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Name || Miles O'Malley (shh just pretend that’s some regal last name)

Class || Prince (or jokingly, Princess), Royal family, Darcy’s ward.

Weapon || Sword and his fists

Alliance || Chaotic Neutral.

Armour ||  Cloth, or rather nonexistent with his royal duds. 

Miles was once the heir to the throne of a rival kingdom that his brother currently rules over. He was aggressively adopted kidnapped and brought to Darcy’s kingdom as a means of halting the war between the two kingdoms. It worked, for now. He is now Darcy’s ward and still getting used to being folded into a new royal family. 

Needless to say he is incredibly bitter about being taken from his home and essentially being held as a trophy. He may have just been taken, but the young prince is hardly to be trusted and has had many escape attempts in the short time he’s been under Darcy’s care. He is loud, rude and will throw a punch without hesitation or cause trouble to make everyone else’s life in the royal family just a tad more difficult. 

When he was first taken it was said that they were taking a Princess from the rival kingdom, which makes sense given Miles has many sisters, but when they brought back a Prince instead the joke unfortunately stuck. He snarls over the fact that he’s literally a “Princess locked in a tower” by reputation. Miles is allowed to wander the castle from time to time, under guard, but it’s mostly to keep up appearance and he’s only ever allowed out if accompanied. Again this has hardly stopped him from trying to break out time and time again, though. And he’ll just keep on trying! 

tcxii  asked:

Hello! I have a question. How did you do the poses in the dreamself.me laboratory?

Hi there!! :) Sorry for answering so late. ^^;;; I pretty much use tiniermemagazine’s way of using poses. So in case you don’t understand my version of the tutorial, you can use tiniermemagazine’s explanation.

The tutorial’s under the cut so I don’t bother anyone with this. ||D

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anonymous asked:

Hey Lupin, you're really great with character design for your ocs and I was wondering if you possibly had any advice? *runs away and hides*

hiya! lupin-san here, thank ya for the compliment! and oh boy do i have some advice for OC-related things.

  • avoid making your character a mary sue.

there’s no hiding it, i’m sure we’ve all made at least one mary sue in our lives without knowing. and then the next thing we know, we get spammed with asks saying crap about our OC cos they’re a mary sue! so, what are the components to avoid making a mary sue?

  1. avoid making your character related to a CANON character. (Ex: making your OC a secret sister/brother/daughter/son/etc of NAEGI and KIRIGIRI.)
  2. avoid using canon last names. (Ex: _____ Togami.)
  3. don’t make your OC a special snowflake. (Ex: a homestuck fantroll with rainbow blood /a big mistake i made don’t even ask/) if, say, you’re making a DR OC, keep them human. no vampires, werewolves, or any fantasy creature. no furries either, friends. if by plot of DR or your own DR-esque plot you have someone that’s not human, or say, they’re a robot, your reason for them being a robot has to make sense. (Ex: said OC i have is a robot because they never leave their home and because their parents are rich and they are skilled, they built a robot self of themselves that looks exactly like them to send out into the world instead of leaving.)
  4. no heterochromia. (Ex: making your OC have double colored eyes like Monokuma)
  5. please be original. don’t copy a canon character’s persona / title / appearance.
  6. don’t ship your oc with a canon character. sigh, i know this may be hard to do for some of you, but you just can’t do that? shipping your OC with a canon character means that they must’ve been in said events / series with canon character! then how come they didn’t make an appearance in said canon events? yeah, that’s right, they didn’t. so don’t do that!
  • want to make an OC but don’t know where to start?

well, here are some steps or ideas you can try out for OC creation!

  1. if you can’t draw or sprite because of your own personal reasons, use doll makers / dress up games! don’t be afraid of not using them, it’s the easiest way to make an OC! my suggestions are dreamselfy and tektek.
  2. listen to music! this really helps! music is great inspiration for characters. (Ex: my DR OCs. some of them were totally inspired by music! Haeun’s design was inspired by RASPBERRY MONSTER, Yuri’s was ENVY CATWALK, and Vincent’s was DREAM EATER MONOCHROME BAKU)
  3. base your OCs off of interest! say that you have many dream jobs you want to be, like a fashion designer, but you can’t be one. so make your OC off of that!
  4. once you design your OC, making their personality isn’t that difficult. depending on what they do or are, you can branch off from there. 
  5. don’t know what to make your OC wear? don’t want to make em look typical? check out fashion blogs or google types of fashion that would suit your OC. at least dress them up appropriately to what they are! don’t make a DR OC that’s like … SHSL Diva and make them wear a plain tee and pants. make them wear something EXTRAVAGANT!
  • having trouble writing a good backstory and personality? what are the components to character backstory creations?
  1. make their backstory good! depending on their personality and design, you’ll need to start off from there. imagine your OC doing things, how’d they react to certain events or their talking style.
  2. depending on your OC, you can decide whether or not to make them have a sad backstory or a happy one. sometimes you shouldn’t make your OC have a depressing backstory. it’s kinda common, don’t ya think? even though it adds a bit of a twist, it’s kinda …. overused. make your OC have a happy life! a loving family! good friends! then you can add all the horrific twists in it later!
  3. make sure you write down for the backstory, how they grew up, what kind of person they want to be, their relations to people, any notable events, etc.

i can also say that it’s OK to check out blogs that talk about OC designs and what are good or not. don’t be afraid to do so cos they always have advice on character creation!