Namjoon’s ideal type

Again, this is only what I think, and that doesn’t mean that it’s true xx

  • Philosophical af.
  • Short and adorable. 
  • A very casual way of dressing. But knows how to dress up to the max.
  • Always down for deep, 3 AM conversations.
  • Very supportive.
  • Open-minded, with a more western mindset.
  • Intelligent.
  • Will be his rock that he can lean on when needed.
  • Very optimistic.
  • Very down to earth.
  • Interested in science.
  • Independent, but won’t mind showing a ‘weaker’ side to him.
  • Enjoys art a lot.
  • Woke af.
  • Kind and helpful, but will not let others use them.
  • Good at cooking and cleaning and stuff, because god knows he isn’t.
  • Fascinated by other cultures, and wouldn’t mind traveling to new places.
  • Dorky, and very into pop culture.
  • Horrible jokes at all times.
  • A calming presence, that can help him relax after work.
  • Will look out for him, and make sure he takes care of himself.
  • Able to reassure him about their feelings whenever needed.

bless the emo/goth section on childrens’ dress up sites for making me hold a little dignity while playing dress up games at 3 am