Summary: Nat does everything in her power to finally get you and Bucky together. 

Warnings: This is pretty much all smut: unprotected sex (please use protection), thigh riding, oral (m receiving), praise kink (kinda?). i think that’s it, let me know if you find anything else

Words: 3.4k

A/N: I finally wrote something! I have a few more pieces in the works now too. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much, but I am trying to work on that. Hope you enjoy. Send me requests here. 


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so my school had this thing called “senior skip day,” except that senior skip day didn’t exist and every year the administration sent out emails in the spring that were like DON’T FUCKIN SKIP CLASS OR YOU WILL RECEIVE RESTRICTION (restriction was like, my boarding school’s equivalent of detention where instead of staying after school you had to go to bed early and help stuff envelopes advertising the summer program until your hands were BLOODIED AND CRIPPLED BY CARPAL TUNNEL) and every year the seniors were like YOLO THEY CAN’T PUNISH ALL OF US!!!!!

  • spoiler alert: yes they can? THEY ALWAYS CAN.
  • 200 years of american high school and teenagers still think that there is a cap limit on kids in detention and that you can leave after 15 minutes if the teacher doesn’t show up.

anyway, my senior year, we all got together and nattered at each other until some brave soldier (i feel like it was my friend paula but WHO KNOWS) was like “OK SENIOR SKIP DAY IS THIS THURSDAY!!!! NOBODY GO TO CLASS OR UR A SCAB.”

  • she didn’t say scab because she’s not from the 1920s and we aren’t newsies, though this story would be way more interesting if we were
  • what she said was “YOLO THEY CAN’T PUNISH ALL OF US!!!!!”
  • except not yolo because it was 2009 and drake hadn’t been invented yet except as a dear sweet boy in a wheelchair.

we also used this email system to communicate with one another that has very deeply informed the way i understand email and which probably makes it very frustrating to be my friend and receive emails that have subject lines like “URGENT” and then just 42 links to the same florida georgia line youtube video.

  • I’M NOT ASHAMED, but in that way where like i kind of AM ashamed so i’m really aggressively NOT ashamed? 

so the day of reckoning rolls around and my alarm goes off at 8 (class started at 8:05 but i liked to PLAY WITH FIRE when it came to being late; my mom actually asked the school to stop emailing her when i was a sophomore because i was late so often that their rote “Mrs. Ofgeography we are emailing you to say—” was CLOGGING UP HER INBOX and she was like “i GET IT MY CHILD IS THE MOST BORING MISCREANT OF ALL TIME.”) and i looked at my roommate elle and she looked at me and went, “you going?”

“hell no,” i said. “YOLO. they can’t punish all of us.”

elle, who was far prettier and far cooler than i was with the notable exception of her obsession with tswift’s “love story” and her tendency to look at the endangered species list and cry sometimes during study hall, quickly bizounced across the street to this shopping center thing where all the cool kids smoked in secret where huge trucks dropped off clothes for the Dress Barn. i think there were also tennis courts nearby. more importantly there was this chinese food delivery place and a lil restaurant that made HELLA BAGELS.

  • HELLA.

off goes elle! meanwhile i’m like, “yessssss i’m gonna use senior skip day to watch 14 hours of tv shows and eat frozen peanut butter bars that i stole from the dining hall! I’M GONNA LIVE LIKE I’M 23 ALONE IN CHICAGO ON A WEEKEND WHEN MY ONLY PLAN IS TAKEOUT AND CUDDLING WITH THE FAUX-SNOW-LEOPARD BLANKET I WILL ONE DAY SURELY OWN.” 

of course, during this time the administration was continuing to send out emails that reminded us with increasing urgency that senior skip day was NOT A THING and that we were ALL GETTING RESTRICTION if we didn’t get our STUPID ASSES TO CLASS, GODDAMNIT, WE ARE NOT RUNNING A CIRCUS HERE. 

but i was like! yolo, motherfuckers!!! i already got into college, YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME.

at some point during the day elle and our friend ginna came back to the room with takeout from the chinese delivery place and we sat on our floor eating it and probably watching veronica mars or looking at the endangered species list and crying.

all of a sudden, elle said, “guys shut up, guys shut up, GUYS SHUT UP,” and ginna and i were like, “WHAT we have a LOT to SAY about FRIED FUCKING DUMPLINGS, ELLE,“ and elle said, "did you hear that?”

“hear what?”


‘that’ was the sound of one of our dorm moms, mrs. f, knocking on doors and saying things like, “IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR BUTTS TO CLASS IN 5 MINUTES YOU’RE ON CATEGORY 4 RESTRICTION FOREVER.” elle quickly scampered up our raised beds to hide in the corner, where a tiny human like elle could actually hide from view; i leapt immediately into what we called a closet but was basically a cubby with a flap that was DEFINITELY not meant for a 5'8” individual with knobby as hell knees.

our door, which was never locked because we both hated the effort of typing in the lock code, opened. mrs. f said, “mollyhall?”

i held my breath. 

  • i should add here that i seemed to be operating on like a scooby-doo level of logic where basically i thought that she was somehow NOT ALLOWED to investigate?
  • like, if she can’t see me, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that she could prove i’m in here, right?
  • she’ll just poke her head in and be like oH GOSH NO KIDS HERE and leave!!

you can see the flaw in my logic.

mrs. f sighed. “mollyhall, i know you’re in here, i literally heard your voice ten seconds ago.”

  • there’s no WAY she guesses i’m in the closet!!!

“mollyhall, i know you’re in the closet.”



there was a creak. mrs. f stopped. it wasn’t actually a “creak,” so much as this like, prolonged groan? like it’s the sound an elephant would make if it sat on a really large accordion.

i poked my head out of the closet. mrs. f looked at me. elle sat up.

i said, “where’s ginna?”


“um,” said elle, “she’s in the—”


ginna yes.

i really wish i could describe the sound the ceiling made when it collapsed. it sounded a lot like the way losing your breath feels. i sort of remember ginna falling in like, really slow motion, like i could see the expression on her face. i didn’t really think about how i would describe this in words. ginna’s face said:

  • oh no.
  • what have i done?
  • this was a mistake. 
  • i regret a series of decisions that i have made.
  • is there a way out of this?
  • are those oreos under mollyhall’s pillow?
  • why are there oreos under mollyhall’s pillow?
  • mollyhall, you HAVE a food cupboard, what good is a food cupboard if you don’t—
  • oh, crap.

she belly flopped onto the floor. i mean, the girl bounced. and then she just laid there. mrs. f looked at her. elle looked at her. i looked at her, still mostly in the closet. we were all going to get category 4 restriction forever.

ginna said, “hi, mrs. f. i feel like i should explain.”

WELP now that maggie has destroyed my motivation to think about anything else


  • tickles his armpits:) k i l l m e
  • steals gansey’s boat shoes and puts them on opal, declaring them goat shoes
  • dreams henry hair gel that makes his hair grow a foot in two seconds
  • attempts to ride one of the dream deer
  • wears a tie with middle fingers all over it to a party declan’s throwing
  • trips and falls face first into the dream cow poop he just finished shoveling
  • pouts when blue gets to ride shotgun in the pig over him
  • engages in a sing off with gwenllian
  • repeats everything gansey says as gansey gets more and more annoyed
  • “stop it ronan!” “stop it ronan.” “OH that’s real mature.” “Oh that’s real mature!”
  • throws a protesting blue over his shoulder and jumps into a pond near the barns 
  • dresses opal like mr. tumnus for halloween

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Can you please do an imagine of Bucky where you tie his tie I saw it in the things couple do and it's so cute😍

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He stared at his reflection in the mirror as he struggled with the silk tie hanging loosely around his neck. The steady thumping of his heart was louder than ever, he felt the start of a nervous sweat breaking through and suddenly, the collar of his white shirt got a lot tighter that he felt like he couldn’t breathe. The twist in his stomach was there and he couldn’t shake it off.

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27 Dresses - Masterlist

27 Dresses - You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  


  • Tony: I think you should just admit that you're a big softy, that this whole antisocial thing is just an act so that you can seem wounded and mysterious and sexy...
  • Bucky: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What was the last one?
  • Tony: What?
  • Bucky: Did you say "sexy"?
  • Tony: [nervous] What?
  • Bucky: You think I'm sexy?
  • Tony: No.
  • Bucky: It's okay if you do.
  • Tony: I don't!
Gotham: Exclusive First Look At Captain Barnes As The Executioner

Via: Comicbook.com

“I am judge, jury, and executioner.”

When Captain Nathaniel Barnes (played by Michael Chiklis) was introduced in the first-half of Gotham’s second season, he was a by-the-book cop committed to cleaning up the city and its corrupt police force while hewing to the strictest codes of conduct. And while he often butted heads with Jim Gordon, he also was a mentor and a father figure to the young detective. Plus, his unwavering moral code showed Gordon that you can make a positive impact on the city without resorting to bribery, extortion, and questionable alliances with the underworld.

However, once Barnes was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, it brought the darkness lurking deep inside him to the surface. As Executive Producer John Stephens explains to us: “His desire for justice overwhelmed his ethical code, and transformed into the Executioner, summarily hunting down, trying and executing criminals whom he deems guilty.”

Head down to our gallery to check out exclusive images of Barnes dressed in his Executioner costume, which features a Mad Max-like leather get-up, a menacing blade replacing his left hand, and exaggerated charcoal eye makeup that reminds me of Daryl Hannah’s look for Priscilla “Pris” Stratton in Blade Runner.

You’ll have to tune in this Monday to see Barnes transformation, though I’m sure Indian Hill mad scientist Dr. Hugo Strange is to blame.

In the comics, Batman and Robin fought a criminal who used the identity of the Executioner. His real name was Willy Hooker and worked at a carnival. To make an extra buck, he would break criminals out of jail and then kill them so that he could collect the reward money. He only appeared in one issue: Detective Comics #191 (January 1953).

Before the Line (Prequel) Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Clint enlists the help of a former SHIELD agent to help during Civil War, will a new friendship blossom or will it become something more?

Warnings: Fluff, Language

Words: 1499 (yeah not really a drabble)

A/N: Trying to get back into the grind of writing. Also, I didn’t edit so pardon the errors. Hopefully y’all enjoy this!

Part 3

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As everyone leaves to suit up, I stay behind already in my fighting gear and waiting for everyone to return. I hear heavy footsteps behind me and I turn around to see the reason why I am here. Bucky Barnes. He’s dressed in an all black attire and a ski jacket which just so happened to be missing a left sleeve, exposing the terrible gift HYDRA bestowed upon him. He makes his way over to me but keeps his distance, almost as if he’s afraid to  get close to anyone, physically or emotionally, in fear of inflicting harm.

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Imagine Chris proposing at a press conference.

You and Chris continued to pass notes with stupid jokes and doodles under the table while the rest of the cast answered questions from the fans. This was the fourth press conference in a week, everyone was suffering from sleep deprivation and using their own coping mechanisms to stay awake; yours was doing silly things with Chris.

Chris nudged your leg with the notebook as he passed it back to you. You bit back your smile and stifled your chuckle when you saw what he wrote: “You’re not going to be sleeping when we get back to the hotel.” You glanced over at him and he looked up at the crowd, smiling nonchalantly. You snatched the pen from his hand and drew a little cartoon sheep, you didn’t know why but you did. You passed the notebook back to Chris and upon seeing your sheep, he burst out laughing. You slapped his leg and he pressed his lips together when he realized he had drew in the attention of the other cast members and the audience.

“It’s like working with children,” Robert commented and everyone laughed. “No, seriously. The two of them- they can never be together without distracting each other and everyone else. It’s a wonder we got the movie done,” he joked.

“I know, right?” Mark agreed. “There were outtakes in all their scenes together because they just couldn’t stop laughing. They don’t even need to talk, they just look at each other and burst into laughter.” You and Chris looked at each other and laughed, proving Mark’s point. “See what I mean?” Mark chuckled and the fans laughed. “It’s like they’re crazy.”

“Leave us alone,” Chris chuckled. “We’re tired, okay?”

“The two of you’d be less tired if you actually spent your nights sleeping,” Robert quipped.

The crowds went wild at that comment and heat rose into yours and Chris’ cheeks. You looked over at Robert and shook your head with tightly pressed lips. He laughed and shrugged coolly even though he knew he was going to pay for it later. It wasn’t the teasing that bothered you, it was the fact that he did it in front of the fans and media.

You and Chris have been together for three years now, and in that three years- you’d tried very hard to keep your relationship and details of your relationship under wraps. Neither of you enjoyed the limelight because with the limelight came judgement from the public. You’d been told you weren’t good enough for Chris, and he’d been told he wasn’t good enough for you; that was among other nastier things. Both of you were used to it as you’d been in the industry for over a decade now; that experience meant you knew flying under the radar was the best way to make things last, and you definitely wanted things to last with Chris.

There weren’t many photos of the two of you together in public, just at official events like press tours and premieres. The media and the fans knew you were together but they didn’t know anything more, the two of you always avoided answering personal questions and telling personal stories; they still didn’t know how the two of you met and fell in-love. The most public comment- “they are definitely going to tie the knot, don’t you worry” was made earlier this year at the Captain America: Civil War premiere, also by Robert. It trended on the internet for three months after and became the question the two of you got at every interview and press conference you attended.

“She’s definitely going to kill me later,” Robert chuckled with a wince, drawing more laughter from the crowd. “I’m sorry, kid. It just slipped out,” he said and you chuckled softly. “Now you know why Chris and I had that Civil War.”

“A man’s gotta defend his girl,” Chris joked and slid his hand into yours. “Can we move on to the next question?” He asked, beckoning his head at the crowd. “You’re up, Buck.” He called out to the girl dressed as Bucky Barnes before he became The Winter Soldier.

“Hi, um- I’d just like to say that I love all of you and thank you so much for Civil War.” She began shyly and everyone smiled at how polite she was. “I’d also like to say to Chris and Y/N that- we all love it when Robert and the rest of the cast talk about your relationship. You guys are so cute together.” She complimented, and you and Chris glanced at each other with a small smile. “I know you and Y/N like to keep things private and we all respect that but- we really wish we’d see more of your relationship.”

“Thank you,” Chris smiled, squeezing your hand gently. “We really appreciate all the love and support from our fans, it means a lot. And believe me, we don’t mean to keep you guys in the dark. We love you and we do want to share our lives with you, but there are some things we’d prefer to keep between ourselves.”

“We understand,” the girl nodded. “As fans, we just want to see our idols happy and you two are clearly very happy together. Whether or not you want to share that with us- is completely up to you. We’re just happy you’re happy.” You and Chris smiled at each other and everyone in the room smiled with you. “But we do hope that when the time comes you’ll share the news of your engagement with us.”

“Of course,” Chris turned away from you and nodded. “It’ll be the first thing I tweet about.”

“Same,” Robert chimed and everyone laughed. “I think that’d be the first thing everyone tweets about when they hear the news. Right, guys?” He leaned forward and glanced between the cast members who all nodded with wide grins.

“My engagement is something you will all know about as soon as I do.” You told your fans and they all cheered. “All we gotta wait for now is Captain America,” you glanced at him and bit back your smile. “He can fight Nazis, aliens, and world class villains but he can’t seem to sum up the guts to ask me,” you teased him.

Chris said nothing, he just chuckled and bit back his smile.

“I don’t know if you know but there’s a pool going on, Chris.” Scarlett joked; you doubt it was a joke though, you’d heard numerous times about the pool. “Come on, wait any longer and I’m going to lose my money. Everyone’s out, I think it’s just Robert and I left.” She glanced over at Robert and he nodded. “Yeah, and I want to beat Iron Man.”

“The world’s waiting on you, Evans.” Chris H egged on and everyone laughed, including you and Chris. “What are you waiting for? You’ve got a good thing going with Y/N, just tie the knot already. You don’t want some other superhero sweeping her off her feet, do you?”

“God forbid it’s a superhero from DC.” You dramatically added and pretended to swoon with a hand to your forehead. You knew you were going along with something you’d previously glared at Robert for but- it was your relationship you were talking about and if you couldn’t beat ‘em, you might as well join them.

“Y/N,” Chris chuckled and leaned in to whisper into your ear, “you’re going to regret going along with this.” You laughed and he pressed a quick kiss to the side of your head before pulling his hand out of yours. “I had it all planned out,” he spoke into the microphone and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “I was going to take her to a holiday cabin, cook for her, serenade her. But I guess I’m going to have to do that after she says yes now.”

A deafening silence fell over the room when everyone realized what Chris was about to do. Your breath hitched in your throat when Chris rose to his feet. He smiled at you as he slipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. Your lips parted in awe at the diamond ring he fished out of his wallet; it sparkled brighter than any star you’d seen. He took your left hand in his and descended down on one knee.

“What are you doing?” You breathed.

“I’m proposing out of my comfort zone.”

“I can see that,” you chuckled nervously. “And you’re going to cause us to trend worldwide.” You glanced at the crowd; there were phones everywhere filming and taking photos. “It’s kind of hard to turn back now, but I still need you to be sure about this. I’m sure we can pull a fire alarm or something,” you joked and laughed softly.

“I’m sure about you,” he smiled, “I’m sure about us. This is what I want, what I’ve been wanting for a while now. Hence- why the ring’s in my wallet,” he chuckled and you smiled. “So yes, I’m sure about this. I’m sure I want to propose in front of five hundred and sixty-four people, majority of which- I don’t know, because I don’t care about how I get the yes. All I care about is that the yes is going to give me the rest of my life with you.”

“At least we’ll have hundreds of videos to remember this moment,” you smiled.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “Okay, you ready?” He asked and you nodded. “Let’s do this.” He pressed a kiss on the back of your hand then reached for the microphone, he glanced out at the crowd and smiled before turning back to you. “Y/N, will you make me the happiest man on the planet and marry me?”

You leaned in and spoke, your answer amplified by the microphone. “like I could say anything other than yes.” Applause, cheers, and excited screams erupted around the room as Chris slipped the ring onto your finger. You rose to your feet, helping him onto his. “I love you, Chris Evans,” you told him before pressing your lips to his.

“I love you too, Y/N Evans.”

The Girl in the Red Dress (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hey! This is for the anon who requested a Bucky X reader where the reader rarely wears dresses but she goes to an event where she’s required to and Bucky gets all flustered because of her. Enjoy!

It’s not that (Y/n) hated skirts or anything, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it. She felt too exposed and vulnerable, and that’s why she refuses to wear it. Sure, she had at least one or two to wear to formal parties but by now she had outgrown it. She haven’t worn them in years.
But now, she had to get a dress. Next week is Pepper and Tony’s wedding. It was a good thing, because (Y/n) was actually starting to fear that Tony had commitment phobia.
(Y/n) doesn’t exactly wear dresses to weddings, she usually wears a male inspired outfit, like a simple tux with a mild feminine touch.
She can’t do that this time.
Pepper basically begged (Y/n) and Natasha to be her bridesmaid, and she can’t say no to Pepper, even if being the bridesmaid required a dress.
She had tried reading with her, but Pepper was just to stubborn to tweak her plans.
“Are you serious?” asked (Y/n) incredulously. She was going shopping for the dress with Natasha and Pepper, and they had picked out a red backless, strapless, dress that ran mid thigh. Yes, the wedding’s color is red, supposedly Tony’s idea, because of his obsession with his own iron man suit.
“You’ll look good in it!” Natasha squealed, pushing the dress over to her. “No,” she said darkly, “I am not wearing it, never.”
Pepper pleaded and looked up at her. “Can you at least try it?”
(Y/n) sighed and took the dress halfheartedly in her arms and entered the changing room. When she tried it, she didn’t exactly like it. It was showing too much skin, she felt naked.
“You look amazing!” pepper said, her eyes lighting up. “No, Pepper, I’m not wearing this. It’s just not me.”
She frowned slightly, but she seemed to understand. She took a second dress from the shopping bag.
“Too short.”
And the third.
“Too tight.”
And the fourth.
The fourth one was amazing. It was a sleeveless ruby red dress that had a black collar and a black bow on her waist. The dress ran a few inches above her knees and her curves were displayed perfectly, not too tight, not too loose either. (Y/n) sighed in defeat. “Okay, I’ll wear it.”
The day of the wedding is here. Natasha had helped her get dolled up for it. She was wearing the dress she and the girls had picked and a pair of simple black heels to go with it.
Natasha had put simple make up on her. It wasn’t obvious, except for her red lips, where pepper had told her to wear. When Natasha looked at (Y/n), she jumped back and squealed in delight.
“What?” (Y/n) asked, clueless. “You look so good,” Natasha replied, a grin spreading across her face, “Barnes is going to drool over you.”
(Y/n) looked shocked and embarrassed. She never told anybody about her little crush on a certain super soldier, so it means Natasha couldn’t possibly know, could she?
“What does Bucky have to do with this?” she finally said.
Natasha smiled devilishly at her and she said, “He could help you get the dress off after you’re done.”
The ceremony was held in a park in California, the spring breeze gently blowing the leaves. It must be nice, (Y/n) thought, to get married under the trees, the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with standing across from you, exchanging rings as a sign that you are going to be there for the other person as long as you live.
(Y/n) can’t help but think of none other than Bucky Barnes. She blushed at the thought and willed herself to get over her daydreams. Bucky was a teammate, he couldn’t possibly feel the same, could he?
It was not proper.
The wedding, as promised, was red.
Red roses and red decorations. Pepper, who was now standing across Tony, was wearing a red dress that made her blonde hair shine. Tony, wearing a red suit had the complete opposite effect, making his own black hair darken.
(Y/n) was standing on Pepper’s distant side, but her senses were not focused on the couple exchanging their vows. It was glued to scan the crowd, dissapointed when she didn’t find what she was looking for. Or rather, who.
“He’s in the back of the crowd,” whispered the smirking Natasha, who had her chin slightly pointed to the left. She felt herself redden at her comment, but her eyes can’t help but follow her gesture.
She finally spotted Bucky, sitting among the crowd. Besides him was Steve and Sam, and he was seated in the middle. He was dressed in a simple black tux, his hair tugged behind his ears.
There was one thing that appealed to her the most, though.
He was staring at her. And when he realized she was staring back at him, he looked away, his cheek as red as her dress. Sam seemed to notice and smiled deviously at his friend.
“Oh, her,” said Sam, smirking as he lightly punch Bucky’s arm, just to find out it was his metal arm. Sam winced in pain and withdrew from his arm. “You know, she does look good in her dress.”
“Good?” Bucky asked incredulously, his tone rising, “She looks gorgeous,” he said in a low tone, clearly flustered.
“I never thought I’d see a day where she wears a dress,” said Steve, trying to catch on the conversation.
“Oh when she finds out that Bucky gets turned on by her wearing a dress, she’ll have wearing it everyday,” Sam commented, eyeing Bucky from the corner of his eye.
Bucky just blushed and looked down.
After the ceremony was over, people scattered, most of them congratulating Pepper and Tony.
But Bucky was set on another destination.
He found her apart from the crowd, sitting under the shade of a flourishing tree,writing on her notebook. He sat next to her.
She noticed and smiled at him, “hey.”
“Are you wearing a dress?” he blurted out. Smooth, Barnes, he thought, mentally slapping himself. “I know. It feels weird,” she laughed.
“You look good,” he said, trying to boost his own confidence. “Thank you,” she smiled and set her notebook down. “You look good, too.”
Bucky gently cleared his throat, “is it hard to get the dress off you?”
(Y/n) staggered back in shock, her eyes as wide as Steve’s shield. “excuse me?”
Bucky stammered under his breath, “I’m sorry that was-”
“No, it’s not hard to get off of me. Would you like to help me later?” flirted (Y/n). This time it was Bucky that was surprised, but he soon recovered and smiled at her.
“Dinner tomorrow?”
“It’s a date.”

Day Twenty-Eight

-A man told me that, “Donald Trump would give single M&Ms for Halloween. He’s a jerk. Donald Trump doesn’t care about America or candy.” This is a man with whom I can really get into a political conversation with.

-My first guest of the day, at the prime hour of Too Early In The Morning, was a very kind old man who did not recognize me. I was fairly unsurprised by this, as he had no reason to recognize me or to announce that he did not, but I soon found out that he was a regular and I had just never worked this early before. As he thanked me for handing him his bag, I told him it was no problem, to which he solemnly looked me in the eye and told me, “I do hope it was not.” He was petrified to be any form of an inconvenience and I can fully relate.

-Opening the drawer beneath my register, I discovered a small, angry-looking Pluto figurine. Pluto the dog from Mickey Mouse, not Pluto the planet from Outer Space. I taped him to the top of my receipt printer with a folded sticker. He was my companion for the day and I appreciate all he did for me.

-I saw a woman with a bun that extended three feet behind her. Actually, it was two women walking close together, but the moments before I realized this were filled with an awe the likes of which I have never known.

-They say that our sense of smell is one of our strongest, and that it is most strongly tied to memory. Today was a day of vivid smells, all of which took me back to my childhood. A bag of chips being opened. Oatmeal with brown sugar wafting through the breeze. Human feces in some indeterminable location causing nausea and displeasure. My shift today was a long walk down memory lane.

-A woman accused me of conspiring to make her spend too much money. When asked if she found everything alright, she had only this to say: “That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you want me to say. That’s what you want from me.” This was a very unsettling exchange for me. Someone has been leaking my plans. They are onto me.

-A very elderly woman with an incessant cough informed me as I was ringing her up that she did not want to die in this store. Looking in her eyes, I could tell this was a legitimate concern for her right then. I have never scanned hand sanitizer so quickly in my entire life.

-A child hid in a clothes rack. Her parents pretended to say goodbye and leave to get her to follow them. Instead, she embraced her new freedom and ran off to explore a rack of DVDs. After she was finally convinced to leave the store, she stopped her escort at my register to take the time to wave and say goodbye. I did not ring them up, I had no interaction with the family, but I am so grateful for this little girl’s gesture.

-A man walked up behind my register and handed me a pair of sunglasses without saying a word. He then walked around my lane, stepping in front of a woman who was placing her things on the conveyor belt. He then paid for his glasses, despite being thrown off by the concept of sales tax, and proceeded to walk away without his bag. Upon realizing his mistake, he returned and told me that he thought he had them on his head the whole time. I am unsure how he thought this, as he had not touched the glasses at any point after handing them to me, but I respect a man so sure of his ability to bend reality to his will. He may not have had this ability, but he surely had the belief, and that is half of the battle right there.

-A soccer mom stopped halfway through handing me her money to stare off into the distance. Once she rejoined me in the moment, she apologized. “Sorry,” she whispered. “I was thinking about popcorn. I should buy my husband popcorn. He likes popcorn.” Whether this was a genuine moment of compassion for her spouse or something triggered a hypnotic suggestion he had implanted in her remains to be seen. Either way, she left without purchasing popcorn. 

-Two old women were bickering at each other in line, yelling at each other to go faster. Just as I thought fists were about to come into play and I was reaching for my camera, they began laughing together and informed me they were sisters. This was mostly a relief, but also more than a little disappointing.

-The Cat Lady stepped out of a truck driven by a man cloaked entirely in shadow despite it being a bright and sunny day out. She slowly walked towards the doors of Target, seemingly about to join us for her daily purchase. Instead, as soon as the truck drove off, she looked around suspiciously. Upon seeing that the coast is clear, an enormous smile stretched across her face as she realized that her scheme had worked, and she hobbled as quickly as she could straight to the adjacent Dress Barn. She is the leader of her own life and I admire her passionately.

-I rang up an exceptionally tall, lanky, pale man. He had snow-white hair that stood out from his head in odd patterns and his arms were covered in dark cragged tattoos that I could not fully make out. Glazed gray eyes complimented his entirely vacant expression, proving beyond a doubt that I had just rang up the gravedigger from every movie ever.

-A man leaned in and informed me, as I was ringing up his wife’s purchase, that he was going to stand the shower rod she was purchasing up vertically in their shower and use it to dance. Finally, a form of performing arts that I can truly support and become a patron of.

By Royal Decree (Part 9)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 2,873

Warnings: None.

“By Royal Decree” Masterlist

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By the time you turned around to face your fiancé, he was long gone, the car you had arrived in already on its way to the parking lot. Steve glanced down at you with a furrowed brow.

“Everything okay?” he inquired, letting go of you and stepping back.

“Yeah… Just—Bucky left…” you trailed off, looking around for the crown prince. But it was as if he had disappeared into thin air.

“You’re calling him Bucky now?” Steve asked, chuckling softly.

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Gif source:  Bucky

Imagine taking Bucky out on Halloween to show him all the kids dressed up as Bucky Barnes, to prove to him he isn’t the monster he thinks he is.

——— Request for anon ———

“Why are we here?” Bucky grunts from the passenger seat as you slow in front of a suburban home, watching children swarm up and down the sidewalks, toting little pales and whatever else they could use to carry their loot to and from the houses their parents led them to.

“Aren’t they adorable?” you smile, watching as the kids enjoy the Halloween night, delighted squeals declaring their prizes as they rushed back to their parents. The sidewalks were filled with little princesses, princes, superheroes, and the like, but your eyes were peeled for the one you were waiting on. “Look! There!”

Bucky leans forward, looking out the tinted windows as a small child no older than five swung alongside his parents, silver arm glinting in the streetlights, “Is he…?”

“That’s right! He’s dressed as you, Bucky!”