Audra got a secondhand drafting table a while ago, and you can see some Chiara stuffs going on there. You can also see where Nymbus sleeps, as evidenced in the closeup, when he was creepily staring at me while I worked on the script. 

I wish the script and notes looked as cool as Audra’s art, then you could see all the hard work we’ve been doing, building out the world and characters and such.  I completed the initial script, then reviewed it with Audra, then did a second pass, which I also reviewed with Audra. So it’s definitely coming along. I’m hoping to have the final script approved this week!

We’re wanting to set up a Patreon for the Nenverse, which will include the Chiara comic and the upcoming Nen webcomic. We’ve got some ideas for the tiers, but do any of you have any suggestions? Keep in mind that both of us have full-time jobs (well, I’m currently between jobs right now, which is why I can invest so much time into this until I get started at the new job), and that Audra already works every bloody waking hour, no matter how many times I try to…ahem, anyway, so it’s important to keep in mind that, until the Patreon starts to bring in a certain amount of income, we can’t really devote much time to it.

Last, but not least, can someone please invent a time freeze ray? We’d really like to have enough time to perform the duties that are necessary for living AND make awesomely wicked stuffs! AH! That reminds me of Dr. Horrible! Man…that show was amazing… I’m tired. Goodnight.

Bad Horse Chorus
Bad Horse Chorus

Lyrics provided by YouTube’s Automatic Captions: 

[Bad Horse, Bad Horse

Bad Horse, Bad Horse]

He lives across the nation

[The thoroughbred of sin]

Eke out the application that you just said

If there’s a valuations olympic games begin

Heinous crime a show for something that would be nice of course battle

[Bad Horse, Bad Horse

Bad Horse, He’s bad!]

Beleaguered eagle is watching so good

Degeneracy will be a last resort if

So many about what’s good for the mechanism

Saddled up as a reporter also looks like that for us

[Signed Bad Horse]