Before bed musings

I found myself…rather bored today, and it’s something I think I stumbled upon because of the stories I did for my @sinquest spotlight week.

So over the course of the week, I did three stories, and I just, on a whim, tallied up the word counts and discovered I did around 10000 words in a week. And I admit, that might not be much for some, and to others it might be crazy, I dunno. I just spent a good chunk of free time just…pushing. Pushing forward, writing that -one- last sentence before bed.

I had -drive- again.

So I’ve noticed this entire week that this…drive changed my desires on how to spend my free time. Sure, I still spent plenty of time fucking around on the internet, but I always hit that moment of being “out of stuff” to do, where I turn to other pursuits. These are most often video games for me.

However, I had things to write and complete, so I did those instead.

Now they’re completed. I feel really proud of that.

But that feeling is still there. I’m forgoing stuff like video games and just not feeling up to playing them, while at the same time not having anything in particular to write. Heh, I actually told myself that my time after work today and tomorrow would be a “relax” day where I just kinda chilled out and did other stuff. But I didn’t. I played Heroes of the Storm with my friends @lizsama and @thatdarnwolf-blog, which was fun, but we all kinda didn’t feel the MOBA playstyle and were only doing it for an Overwatch skin. One that I probably won’t even use, but eh.

So I turned inward a bit, and figured I should really get cracking on more writing. No lamenting about being lazy, no fucking around and being like “I dunno.” Just get that shit done, fuck it!

So as of now I have some stuff I want to work on.

–CORE. I let this one fall off really bad, but it was also a semi-vent body of work for darker emotions and such. I want to get back into this one, both because I liked some of my ideas for it, and also because I want to touch back to Undertale for a bit.

–Untitled Asgore/Ken NSFW story. Heh…self-indulgent to be sure, but I also put this one on the back-burner for a bit to work on the spotlight stories. Plus I want to explore Asgore’s character in a few ways, not merely sexual either. I really feel like he doesn’t get much of a fair shake in Undertale. I learned all these things about Toriel, but so many things about Asgore are just left nebulous or are assumed, y’know? Granted, his character’s story is told phenomenally well through his actions in the game, I just feel like I want more, even if I have to make it myself.

–Cyberpunk. …because reasons. Good, neon-illuminated reasons.

–Soul and Sand, Part III. I did two parts for a build up, and a steamy interlude in the desert sands of Chazin, but it’s time we got down to the task of tackling that monster in the tomb of Nerid Chazin the 14th. …maybe a couple of allies will join up to assist? Hmmmm?! (Probably, I really like Shir and Nakhti.)

–More Sinquest lizard-man stuff in general. I…want to do some big stuff with this, even if all I do is outline for now.

–A few other miscellaneous things in my notes. One-shots and the like. A couple Overwatch ideas among them.

And yeah, I’m sure I’ll have that one or two bad days at work that’ll completely wipe me out, probably coupled with a bout of insomnia.

But other than that, here’s hoping Lizard Dad can stay productive.

To end this post out, here’s the song that’s been playing on repeat while I write this. It’s actually been on for like…an hour? I dunno, I really like it. Surprise, it’s Trent Reznor!