I love that whoever she’s getting married to is cut out of the frame. It’s not really about a lasting legal bond to another person, it’s about wearing a big dress and eating a tall cake and having everyone congratulate you on reaching a milestone in your life. Much like someone else I could mention.

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You ready for the collaboration with Fate Kaleid and FGO?



oh lordy I just saw a post about how inofensive MP and the Holy Grail is, because there are no sexist/racist/etc jokes, which might technically be true but like

look I love Monty Python, but they were very very very sexist and aggressive to female comedians, they literally had one female co-comedian, renegaded to being ~sexy~ who was only ever hashed out to play sexy roles, quite literally, every other female character was played by the Pythons themselves AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN INCLUDE HER AS A PART OF THE GROUP SHE IS CALLED “THE SEVENTH PYTHON” BECAUSE THEY DID NOTHING TO IMPLY SHE WAS AN ACTUAL MEMBER OF THE TROUPE


i’ve been using my baymax phone case more often these days so i thought i’d feature it in a post! 💗 the annoying thing about it is that it kinda blocked the headphone jack, but i rarely listen to music on my phone anymore tbh. i’m going to be changing phones soon so i decided to get some use out of all my phone cases!! i also have 2 midterms next week…….. rip….. 😰

🌸 outfit 1: lace shirt + pink sweater + wide leg pants
❄️ outfit 2: lace shirt + bomber jacket (the store i bought the dress from shut down yesterday?!)