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But what would it look like if King was regular size and YOU were the gremlin????

watch me drink all the alcohol in his apartment. Probs gonna run around if i want to

Danish drinking

We Danes are often told we are heavy drinkers – and we really are. This might be because of how we look at alcohol and our laws about it.

At 16 years old, we Danes are able to buy our first alcoholic drinks, which contains a certain amount of alcohol. When we turn 18 years of age, we are able to buy all alcohol, no matter the amount of alcohol in it.

However, as you might have guessed, we Danes are introduced to alcohol at an early age. The laws in Denmark do not state that you are not allowed to drink when you are under 16/18 years of age. This means that you can drink alcohol wherever you want to, even if you cannot buy it. Therefore, we do not have a legal drinking age, but a legal buying age. (Although you still have to be 18 to go to bars and such).

Different alcoholic beverages/drinks:

- Øl = beer

- Mjød = mead

- Vin = wine

- Isbjørn = polar bear

- Filur = sly dog

- Kinderæg = kinder egg

- Små kolde = tiny cold

(I tried using some typical Danish ones and ones with Danish names).

So, how do you order a drink?

Jeg vil gerne have en… = I would like a…

Kan jeg bestille en… = Can I order a…

Har I… = Do you have…

A very short one, but I wanted to make you aware of this if you ever decide to visit Denmark – or if you would just like some simple Danish culture knowledge. :)

What Every Woman Shall Now [USSR, 1925]

Pic. 1: Neither drink alcohol, nor lift heavy things, wash yourself frequently, and change your underwear. During pregnancy, see a doctor several times.

Pic. 2: Edemas during pregnancy are a disease. See a doctor! Down with “grannies”!

Pic. 3: Childbirth with “granny” are often over with either a harsh illness or a death of both mother and child.

Pic. 4: Knowledge and cleanness are the guarantees of a good health. Midwife was taught and she knows well how to take care of mother and child. Call in a midwife.


At some point in our history, we supposedly did. Technically it’s no longer in Hungary, but in Romania so I wanna say it was the Corvin Castle? For awhile, I thought it was the Vajdahund castle in Budapest, since our Maiden name is Vajda(pronounced Vey-Duh), but it was built in the late 1800s and the Corvin Castle inspired some of its architecture. But my Gramps stole like an alcoholic drink shaker-looking thing with some mini wine-looking glasses from the castle none-the-less. I’ll see if there’s anymore info I can get out of my mom cause that conversation happened as she was leaving for work the other day.


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the signs as (fucking) new year’s resolutions

aries: go to the gym n get fuckin’ ripped also do yoga to calm the nerves a bit, yeah?

taurus: stop drinking, you fucking alcoholic take your little drunk ass to rehab, and no don’t you dare drive, take a nice long walk

gemini: be a “better” person smh and stop destroying your own relationships, ya fuckin’ mess on legs

cancer: pay your fucking rent – YES, on time, and quit crying over people that don’t matter oh my god

leo: don’t be such a bitch like seriously quit stomping all over everybody just because your mental penis is a fucking chode

virgo: save more money, and um???? shut thefuckup??? about literally everything?? eat a god damn slim jim i don’t care if it’s not vegan

libra: stop cheating on your fucking boyfriend and maybe…. don’t…? catch an STD? this year?

scorpio: straighten up your emo little spine and stop blaming the world for your problems, also take a goddamn shower

sagittarius: travel the world and get the fuck away from literally everybody, and maybe eat a fuckin’ ice cream cone while you’re at it

capricorn: get some more friends and stop fucking complaining about every. little. thing. for fuck’s sake

aquarius: literally — you just calm the fuck down.

pisces: stop fuckin’ crying over these fuckboys they don’t care about your heart also learn a new recipe and do your goddamn homework