the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Solid Knit Tank Dress

As the sun sets, the music and laughter gets louder and the party really kicks off.  Your skater dress was the perfect choice for this evening - the solid knit giving a fitted shape to your top, while the full skirt flaring out adds a girly touch.  Turn your back and you reveal chain detailing giving a cut-out effect across your shoulders.  A little crazy mixed with beautiful, you’re in for a great night.

@meme12345bunny it took me like ten mntues to find a usb port in my laptop to actual plug the graphics tablet in. turns out they were where they usually are when i plug a graphics tablet in. also i cant see my keyboard becase dark.

i hope u appeciate this child; i gave him a little sprat (sprout hat) and allthing

Ok so I don’t like those posts that argue all forms of male crossdressing (drag, cosplay, etc.) are inherently transmisogynistic, but I can’t lie, if I could live in a world like the mid 1800s where strictures on clothing were so fiercely observed that anyone wearing pants was assumed to have a dick and anyone in a skirt a vagina, that would be cool beans

Of course people are beginning to remember what nationalism is, so the little fascists had to switch to another term to try and dress up their ideas.  So then we come to the idea of national sovereignty.

A self proclaimed American conservative website

This is why Trump is winning.

Don’t ask for what site it is, we’ll surprise you on sunday’s podcast

Pokemon go idea

Dress up as a generic Pokemon npc. Sit in a populated area. Whenever someone makes eye contact with you throw your phone at them and scream about how much you love shorts. Trust me it’s a good idea I know from experience ;) if you do this the game will automatically give you a mew trust me ;))))))))

 Imagine the dream pack at a haunted house for Halloween.
 Jiang keeps his cool for the most part, though no one fails to notice the nervous little half-smirk on his lips: False bravado.
 Skov adores the feeling of an adrenaline high that, for once, is safe. It’s nice to be this strung-up without fearing for his life.
 Swan is only along because Skov promised him a ridiculous amount of dollar-store Halloween candy.
 Prokopenko is the most susceptible to jump scares, practically hiding behind K the entire time.
 K, though, loves the jump scares above all, laughing high and wild, echoing on the flimsy walls. He even dressed up, though his idea of dressing up is simply a cheap plastic crown. Though the others declined to dress up, he talked Proko into wearing a matching tiara.