Today Germany saw a record number of people gather together in Dresden. They sang Christmas Carols and smiled together. 17,000 Germans sang Christmas Carols whilst calling for the eradication of Islam and Muslims. This was the latest and largest in a string of Islamophobic, racist and fascist marches by the right wing in Europe. As a Muslim growing up in the west I am more scared now than ever before. My ancestral homelands are ravaged by war and terror. And my home in the west now also feels unsafe. Islamophobia isn’t something small and uncommon anymore. It’s become accepted as something not only common but as something good. I fear for the future. If people can sing carols while calling for the death of a billion people then how can I feel safe. I’m scared for the next generation, my younger siblings and their kids. As a student of history it’s frighteningly easy to draw parallels with period before the Holocaust. We all swore never again and yet now my people are the new targets. Please share and reblog this so people can see that Muslims do renounce terror. We do not hate anyone. We are afraid of what the terrorists do. We are more afraid of what others will do to us because of them. Please share this. Help us see there is nothing to fear.