tumblr: clothes don’t have gender!! A dress isn’t ‘women’s clothing’ and a suit isn’t ‘man’s clothing’ it’s just clothing!!

tumblr: holy hit is that man wearing a DRESS??

tumblr: transmisogynist!!!

loracaique asked:

would i be asking too much if i said i want to see all of them in 34? (In a dress matching their personality and style) haha If so, I'd like to see Zirill or Mordy the most~

How could i resist not doing all of them? Haha

Ahh this was so much fun to do, it sure took a while but was definitely worth it ~

Also, here’s a lil bonus with all of them lined up -


Outfits für einen Stadionbesuch



Hemd nicht zu knöpfen sonder offen lassen, man soll alle drei “Schichten” sehen



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