Drew Doughty


2/27/14: Ways to get around in Sochi (NHL Revealed, ep 4; last photo source)

1) I have no idea why Bergeron disappeared between one frame and the next. Maybe he had an urgent bathroom emergency. Or maybe that was just the excuse he used.

2) I also have no idea where Jonathan Toews popped out from, but I really like the image of this guy driving along, picking up more and more members of Team Canada as he goes, like some huge hockey player Katamari.

Players spent the draft drinking out of plastic cups like college students, then couldn’t come to a consensus afterward on what was in them. Kessel said it was Coca-Cola, Jake Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers said Red Bull, and other players were even less believable.
—  “Just some water. I don’t know, water,” Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings said. “When you come from L.A. to Columbus, you struggle to stay hydrated just because of the long flights and whatnot, so we made sure to get a lot of water in us.”