I hope Aligned isn't going to stop with:

1) Optimus (and also it sounds like Ratchet too?) not being liked or welcome back on Cybertron. Like I get Ratchet cuz he might have been grouchy to the wrong people at the wrong time, but Optimus is literally Jesus Christ, so….

2) Megatron being M.I.A. like some deadbeat warlord who “discovered true oppression” WAAAAAAYYY over somewhere else.

2.a) *whispers* Does Megs know OP is alive? Have they met up yet to talk about old man stuff? Have they kissed?

3) Soundwave trapped… then untrapped… and then trapped AGAIN in the Shadow Zone. Is he dead? Is he playing children’s card games? I just want real closure.

4) Starscream is like?? Just in a coma?? Alright. Whatever. I’m sure that’s a more peaceful existence than a Cybertron that probably hates him while his abuser is just running around free and with out consequences.

5) Miko? Raf? Lizard-eyed Darby boy? Nurse Darby? Nick Fury sans eye-patch? Who cares I guess. (It’s me. I care.)

6) Guess everyone in team Bee is cool with Earth now. K. Kinda wanna know if Strongarm ever goes back to actually complete academy training. What about Sideswipe or Grimlock? Does Drift and and Co. ever just go– “Meh, okay, we’ve seen enough. Time to take our skills elsewhere and go back to bounty hunting.”

6.a) Also… isn’t Bee still technically a fugitive or wanted on Cybertron or something? (Gimme Lockdown hunting old Team Prime hahah)

7) And…. I haven’t seen the end if Rescue Bots yet, but if they end up staying on Earth in their finale… uh yeah what’s going on with them? Do they ever go back? (Also send Starscream there for community service or something haha)

7.a) But if they went back to Cybertron in the end, what do they think of this new Cybertron? Do they ever go back to Earth?

8) How is the rest of Team Prime adapting? How about the other remaining Autobots? Or the remaining Decepticons? The Neutrals?


10) What’s the political climate like? Clearly OP and Jazz were not too impressed with the current Council…



92/100 days of productivity

Volunteered this morning then went out for a nice lunch with my friend at Freshii. I finally got my colourpop order (between the sheets & drift) and I love them so friggen much 💯
Currently at the library writing out my health psyc notes 📝