Today I was looking at my mermaid barbie again, and I feel like her head/body mismatch isn’t as bad in daylight, versus my usual nighttime photos. She’ll never really match anyone but her original body, since she’s so very pink, but in person the match is almost passable. (Also Frankenpony hangs out on my desk, so she got to mug for the camera too!) 

I redressed her since I wanted something to downplay the pink tone in her face, so I gave her this sparkly number from my Generation Girl Barbie, because I realized it reminded me of Ariel’s final dress in The Little Mermaid movie, right after she transforms into a human for the last time! The dress was a little baggy (the 90s body vs the slimmer MTM body), so I gave her Mouscedes’ belt to give it a little shape. And even though it’s nowhere close to matching the color scheme, I had to toss her hot-pink crown back on her head! Hey, if you got a royal title, flaunt it! 

daily reminder that gnc trans ppl exist and we arent just faking being trans !

a gnc trans boy who only likes to wear dresses and skirts and who does his makeup all the time is still a boy!

a gnc trans girl with short hair and who only wears masculine clothing and never presents feminine is still a girl!

being gender nonconforming is not a cis only experience and trans people who are gnc are still 100% trans and 100% wonderful

“Tale as old as time…”

My official redesign of the Beauty and the Beast 2017 ballgown. I tried to keep the general design of the new version while making it historically accurate. Think of her as a living golden rose.