The loving nature is expanded and amplified as rose-colored glasses settle in, and the ability (curse?) to see the good in all people develops. The native is able to connect with the divinity in others, and so finds a projection of the divine love that they actually seek. Venus in the realm of dreams and imagination is able to create endlessly with beauty and purpose, and indeed the creative process is taken to new heights in these natives. Neptune imparts a craving for spirituality in connecting with others, and obscures the real world from the native, allowing them to live in fantasy and delusion… until reality sets back in.

Mars in Capricorn—The raging energy and passion of Aries and the simmering transformative depth of Scorpio are slowed as Mars meets the mountain of earthy Capricorn. Its cardinal nature helps to retain the drive and ambition associated with the planet, but as things begin to decelerate more careful planning and direction can be applied. This native is able to work tirelessly like a machine, and prioritize with an expert flair. Passionate Mars does well in earth, as its sensuality is increased and a penchant for timing develops. Sexuality is expressed steadily and with great skill. Saturn provides structure and longevity while making sure that goals are achievable and provide real results.

Jupiter in Cancer—The Great Teacher that expands the mind of Sagittarius and the imagination of Pisces learns the timing of the tides and attains cardinal direction in Cancer. The loud, raucous energy of Jupiter is softened and subdued as it sinks into a place of environmental control and manipulation. The emotional responses are heightened which makes subtle cues more apparent, and intuition allows the native to learn with ease. There is no better teacher than the mother (subdominant parent) and indeed we learn best from someone who is gentle and nurturing in their approach. Learning becomes a joyous process, and the sharing of information feels like caring for others. The Moon increases the powers of the memory, and imparts an intuitive nature that allows for psychic, spiritual learning.

Saturn in Libra—The personal and professional structure of Capricorn and the societal and cultural structure of Aquarius are laid bare in the open, orderly halls of Libra. Saturn seeks to examine the interplay of relationships here, and thus transmute divine law into human law. This native tries to provide stability in the social arena in an attempt at the equilibrium sought by the Libran archetype. The mind proves an ample playground for experimentation in thoughts of justice and order, and there is a fixation on higher ideals and principles. The endless weighing of alternatives and indecision is alleviated and stabilized by Saturn. Venus imparts a love of cleanliness and form, as well as a deep resounding belief that all people are created as equals.

(The exaltations of the outer planets are heavily debated, with many different points of view being argued fervently. Indeed until they traverse the zodiac many more times I doubt any clear consensus will be reached. I think it’s best to examine your own feelings about the matter after you gain a solid base of understanding for the planets and signs.)

Uranus in Scorpio—The deep need for change and upheaval inherent in the Uranian archetype resonates well with the transformative nature of Scorpio. As the higher octave of Mercury Uranus seeks knowledge and enlightenment. The Scorpion’s investigative nature is allowed to dredge the depths of collective human consciousness mining for secrets long buried. What surfaces often shocks and disturbs, while allowing for growth and learning after these things have come to light. Taboos are exploited and explored, with experimentation in sexuality and psychology.

Neptune in Cancer—Neptune represents the hidden unseen worlds that permeate the space around us. When it enters the Cancerian gateway to the collective unconscious it is reunited with the divine spirituality of that place. The selective caring of the Crab is elevated to universal consciousness, and a search for an ideal world apart from human suffering and imperfection begins.

Pluto in Leo—Power and control are heavily associated with Pluto, and who has more control or power than a king? Pluto washes over everything, destroying anything that is decaying and unnecessary, ripping asunder that which no longer serves its intended purpose. In Leo what’s left is the radiant light of a star, shining purely and with purpose. Pluto in Leo has this same resilience. There are many horrors that must be faced, but ultimately all challenges are overcome and the endurance of this placement is unmatched.


The Imperials targeted only Cassian now. He swung desperately toward cover as sparks spilled off metal all around him. Jyn started to call to him, but he cried out louder, “Keep going! Keep going!”
She reached a trembling hand toward her pistol. She could die. So could they.
She knew she had to climb.
The decision was taken from her. The second stormtrooper took a hit as a bolt flashed toward Cassian. Trooper and spy fell together; Jyn couldn’t tell whether Cassian had been struck or if he’d simply lost his grip, but he plunged out of view without a scream or a word. She nearly loosed her clutching fingers, nearly followed him into the abyss, but a swell of vertigo shocked her out of her horror and impelled her to cling more tightly to the stack.
Cassian was dead, like so many others. So many taken by the man in white.
She had to escape.


I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.
He smiled softly and thought of Bodhi, the strange pilot who smelled of Jedha beneath his Imperial suit. Chirrut’s chant was faltering now. With the switch activated, his path had become obscured. He listened to the storm of blasterfire and heard Baze’s voice again: “Chirrut! Come here!” So he turned toward Baze and the bunker and began retracing his steps. The rhythm of his breath was off, and the thousand noises and odors and sensations all about him failed to coalesce; each tugged at him, insisted on his exclusive attention.
Then there was only one noise: a terrible thunder like the world splitting open. He was driven forward as pain flashed through his old bones and every injury he’d ever suffered ignited. Somehow, as Chirrut impacted the dirt and rolled to one side, he was aware of Baze shouting his name again.

anonymous asked:

I'm an Eruri shipper, but sometimes I get the feeling that Erwin didn't love Levi back, which makes me sad. Levi's feelings towards Erwin are 100% canon and have been reiterated countless times, but Erwin seemed too focused on his father and his mission to truly love Levi back! I think is why their relationship hasn't been established as romantic: Levi loves Erwin but cannot be with him due to Erwin's one track mind. It makes me sad, as I don't want Levi living knowing Erwin didn't love him :(

Okay so this is an argument that I’ve heard many times before and I’ve already answered a few asks about this: Undoubtedly. Unquestionably. Unconditionally. Let me see if I can set your mind at rest Anon…

You’re right that Levi is much more vocal about his devotion to Erwin.  There are countless examples in the manga, in the Smartpass content and most recently, and most heartbreakingly, in the monologue that accompanies Levi’s character song.

“In order to catch the freedom, I felt outside the wall. I chose everything by myself. Even Erwin will lead me to hell, I will never regret. Never. Not even a bit.”

JFC just kill me Levi….

Erwin is much more reserved, but that doesn’t mean that he does not reciprocate Levi’s feelings, and in actual fact there’s plenty of evidence that he does.  It’s there in the way he talks to Levi in the manga, the weird humour they share, the fact that he uses ore when talking to Levi rather than watashi, which he uses with everyone else.  It’s there in the Smartpass content, in the private meals they share after expeditions, the tender moment in the rain, the fancy clothes and the contraband tea that Erwin procures for Levi.  It’s there in the ridiculously shippy official art.  And it’s there in spades in ACWNR where Erwin is openly fascinated by Levi and pursues him with single minded determination.

Now I know there is an argument that even if Levi and Erwin’s feelings are reciprocal, they never have a chance to act on them as they are in the middle of a war.  And I think there is certainly a grain of truth in that.  However, war does not necessarily negate love, if anything it can heighten feelings of devotion, particularly for those who fight side by side.  Sure Erwin and Levi aren’t going to go swanning off on fancy dates, but it’s canon that they spend private time together when they can.  In times of war, love may be reciprocated in the smallest acts, a meal shared together, or the grandest gestures, I will trust you with my life and fight to the death for you.

And I know there is also an argument that Erwin is so focused on his dream that he has no time for anyone or anything else, and that’s certainly the way that Erwin himself sees it latterly.  But as I’ve said over and over again, Erwin is the most unreliable of unreliable narrators. It’s true that Erwin’s dream has always driven him forward, but it’s really only towards the end that it becomes an all encompassing obsession.  Erwin is clearly depressed towards the end of his life, he’s weighed down by guilt, and confesses to suicidal thoughts, however depression and love are not mutually exclusive.  You don’t stop loving someone just because you suffer from depression, even if it means you struggle to express those feelings.  Even if you are in the depths of despair, those feelings are still there, buried deep. I think it’s telling that when Erwin does finally confess his fears and his struggles, it’s Levi that he opens up to. And it speaks volumes that it’s Levi who is able to free him from the burden of guilt he carries. Ask yourself this Anon, would Levi’s words really have had such an impact on Erwin if he didn’t love and respect him? 

Daisuke Ono said in an interview once that the amplitude of Erwin’s feelings is so great that it can be hard to see.  So don’t worry Anon, I’m certain that Erwin did love Levi and I’m certain that Levi knew it, you just have to stand back to see it.


The way Eve presents this particular question might be one of my favorite things about the Anna/Eve conversation because Eve absolutely has an eye for how to understand the fundamental parts of a situation. She might be a rookie in many ways, but she is capable of establishing an effective way to learn more, reorient and come back to the point she needs in order to move forward and I’m charmed by that because Eve doesn’t venture into a full on sentimental glitch (Look at her in 1x03, then in 1x05, and now here. G r o w t h).

Her approach is not just finding out more about Oksana, she works with Anna herself (which I feel is very important for how Eve acts for the rest of the episode and the finale) and watching Eve unpack the difference between a couple occurrences (”a few” letters) and ongoing experience (an entire box) is just so great. She sees what’s happening in front of her and puts her thoughts into words, “This is not just “a few” letters, Anna. This is…”, and it is so much about discovery that stretches beyond Oksana and Anna’s relationship. I love that Eve doesn’t finish her sentence because what Anna says next is what Eve basically thinks, with difference that Eve operates through a more intimate lens.

When Anna uses the word “fixation” to describe the situation with the letters Eve moves her head in a way that shows how she is trying to piece the puzzle together because It’s clear that Oksana exhibited an obsession, no doubt about that, but what about Anna? (Consider Eve’s own curiosity as significant here because she is determined beyond the job). On many levels the scene is loaded with misdirection because the images do not go together with the text. And Eve wonders about that and posits the question:  “Was it reciprocated?”.

Personal subjectivity is brought forward and Eve, for a moment, steps away from Oksana’s fixation and wants to know more about Anna’s own feelings. Why? Because it’s also about Herself. The switch is noteworthy because Anna chooses to defend her position first, “I was a teacher. I was married” which makes clear that the scene is saturated with a subject that Anna regards as a taboo, but that’s not what Eve asked, nor what Eve thinks, considering how she feels about Oksana/Villanelle. So Eve repeats the question, looking down at the photograph, and we get that very important emotional pause that highlights where this is going to go. Of course Eve saves the situation by saying “I’m not judging you. I just need to know as much about her as I can”, when Anna doesn’t answer, the sentimental beat opening Anna up. But lord, there is so much within the frame of that conversation because Eve’s character arc is driven forward in large part by what she gathers/chooses to do but also feels.

In other words. She picks that convo apart in a way that makes me love her more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

Tied Together | 01

The last thing you needed when you had a demanding daughter and job was a divorce made difficult by your husband. Luckily for you, Min Yoongi—Seoul’s top divorce lawyer—stepped in to save the day. Well, more or less.

▸ PAIRING: Min Yoongi x Reader

▸ RATING & GENRE: PG-15 ; Angst, Fluff, Divorce Lawyer AU, Marriage AU

WORD COUNT: 9,744 words

▸ A/N: Planned this fic a long time ago but it’s finally done alkwejrkwlejr second part where all the Real Action happens will be out soon!! I hope you like this :’) ALSO huge disclaimer I know nothing about law so I apologize for any inaccuracies!

Part One | Part Two

Divorces were rarely ever a clean slate. You’ve learned that through attending the trials and tribunals of family members, seen how much of a struggle and how costly everything was that plenty of the people you knew chose to stay in a miserable standstill with their partners.

For a little while, you figured that if you had the right resources and helping hands you would be able to sign a few documents and free yourself from all restraints, from the supposedly sacred bond that you and your once-loved one held together.

But things were never so black and white — not when he would never be happy unless you went through enough inconveniences to please him.

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broken vows

Requested by: @fandomnationwhore (who is determined to break me)

Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Reader
Rating: T
Words: 1700


Summary: You loved him so much it hurt, so much that you would’ve died for him if he’d asked you to, and naturally, you’d assumed he felt the same. But clearly that wasn’t the case. You could’ve never done to him what he’d done to you.

Originally posted by hvproductions

You knew something terrible had happened from the moment you walked through the front door and into your silent home. There was something unwelcoming in the air, something that made your stomach feel hollow and made your hand tremble on the banister as you made your way upstairs.

Down the hallway you went on lead feet, a dead woman walking, driven forward by some unknown intuition. Perhaps it was a subconscious whiff of unfamiliar perfume or perhaps some primal part of your brain, devoted solely to survival, heard the squeak of the bed frame when the rest of you didn’t.

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Tarotscopes 1/22–1/28

Aries: Seven of Pentacles

Similar to the hanged man, the seven of pentacles shows a need for patience. However, unlike the hanged man, you need to work at progressing. The work and time you invest in your projects now will bring great rewards–so long as you stay dedicated and patient. Don’t give up, it’s gonna pay off in the end.

Taurus: Two of Wands

Expansion. This week is all about expanding your horizons. You’re making plans and moving forward in your goals/projects and proving your worth. This is a time of growth, where you’re driven forward by your passion, inspiration, action, and will. Opportunists are coming your way, and if your plan of action is solid, you will succeed. You have a lot of opportunities for growth this week, so now is the time to figure out what helps you and get rid of anything that’s holding you back. Allow your inner star to shine, you’re leveling up!

Gemini: Strength

You must be both the lion and the maiden this week. You can win, you can overcome, but not with raw strength alone. You need to balance both the gentle, quiet strength of the maiden, with the raw, loud, violent strength of the lion. Be patient, be persistent, be courageous…be consistent in your thoughts and actions. Develop and refine your raw ideas into something more.

Cancer: The Star

If things have been difficult recently, the star appears to put an end to all that. The star reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there’s always a glimmer of hope, and if we nurture that hope, it will grow and spread to all parts of your life. The star signals an end to bad times, feeling rejuvenated, reborn, and moving on from bad situations. It also signals amazing opportunities coming your way this week; allow your light to shine brightly and take you to where you’re meant to be.

Leo: Ace of Wands

This card embodies the flash of creative energy that can start a raging inferno. It exhibits the potential that lies in each and every one of us to create, to begin and to start anew.

This week is the week to act! New opportunities will be presented for you to move forward; taking up a new class, creating works of art, following your passions are highlighted here. Do it. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, go for it. This is the beginning. All the steps will reveal themselves as you move forward.

Virgo: Two of Cups

The two of cups comes swooping in and brings with it harmony and reconciliation. Old arguments will be resolved as you put the past behind you. Any ongoing negotiations will work in your favor. Though this card can show the coming of a promising romantic relationship, it can also just signify new friends,  or even great work between business partners. Nurture all your relationships and enjoy the love and pleasures they bring.

Libra: Four of Wands

You’re reaching that state where what you’ve been working on has neared completion and you finally get to reap the rewards. The four appears to let you know that all your work is about to pay off. All around you this week will be calm and uplifting, allowing yourself and those around you to reach new limits and finally celebrate your labors!!  Now is a time to be grateful. Make sure to acknowledge and give thanks to those that have helped you along the way. Enjoy what life has to offer.

Scorpio: Seven of Wands

The seven of wands warns you that this week you will be put in a situation where you will have to fight for what you believe in. Where there will be obstacles blocking your path, but it brings you the strength to overcome these obstacles. Stand your ground, be true to yourself, and push forward, fight on and you will succeed.

Sagittarius: Artist (page) of Wands

If you’ve been thinking about taking a risk, this is the week. Now is the time to make that change and try something new. This week you will encounter various situations in which you can stick to the same old, boring, monotonous pattern you’re used to…or you can be expressive, bring light and color into your world. The choice is up to you…but the artist of wands is never boring and never afraid to follow their heart.

Capricorn: Student (page) of Pentacles

This is a time to nurture your abilities. In realms of finance and education and travel there should be good news. An opportunity may come your way to manage a project or a group of people, and maybe even a job offer, take it! Just make sure that you pay attention to details and double check all arrangements and agreements before signing.

Aquarius: Five of Swords

The five of swords represents battle and loss. Conflicts with neighbors/family members/managers etc… basically being the victim in whatever situations you’re facing. Ongoing stress, challenges to your position, and overall, defeat. All is not lost, as long as you can manage to stop yourself from continuing to fight and just walk away. That’s your challenge this week Aquarius, learn when to walk away.

Pisces: Three of Cups

The three of cups says it’s time to celebrate! It says that there’s a lot of amazing things coming your way! Parties, anniversaries, births, weddings, etc…they’re all on the menu. The three does highlight the community aspect of celebration (there are three people pictured in the card) so it tends to related to celebrations with families, friends, workmates, or any type of group you’ve been part of for a long time.
In general, this is a period where you need to let your hair down, let go a little, and have some fun, you’ve earned it! Whether it’s passing your exams, expanding your business, or even moving into a new residence, you have more than enough reason to celebrate and allow yourself to have some fun.

Storming the Pyramid: The Second Missing Sequence in VLD Season 8

@leakinghate Our second missing episode…

The Source: Missing Scene Fragment

Location: Knights of Light Part 2: Lotor’s “corpse” is shown but we see no reaction from Allura and Voltron because that part of the narrative has been cut. Allura and Voltron discover Lotor is melded with Sincline and Allura determines to extract him. This drives the plot toward Storming the Pyramid.

Storming the Pyramid: Missing Sequence

Location in the narrative: Around Episode 11, sequentially between the reveal of Lotor’s body in Sincline during Episode 10 and the “come back to me” hospital scene.

Summary: Allura storms the pyramid where she finds Lotor’s body and does battle with the witch for the soul of her son.

Narrative Structure:

“We’ll do anything to bring back Lotor,” said in Episode 2 plus Honerva’s appearance just before Allura takes in the Dark Entity (she is the last person seen, therefore the “man behind the curtain”) leads us to this point in the narrative. Honerva sent the Dark Entity because Honerva cannot resurrect her son but Allura, a healer, can.

Heroine’s Journey: Reincorporation of and Healing the Wounded Masculine

The heroine makes peace with the “masculine” approach to the world as it relates to her and reclaims her own masculine power. The heroine must also put aside her misperceptions about the masculine and offer love and compassion to that which appears monstrous. Allura repeatedly rebuffs Coran’s, Alfor’s, and Lance’s statements of disappointment in her choice to take in the dark entity and their concerns that what she is doing is “too dangerous”. She states unequivocally that she “will not be afraid to use the power that she has”, calling directly back to her animus’s repeated statements that he “knows she has the power within” and that she has “all the power in the universe at her fingertips” in Seasons 5 and 6, respectively. She heals the prince with her love and compassion.

Jungian Analysis:

The animus, Allura’s (Ro)beastly dark youth counterpart and masculine half Lotor, is recognized and accepted as part of herself. This is highlighted with Allura’s callback to his lines about not fearing to use her power. She heals the animus with her feminine love and compassion.

Freudian Analysis: Tell Me About Your Mother

Freud’s theory about a boy coming into manhood is known as the Oedipal Complex. Freud stated that all boys inherently desire their mother (I know, gross, just hang with me here) and therefore view their father as a threat who must be killed so that the boy can replace him. However, the boy cannot grow into manhood until he puts aside his feelings of fatherly hatred and learns how to project his desire for his mother onto appropriate women.

Lotor has done away with Zarkon and moved into a healthy desire for Allura by Season 8. His coming of age is driven forward when Allura does battle with Honerva, who still wants to keep her son as a possession, to break the spell she has cast over him.

Other Literary Examples:

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle realizes she loves the Beast after his death. She declares her love, and her tears bring him back to life, breaking the fairy’s spell and revealing the Prince in disguise.

In The Hunger Games, Katniss is finally able to break the spell of the brainwashing President Snow inflicted on Peeta with a kiss, telling him “don’t let him take you from me… stay with me.” Peeta responds, “Always” and gradually again becomes the sweet baker boy.

In The Nutcracker, Clara distracts the Rat King so that the Nutcracker can land a fatal blow, breaking the spell and transforming the Nutcracker into the Prince of the Land of Sweets (sweets and decadent food in general are a common literary stand-in for sex and sensuality).

Other items I would expect to see in this sequence based on literary convention and narrative cohesion:

Allura arrives and heals Lotor, who is still under Honerva’s control. This is the place for our alchemist versus alchemist reprisal set up by Allura and Honerva’s initial meeting.

Some version of “You may be the Emperor, but I am your mother and you will do as I say” connects this episode thematically with lines said in Episode 2, “You may be the Prince but I am the Emperor and you will do as I say” and “You may be the High Priestess but I am the Prince and you will do as I say.” This leads to a “my love is stronger than your power” moment, connecting VLD thematically with DotU.

Given the strong Egyptian motif present, throughout the series, I would expect a strong allusion to the Isis and Osiris myth.

I would expect Lotor’s resurrection and “my love is stronger than your power” moment to culminate with a powerful iteration of his musical leitmotif we have frequently heard throughout the season.

Natal Sun - Moon Aspects

Sun Conjunct Moon

driven / decisive / straight-forward / habit-forming / emotionally impulsive / energetic / intuitive / focused / subjective / stubborn / one-dimensional

Sun Opposite Moon

indecisive / unfocused / objective / contradictory / analytical / insecure / temperamental / complex / unique / overbearing / diplomatic / sensitive

Sun Square Moon

habit-forming / resilient / motivated / unconfident / insecure / emotionally detached / conflicted / self-destructive / driven / isolated

Sun Trine/Sextile Moon

harmonious / confident / easygoing / peaceful / relaxed / intuitive / submissive / self-assured / attractive / independent / stable / optimistic / apathetic

Researcher Pinpoints Brain Circuit That Triggers Fear Relapse

Steve Maren, the Claude H. Everett Jr. ’47 Chair of Liberal Arts professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Texas A&M University, and his Emotion and Memory Systems Laboratory (EMSL) have made a breakthrough discovery in the process of fear relapse.

A paper on their findings, called “Hippocampus-driven feed-forward inhibition of the prefrontal cortex mediates relapse of extinguished fear,” will be published in the February issue of Nature Neuroscience, a scholarly scientific journal that focuses on original research papers on brain science.

Maren said this discovery could prove helpful for clinicians treating disorders like PTSD.

“Patients often undergo exposure therapy to reduce their fear of situations and stimuli associated with trauma,” Maren said. “Although exposure therapy is often effective, pathological fear and anxiety are known to return or ‘relapse’ under a number of circumstances. This often occurs, for example, when trauma-related stimuli, which have come to be tolerated during therapy, are unexpectedly experienced outside of the clinical context. Relapse of fear after therapy has been estimated to occur in upwards of two-thirds of patients undergoing exposure therapy.”

In their research, Maren and his team studied the relationship between three parts of the brain: the hippocampus, which is involved in memory; the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in executive control and regulation; and the amygdala, which is involved in emotion. While the neurocircuit between the three have long been known to process fear, this study has been able to pinpoint connections between the hippocampus and a specific type of cell in the prefrontal cortex that is involved in a relapse of fear.

Travis Goode, a graduate student and member of the research team, said, “This has wide-spread implications for treating fear disorders in the future, as we now know what part of the brain to target.”

Often you find soccer is just a representation of your life and I think I have a little bit of a different pace from a lot of the girls here. A lot of the team here is really, really competitive, really fast-paced. When we walk, we walk so fast. People are driven, always looking forward. The speed of life that top American athletes have is boom-boom-boom, and I’m a lot slower. I look before I cross, you know?
—  Christen Press

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pls tell me you watched the marvelous mrs maisel

I DID, and I loved every second of it. I wish Amy Sherman Palladino hadn’t wasted time with Gilmore Girls—no offense to anyone who loves Gilmore Girls, but it largely passed me by—because TMMM is so sharp and sarcastic and humanizing and I love every single second of it. I’ve never watched a period piece that was simultaneously a comedy as much as a dramatic emotional thoughtpiece. I’m so glad.

And it was so bright! All the colors were so vivid

It was very endearing, that exact right mix between overriding message and the actual character-driven, specific drama. I love that shit, I’ve loved specific characters’ neuroses driving drama forward since I read Pygmalion and realized that was something you could do, have the drama driven forward by the specific identities of the characters and how they bounced off the world. I love it, as really efficacious character work and plot-driving, and I just…..yeah.

Also, I would follow Alexis Borstein into war, so uh. This was a real good series for me to get into, personally.

Long Way Home: Chapter Twenty-One

Neighbour AU/Mechanic AU

Pairings: Reader x Dean, Platonic Sam x Reader, Jessica x Sam, Father!Bobby x Daughter!Reader,

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Mention of Past Assault. 

Word Count: 4,834

Summary: The Reader moves back to Sioux Falls after college to take care of the home front while Bobby travels for the summer. She is hoping for a quiet place to avoid her past and figure out her broken future. Instead, she finds new complications when she falls for her neighbour.

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I disagree with Friedman’s conclusions about medieval Iceland as having an effective and stable system of law. I did two research papers on the saga in University, from a legal and literary perspective, and it is worth noting:

1) the Icelandic sagas were written well after (centuries) the period they described; they are primarily literary artifacts, not accurate histories. In some cases they’re very inaccurate–though presumably based on some form of oral tradition. Given the nature of Icelandic society throughout history, this tradition is probably roughly equivalent to the family lore that gets passed around and vaguely alluded to by your ancient aunts and uncles, not a carefully curated Official Record. Among the things Njals Saga gets wrong, for instance, is the timing and reason for Iceland’s conversion to Christianity. The change is made for literary reasons, because it fits the story the author is trying to tell better.

2) the other main institution of the Icelandic Commonwealth, as the period is sometimes known, was the blood feud. This is Scott’s outlaw Cascade, and it was just as bad if not worse as he describes it; it is also the heart of Njals saga, in which a blood feud destroys some of the wisest and best people on the island and drives the others into exile and results in two of the most heinous crimes possible under Icelandic law, burning a man to death in his home, and a pitched battle breaking out at the Althing (where weapons are forbidden). The sense we get from the saga is the futility of law at stopping these things; even though part of the saga is about legal drama (“with law shall our land prosper; with lawlessness perish”) it’s also a saga about violence, which brings me to point 3:

3) the Icelandic Commonwealth ended because the system was unstable. Transferrability of everything to legal cases to godords meant that power gradually became concentrated in the hands of a few strong, rich men; by snorri sturlusons era, competing factions were at constant low level war with each other, and we’re strong enough to ignore penalties like outlawry. Icelandic society was on the verge of collapse, lacking central enforcement mechanisms, and the only solution the Althing could devise was to invite the king of Norway to come rule them and impose his laws; Iceland became a dependency of foreign powers until the 20th century as a result.

4) the sgaa itself is a litany of failures of both law and the abilities of good men to prevent the breakdown of ordered society. Gunnar, Njal, and Flosi all fail to stem the bloodshed (not that Flosi really tries), everyone in the saga is driven forward relentlessly by social obligations like vengeance or the support of kin that they cannot escape, and the moments of climax like the burning are both terrible and seemingly inevitable. This is not a society that is a good model for anything! It’s romantic, sure, but it’s deeply dysfunctional–and keep in mind one thing that suffuses this tale is *nostalgia* for the old order, since Iceland at the time it was written was *even worse*. But it is a romantic depiction, I’ll give it that, especially if you are a male landholder. (A woman, thrall, or hired man… not so much)

(NB these are mostly not my own conclusions, but the standard view of historians and other scholars who I read while researching the saga.)

I should see if I still have copies of my old papers on the saga. It’s a great read. Skarphedin cleaves a guy’s head in half so hard his teeth scatter on the ice, and there’s ghosts and magic and Vikings, and a lawyer who runs a guy through with a spear.

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I just wanted to vent anonymously for a sec - I was convinced by my girlfriend to watch Voltron and I finished it last night, and I don't understand how it developed this culture of antis at all? There's almost no shippy stuff in Voltron at all. I especially don't understand why I've seen so many people say that kl*nce is a canon m/m couple; they're barely even friends??? How did people convince themselves that they're dating at the end of S3?

the kl@nce fandom has been queerbaiting tumblr into watching vld for the promise of canon gay for over a year now :V it’s incredibly popular and thus widespread, and I’m sure you know how fans talk to each other about their OTPs. I doubt that many kl@nce fans really believe the ship is (currently) canon, but there’s more than a few that really depend on it being VLD endgame.

Reality check: 

  • so far VLD has proven to be pretty close to a true ensemble show and it’s definitely not very shippy in canon. 
  • the relationship dynamic between all the Team Voltron members seems to be Found Family.
  • the target audiences are preteens and adults with nostalgia for the original Voltron (Defenders of the Universe). 
  • Shiro couldn’t be gone for more than a few episodes because he’s gotta sell toys and by all accounts Dreamworks gets huffy every time an episode passes without a giant robot fight. 
  • It’s going to be all plot, plot, plot from beginning to end, with maybe a (straight) romance or two on the side.*

If there’s been a relationship that’s driven the plot forward more than any other so far, it’s been between Keith and Shiro - Shiro being unwillingly tangled up in the plots of the Galra and Shiro trying to help Keith grow as a leader, and Keith’s strong loyalty to Shiro for Shiro’s past kindness and his struggle with his own growth as a person. but other important, plot-driving relationships have been the one between Allura and her father, Pidge and her brother (and Shiro), and Hunk’s fast friendship with Shay.

Poor Lance and Coran! So far they’ve just been ‘along for the ride’, so to speak, with their personal stakes in the state of the Universe being their affection for the rest of Team Voltron. I think Lance will do some plot driving soon, though. (Coran, I’m afraid, is trapped in the Comic Relief Zone.)

But part of what makes Lance so great is that he’s an everyman. He’s relateable. He’s insecure about himself, competitive, likes to show off, friendly and open, and deeply homesick. I get why he’s so wildly popular and why people exaggerate his angst and minimize his flaws. It’s easy to see yourself in Lance. I know I do. and favorite characters inevitably get shipped the most, and honestly: kl@nce is seen as a rivalship, and rivalships are incredibly, unbelievably popular as a trope. of course Lance gets shipped with Keith constantly.

IMO: kl@nce isn’t actually a rivalship. Lance considers Keith his rival, but Keith shows no particular recognition of Lance that way. Lance frequently provokes Keith in S1 & S2 and Keith reacts when sufficiently irked, rarely ‘starting it’ himself and being civil - friendly, even - when Lance isn’t sniping at him. Lance wants everything Keith seems to (effortlessly!) have, but Keith bears Lance no returning ill will except insomuch as Lance keeps attacking him for what Keith perceives to be no reason. But they do butt heads when Keith gets pissed and have opposing personalities and I know that’s enough for many people. 

Now I don’t ship it: rivalships aren’t my thing, and rivalships-that-aren’t-actually-rivalships are even less my thing. I’m sure a kl@nce fan could better tell you why they think kl@nce is a likely endgame. But I can see how people who love the pairing would get a lot of hope from the immediate softening that happened in season 3. Lance did a lot of off-screen growing, it seems: he’s able to put aside his jealousy of Keith to support him post-Shiro’s disappearance, and his decision to respect the Black Lion’s choice and accept that Keith will be leading the team from now on does away almost any reason they had to be antagonistic. Keith responds by warming up to Lance very quickly, and Lance is able to relax into doing what he does even better than before.

But there’s certainly fans who take that fast improvement a lot further than I think canon does.

(I’ll reassess when the main tension in Team Voltron isn’t between Keith and Shiro trying to negotiate their changing relationship dynamic as Keith rotates to leadership and Shiro wrestles his PTSD and injured self-worth.)

*I know the creative team mentioned wanting to have queer representation on the show but I will be quite shocked if it’s she1th or kl@nce. The show is rated TVY7 & the relationship focus is on found family, not romance; conservative parents are very sensitive to their kids being exposed to LGBT content ‘too early’; this isn’t the same directors as LoK, and both DW and Netflix aren’t especially ready to stick their necks out for queer rep. I’m betting on some side characters getting a nod or Coran alluding to a boyfriend back in the day or something.

Vanya’s Ghost (RusAme Halloween fic)

Happy…Fictober, everyone! In honor of the RusAme autumn event started on the RusAme discord, and based on the prompts posted by @spookyzelos, have a oneshot!

Synopsis: Ever since moving to America, life for Ivan Braginsky became a relentless cycle of monotony and isolation. Always desiring friendship, Ivan’s days are long and hard as his classmates constantly regard him as an outsider. Nothing ever seems ready to go his way. All that changes, however, when Ivan takes a tumble down a well and happens across the skeleton of another unfortunate soul who did not survive the fall…except the skeleton’s ghost still lingers. Alfred’s entire existence has been limited to the small space where he died decades ago. In a twist of fate, this ghost named Alfred breaths new life into Ivan’s world, and Ivan helps Alfred live again.

Inspired and influenced by the graphic novel Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol.

Full story below the cut and also on FF and Ao3!

Vanya’s Ghost

Ivan could gauge how good a day it would be by how long his hair stayed clean. A good day was heralded by a lack of spitballs flying back and forth through the air, inevitably hitting him whether he was the original target or not. Ivan voiced ignored complaints about his classmates’ poor aim as much as the juvenile act itself.

“I thought this childish stuff stopped after middle school,” Ivan would sigh softly, large form hunched over his desk. Some teachers would send the perpetrators a look that could freeze molten lava, and the antics would stop. Others were so oblivious Ivan wondered how they had earned their teaching degree. In the case of either category, the unruly students were always careful to hide their spitball tubes in the thin cubby beneath their desks usually reserved for spare pencils. Those little tubes were their instruments of chaos, and could not risk confiscation.

Bad hair meant a bad day, both because of the need to detour to the bathroom to clean up, and because the concept of approaching Francis Bonnefoy with such a blatant flaw was borderline heresy. Ivan’s graceful classmate with the lilting accent and regal features looked as if he had never existed for an instant with a single hair out of place. It was one of the many facts Ivan had noticed about him when English Composition failed to hold his attention…which had been often, lately.

Life did not have to be driven forward by companionship, but it was nice to have something to look forward to each day getting ready for classes.

Ivan did not mind classes by themselves. But his large figure- both height and width- made it necessary for him to sit near the back, so as not to obstruct anyone else’s view. This grouped him in with the students who made no effort to conceal their disinterest in lessons, leaning across the aisles to speak in carrying whispers to one another. Finding it impossible to concentrate, Ivan had opted for listening to his peers instead, often glancing their way, hoping that by holding his gaze, he might be included in their conversations.

They never turned fully to speak to him, never fully addressed him, but Ivan did not stop trying. If he stopped, abandoned his attempts at inclusion, then being drawn into the group gossip would be impossible.

It was a tenuous balance to maintain, trying to stick his foot into the doorway of having a large friend group and taking in the lessons. And judging by the red letter scrawled on the paper before him, he was very nearly failing at maintaining that balance.


Ivan sighed, broad shoulders rising and falling, leaning over to slip his test into his bag, dodging a projectile in the process.

Bad days could occur even without wads of damp paper stuck in his hair.


Some of the clouds parted in the draining monotony that was high school life every time Francis walked by. In those instances, it was almost easy to forget just how unengaging it was to be at this school. In those instances, it was worth coming here.

“Ivan, you’re staring,” Yao informed him. Sitting across from Ivan in the cafeteria, Yao’s back was to Francis, but the young man did not need to turn to know exactly what had caught Ivan’s attention.


“And it reached uncomfortable levels,” Yao said with finality, shifting so he obstructed Ivan’s view. Ivan blinked, frowning sadly. With a sigh, he returned to his boxed lunch, carefully unloading the contents onto the table and unwrapping the small parcels. Aaahhh. At least lunch granted a reprieve, always ushered in with tasty, albeit cold and damp, pelmeni. The little meat dumplings were consistently well-received, even if they were something of a novelty in the cafeteria’s sea of school-bought food. Even indulging in his food, Ivan did not miss the look of relief Yao wore when he saw his friend temporarily distracted from memorizing every detail about Francis- again.

It was unfortunate lunch could not last forever, because after washing down his pelmeni with potato and cheese pirozhki, Ivan found himself in something of a good mood. Without fail, however, at least one teacher knew the secret to souring his improved mindset.

Ivan thought that after some time, these people who were responsible for their education and shaping them into the adults they would become might learn to pronounce students’ names right. No such luck, and unfortunately some (his English Composition teacher) insisted on roll call every day.

The very first day of class, Ivan had watched, stomach churning, as his teacher reached his name in the roster, watched his eyes narrow, lips moving soundlessly. “Eye-van…Brah…braw…jinsky?” Even without knowing the correct pronunciation themselves, his classmates had tittered with laughter and Ivan, at the time very new to the school, had felt his cheeks warm as he fought the urge not to sink under his desk.

“N-no, almost,” he had said falteringly. “Ee-vahn Braginsky,” he said slowly, helpfully.

The teacher had tried. And failed. And from that day forth, he was Ivan Brown. As soon as Yao learned of the story, he had taken to occasionally calling him Vanya Brown, deftly waving away Ivan’s scowl each time.

His Polish classmate faired hardly any better. As annoying as Feliks was, Ivan rolled his eyes every time that same teacher grimaced when he reached Feliks’s name. He got the first name down…close enough, but the first time he attempted Felik’s last name, he came out as a slow, lumbering, “Look-as-eye-vich.” When corrected on how to pronounce the first letter (and the rest of it), Feliks was granted the surname “Wukavich.” And so it was.

This class had provided Ivan an excellent opportunity to master the art of making his bulky frame as small as possible in his seat, the better to be glanced over by his peers as, each day, heads swiveled to see the reaction of the new foreign kid every time his name was bungled. Sometimes he did choose this route- to attempt invisibility- and others he simply met them all with a smile that made his eyes resemble frozen chips of ice. The latter method worked well for getting people to look away; they did not anticipate eye contact when they looked to see his reaction. But some days he simply did not want to see their smug faces, their snide looks, their undeserved confidence. It was easy when you lived in a place all your life, had a name that rolled off the tongues of your peers with ease. It was easy when you did not have to leave everything you knew behind in an apartment across the world.

Today, Ivan tried the new approach of sitting tall in his desk, eyes focused on the teacher as something that was supposed to be his name was called. And all through it, he thought of Francis’ easy grace, kept his mind focused on how easily he navigated the world. It worked well enough, letting Ivan march beyond the ogling of his peers at the time, but when the moment passed he was left once again reminded of what an outsider he was. At least, he reminded himself, he and Yao could be outsiders together. But even Yao had the advantage of being here so long he belonged- even on the outskirts. No one quite knew how to deal with Yao, but it still only took two syllables to say his full name.

For that, Ivan was grateful to have Yao in his corner of purgatory. And perhaps the monotony of English Composition made it all the more relieving to meet up with Yao in the hallway after the bell rang.

“Are you coming over?” Yao asked as they headed to their next class.

Ivan shook his head. “Iryna is bringing Natalya to recital. And I need to think of how to explain…this.” The weight of his failed exam burned into Ivan’s fingers as he clasped the paper.

Yao nodded sympathetically. If there was one thing they could agree on, it was the fallacy of English grammar rules.

Together, through verbal abuses against the English language, Ivan and Yao trudged through the rest of the day, exchanging a final departing wave as they headed in opposite directions.

Ivan usually liked the walk home from school; it offered him time to unwind, to enjoy the sounds of nature replacing the incessant babble of his peers and grating remarks of his teachers. The air was clean, the scenery vibrant, and most importantly of all no eyes peered at him as if he were some specimen under a microscope. It was a nice reprieve, but today it was tainted with remorse over his grade. He did not slack- and certainly did not enjoy such poor marks- but…sometimes the feeling of almost-isolation drained him too much for his studies to demand anything more from him. Ivan dreaded the looks of disappointment his family was likely to wear, the grimaces and sighs, the shaking heads and stern lectures. As the sun dipped below the trees, so too did Ivan’s stomach as he recalled how back in Russia- back home he had been almost at the top of his class.

Shades gauged lines across the sidewalk buttressed on one side by trees that had long since shed their emerald coats. Ivan sighed, cool breath ghosting passed his lips and glanced up-

Just in time to see, far down the street, Francis and a gaggle of friends and admirers, chattering away.

Ivan’s legs moved of their own accord, feet hammering off the sidewalk and bringing him amongst the trees. Heart fluttering, he craned his neck as he walked on, the sight of Francis and his friends flashing in and out of focus between trunks. Wrenching his gaze away, Ivan walked on, skin tingling from more than the chilly air. Shoulders hunched, his stomach sank further still as, like a coward, he clambered among the trees and their elongated shadows, taking an uncomfortable but emotionally safe detour.

Great. Now he was failing his class and probably had tics on him. Ivan dragged his gaze up ahead of him, grimacing. Well, maybe it was cold enough most of the tics were-

Ivan took a step.

His foot met with empty space.

And through that empty space his body tipped, the world spinning out from under him, he off and away from it. His breath caught in his throat as Ivan crashed bodily down a hole, bumping and banging and finally landing in a heap over twenty feet below.

Everything hurt. The moan that came from his mouth, twisted in a grimace, reflected only a quarter of the jarring ache he felt as Ivan hesitantly moved his limbs. Nothing felt broken. But maybe he was too shocked to notice.

With a whimper he would deny ever making, Ivan slowly raised himself, turned himself onto his side, gasping. Through his watering eyes, Ivan saw that the area he had fallen into was round, lined with worn stones. A well. Fantastic. Now he was failing his class, had tics, and probably had a brain-eating bacterium. Maybe he would not have to attend anymore English Composition classes.

Ivan turned fully over onto his back. His eyes doubled in size.

He was not the first person to fall down this well.

Lying in a huddled heap not two feet from his outstretched legs was a skeleton, not a trace of flesh remaining on the pallid remains. Some remnants of clothes could be faintly seen, and Ivan was able to make out the dull glint of broken glasses lying by the skeleton’s head. Ivan’s lips pressed into a fine line as he saw his backpack hand landed right beside it. He did not mind sights of the macabre nature, but that did not mean he welcomed his possessions being strewn about human remains.

“I am sorry you came across this well too,” he murmured, carefully retrieving his backpack.

“I’m sorry I didn’t land as well as you did.”

Mere minutes after falling through the air, Ivan now felt himself fly out of his skin as a voice chimed in, loud and clear, in his small hole in the world. Head snapping round, he searched on the ground for another person, another unfortunate soul who had made the mistake of walking through the woods.

Ivan had not expected to see an actual…an actual…soul.

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MapleStory - Okami AU

What else could one expect of me, really. But I’ve actually had this little idea stewing around in my head for years now, but never got past some (hella old and subpar) sketches to actually draw it out. But I’ve been in an art slump for a while now and decided, ‘to heck with this. I’m drawing indulgent ideas and no one can stop me.’

And boy was it therapeutic. And fun! And my anger that this huge ass file won’t display properly is boundless.

Full size solo pics under cut, plus my ramblings

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Bruce L. Reed (American b. 1977) My gwamma told me.

30 x 40 Oil on Canvas

See, in the bottom left, there’s this Grandmother; and she loves to tell the little girl bedtime stories. This is the story, as it was told by “gwamma” (don’t little kids say some cute shit?).

The primal ancestors sought knowledge and food. What could they eat? What would eat them? Through reproductive trials and trials, their collective understanding slowly grew, eon by eon.

Where can we find them? Where can we hide? The primal people had many questions. They intended to answer every question possible. Who would win in a race between the chicken and the egg?

When all the questions had been asked, all of the answers were provided to the elephant, for everyone knows an elephant won’t forget. With the aid of the elephant, our collective knowledge grew faster. No longer did we gain understanding eon by eon but rather day by day.

After getting married and settling down for a while, we looked up from the ground beneath our feet. We looked up from our feet and into the eyes of our lovers and still further above. Not stoping at the trees, not even stopping for the birds, we looked past our own clouds and into the twinkling ether.

We traveled from moon to moon searching for a key. How can we ever ask more questions if our collective body of knowledge only grows by day?

There are so many seconds in a single day. We shouldn’t waste a single fraction of a single second. The press forward is driven by our limbic system. Meanwhile, our cortex works symbiotically to please the limbic. This all takes time, time we cannot waste. There has to be a faster way.

Our bodies are limited in scope. We can learn all that we can in our own system, but asking questions about ideas outside of our scope will require, a tertiary elephant. Today we ask the Internet, but what questions can we ask in 100 years? What is the limit of our understanding? These limits, in our current form, we cannot know.