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i!! hope!! i!! did!! u!! good!!



Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo

Thanatos Night Story & Character Bios


Swooping down to the sleepless skyscrapers, a feast (gig) by the disoriented fallen angels takes place.

The ones you face now are fallen angels who’ve swept down to the skyscrapers.

“In a town where an Angel swept down to,” you (who has moved in) unexpectedly meets this “Angel” by chance.

Your curiosity about death leads to them gaining interest in encountering you. And thus, it’s decided that you’ll listen to their song… …

The feast (gig) of the disoriented fallen angels―――

Izaya (CV: Hatano Wataru) [One-Winged Fallen Angel]

“If you want to die, go ahead. But if you do, will you obey the orders I give you?”

Height: 177cm

Weight: 55kg

What He Likes: Melon

What He Hates: Cookies made by Liam

CD Release Date: November 23rd, 2016

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There are no evil spirits, there is light and dark in them all.

About a year ago, I tried referencing a cap from “The Southern Lights” episode and came up with this. Since then, I’ve always had an urge to try it again - so last night I decided to do just that as a bit of a cool-down from all the drawing studies I’ve done this week. It took some time, but it was very fun to do! (and the results weren’t too shabby!) :P 

ETA: I’ve had a few people contact me today asking if this was available as a print, so I’ve set up one over at society6!

seasons greetings from the trash compactor <3

i don’t have my tablet with me so have my attempt at actually drawing on paper ft. Hux being a sourpuss and Kylo being smirky as usual

now where did that pesky mistletoe come from i wonder ;))))

Enjoy your holidays guys!!!! Here’s to a great 2017~~ May our days to come be as bright as the explosions from all the planets that hux blew up ;D

~ I wish you happiness, good health, and success! May this year be a new start for those who lived through hard times in 2016. May this year make the world better. You are awesome, all of you, and you deserve it. ~

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There’s no canon reason except they look hot. Is all.