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Life is stressful and sometimes you can’t find happiness; so here’s a tendy and his defendy appreciation post.


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Not a Good Time for Puns (Edward Nygma x Reader)

Request: Can you please do a gotham oneshot of the reader and Edward dating each other and doing things around GCPD please @niawoods


Word Count: 360

Warnings: Autopsy, mentions of blood, puns at the wrong time

“Okay Edward,” you said in a challenging tone. “You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, but the future can never taint me. What am I?” Edward scoffed. “History.”

“Dammit.” You cursed under your breath. He started laughing while you look at him in defeat. “Hey Y/N, we need you…and Nygma.” Doughtery said in disgust when he mentioned Edward. Since you and Edward started dating, your life turned upside down. The bed wasn’t cold anymore and Doughtery was pissed off because you used to date him but you found out that he was a dick so you left him.

Then Edward came along; you two were a match made in Heaven. You found someone that gets your horrible puns and jokes and someone who loves riddles.

You got up from your chair and Edward followed. He walked next to you. You and Edward followed Doughtery and he led you to Jim. “Hey guys, I need you to do an autopsy on a body we found a few blocks away from here. He has a bullet in his frontal lobe and another bullet in his…umm…business.” Edward and you smiled. Jim gave you a suspicious look and he shook his head. “Just go and slice him open.”


You got dressed in your protective suit. “I always believed my body was a prison for me. I was right, in biology I learnt they were made of cells.” Edward said as he opened the body. You began laughing. You both looked down at the man’s business and back at each other. 

“I am not touching his business.” You protested. 

“Okay,” Edward said as he started examining the man’s business. You weren’t surprised at Nygma. He wasn’t the type of person that needs to be shy about. “So you’re going to remove the bullet?”

He raised his head with the man’s dick in his hand. “Oh God!” You quickly turned around to block out the image. “He’s not going to miss it…he barely has anything. Hey Y/N, what do you get when you cross and owl and a rooster? A cock that stays up all night long.”

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Drew Doughty- Homecoming

Request:  Can you write a smut imagine on Drew Doughty where he comes back from a string of away games and Y/N surprises him with dinner and sexy lingerie under her wearing his jersey.

Author’s note: LOOK AT HIS FACE. He’s a cutie and I really enjoyed this one.

Warnings: Slightly sexy? Idk I already wrote smut today so I wasn’t in the mood for two?

Up next:  Kevin Bieksa

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Canadian Periodic Table of Elements.

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Embarrassing- Drew Doughty

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Ok so this season Matthew Tkachuk and Drew Doughty did NOT get along, so I ran with it when I got this prompt! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of hockey fight, a couple of bad words

Anon Request: Drew Doughty imagine where he gets beat the fuck up during a game and he avoids you when he gets home because he’s embarrassed. Thanks!


              Drew was unusually quiet when he came home.

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This week Amanda and Laura discuss: Geno slowly morphing into Sid, his pimped out segway, our new assistant coaches Gonch and Recci, the Espy’s, and Amanda gets ragey again (must be the heat) this time at Nashville’s anthem singer while still being ragey over McDavid’s contract. We also answer asks and give some of our podcast recommendations.  

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