Let's play a little game..

Reblog this post and I will post you randomized Dream Selfies from this site.

It could be something cute like this:

Or this:

Or it can be the weirdest shit you’ve ever seen, like this:

Or like this:

And there is no inbetween.

I’ll stop sending these if it gets to a point where I can’t do all of them. And just have your submit box open so I can send them to you okay? :D

it’s late but i’m bored and have no motivation to do much of anything else, so if you reblog this i’ll make a dream selfie based on your blog aesthetic! (as well as i can anyway) It’ll look something like this:

if you want a specific gender (androgynous included) or skin color, make a comment when reblogging so i can see it! likes dont count

feel free to reblog this till the end of june ye 

also make sure to have your submit box open or else u wont get one

if this gets more than 100 notes, then by then i’ll only start doing random ones, so if you really want one and this post has more than 100 notes, send me a message and i’ll be sure to get you specifically :>