DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg says that it has been “the hardest, most difficult, most painful eight weeks in our 20-year history.”

Guys, we really have to help DreamWorks out. Please, please go see Home when it comes out in theaters. DreamWorks’ success depends on it! If you really love this company, support it! Tell your family, your friends, anyone you know to go see the film!

Cartoon Brew:

On Tuesday, DreamWorks Animation announced a fourth-quarter net loss of $263.2 million (or $3.08 per share).

“There’s a great morale around the company right now even in the face of what has been, without a question, the hardest, most difficult, most painful eight weeks in our 20-year history,” said DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

To shore up its precarious balance sheet, the studio’s chief financial officer Fazal Merchant announced that DreamWorks would sell and concurrently leaseback its Glendale, California campus. The agreement will add $185 million of liquidity to the studio.

Katzenberg said that DreamWorks will break even this year as long as its sole theatrical release, Home, breaks even or earns a profit.


 Early designs and concept from the original Shrek script from 1996-97. Chris Farley would have voiced the titular character. Shrek himself was a teenage ogre who didn’t want to go into the family business of scaring others and instead dreamed of being a knight and helping others. This version of the film purportedly layered motion-captured CG on top of live action backgrounds. 

Rejected Pitches: Kung Fu Panda 3 and Master Leprous Starfish

(this was a tweeting spree from 4 years ago)

Chatting with co-workers re: Kung Fu Panda 3 possibilities — decided to lobby for salamander w/leprosy as next villain.

Think about it. Every time Po hits him, a piece of him goes flying off, only to quickly regenerate.

They would fight until sundown on an ever-growing mountain of his discarded body parts. He would live in a castle of his own decaying flesh.

Only to find out he is but a disciple of Master Leprous Starfish, who, when hit, loses pieces that grow into copies of himself.

To defeat Master Leprous Starfish, Po would learn the Universe Punch — a technique that punches everyone in the universe simultaneously.

Shifu: “Po, first you must become one with the universe. Then you must hit the universe in its stupid face.”

CUT TO: Shifu getting punched in the back of the head and falling down steep mountainous stairs.

CUT TO: innocent toddler rabbit, skipping along a field; punched with neck-shattering force in the teeth.

CUT TO: elderly deer matron, resting in her sickbed, suddenly punched in the ovaries.

CUT TO: hideous slavering martians orbiting the moon; they double over as they are one-two punched in the throat.

CUT TO: Po punching himself in the crotch. Not even he is safe from the terrifying power of the Universe Punch.

My co-worker’s response: counsel the story department to file a restraining order on me.

Another co-worker suggested that Master Brittle Salamander also be a hemophiliac. He can see the naked brilliance of my ideas.

(I never did submit the idea, sadly)