This is what happens when you find Pitch on day four at Anime Expo… No one understands what’s going on anymore lol. But hey, check it out- first GIF with me in my King Frost wedding attire! Remember when I was upset during WonderCon because my Elsa couldn’t come? Well, she was going to go as wedding Elsa, so together we would be wedding Jelsa. Sadly it didn’t work out and she ended up moving to Florida…which sucks TT^TT but, she’s Frostplay’s Elsa so you’ll still see her, just not me with her.
Anywho, this is who I end up with in my suit 0.0 …dat’s weird…I DON’T SHIP IT! ^^“ 


Netflix adds 4 new animated series and a special to be available globally.
- ‘Dinotrux’ (August 14), by Dreamworks Animation
- ‘Puffin Rock’ (September 1), by Cartoon Saloon
- 'Care Bears & Cousins’ (December), by Moonscoop
- 'Popples’ (November), by Saban Brands
- 'Way too Wonderland’ (August 14), from Mattel’s 'Ever After High’ franchise

i’m so done with this disney vs. dreamworks fighting

okay I don’t really get involved in the whole “but people on the internet are wrong” thing but i s2g i’m going to my grave fighting about this whole disney/dreamworks bullshit where people who know nothing about animation get to make these grand sweeping statements and basically just trash movies that a lot of incredibly talented people worked really hard on

like okay this whole fucking thing about the ice in rotg/frozen and “omg the ice in frozen looks so tacky why are people talking about how good the animation is in frozen fuck disney long live dreamworks”


 like please please please get this into your heads. yes, the ice in frozen DOES look  tacky. yes it looks AMAZING in rotg. 

and you know what? the community KNOWS rotg has awesome ice – they even gave a talk about animating jack frost’s frost patterns at SIGGRAPH, which is basically THE graphics conference. so like okay sit down, people ARE acknowledging rotg for having great animation.

this is why the comparison doesn’t work – rotg gets the beautiful ice animation, and frozen has the snow. this is like GROUNDBREAKING technology that no one has ever been able to do before (not even rotg), and it’s something that should be celebrated, not bashed. And, they presented their snow paper at SIGGRAPH the same year rotg did.

this is AMAZING stuff, just take a look:

this is incredibly advanced math and physics and computer science it’s not just some like artistic choice here there is so much time and amazing human intelligence here can we just take a moment and APPRECIATE IT 

so anyway please for the love of sweet baby jesus can we not just blindly hate on a studio that’s bringing SO MUCH RESEARCH AND DISCOVERY to the field??? dreamworks wouldn’t have had a fucking chance if pixar/disney didn’t step up and make animation such a critical field of study

what if we don’t pit these two companies against each other but instead celebrate their individual accomplishments?? thanks.

Shrek 5 vs. Megamind 2

A Brief Commentary by a Children’s Media Trainee

Yes. You heard my right.

Shrek is getting a fifth movie.

Megamind will forever be without a sequel.

And I know many of you will want to throw your hands into the air and decorate the skies with fireworks depicting several lude and offensive words, but before you do, let me first give you the reason why.

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