in my dream, the hulk was smiling and dancing and wearing a sparkly pink cape. not bruce, the hulk

and bruce wasnt even the hulk, it was thor for some reason

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I had a dream where I met you and we were friends and made art together and it was amazing and then I woke up and remembered that you literally live on the other side of the country and are way too cool for me

aw omg that would be fun though i love having art friends

sweet dreams are made in sheets, who am I but a piece of meat? I travel the world on your smartphone screens, everybody’s following someone. (📷: @richjuz) (at Brooklyn, New York)

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I found his jumper3||Dan Howell

First Part, Second Part

A/N: Here is part 3. I decided to continue this series since so many of you sent me lovely messages. Thank you so much for that I appreciate every single one of you.


I woke up earlier than I normally would. Somehow I had too much to think about and Dan followed me into my dreams. My bare feet skipped over the wooden floor as I made my way to the kitchen. Charlotte’s room was still empty. That meant that she had found a substitute for Dan at the party yesterday. Sun was flowing through the windows in the living room. The bright light made dust grains visible that danced thought the air. I couldn’t forget Dan’s nightly visit but seeing him asleep on my couch made me jump in surprise anyway. Maybe I thought that he would have left already or it was just hard to believe that after all this time he’d come here and actually apologize. His little snores were the evidence for the fact that last night didn’t just happen in my dreams. The fact that we had no curtains in the living room didn’t seem to bother him. He was still sound asleep. Even when I started to make myself breakfast and rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen he didn’t wake up. His upper arm was put over his eyes so they were shielded from the sun. I decided to not disturb his sleep since he looked so god damn peaceful. Never tickle a sleeping dragon they say.

Even Dan’s giant body couldn’t take up all the space on the couch so I sat down next to him and continued reading a book that I was already half way through. At about midday the front door opened and revealed Charlotte who looked like she hadn’t slept in five days. She was still wearing yesterday’s outfit but somehow it didn’t look as pretty anymore. Charlotte closed the door behind her with a little bit too much force. The loud sound caused Dan to snap out of his dream.

Just as my room mate entered the living room he sat up straight and rubbed his eyes with a drawn out yawn.

“Morning” I said. My word was addressed to both, Charlotte and Dan. Both reacted with total confusion. Dan looked around like a lost puppy. He carefully examined the blanket I had put over him last night then his eyes landed on me. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in his mind at that moment. The look he gave me was filled with embarrassment, gratefulness and something else but I couldn’t quite figure what it was.

Meanwhile Charlotte froze in the middle of the room. Her mouth hung open and she stared between me and Dan whose hair was a complete mess. I put my book down on the coffee table.

“How was the party?” I casually asked Charlotte, trying to hide the fact that Mister Super Popular had slept on my couch.

Her eyes formed into slits when she turned her head towards me.

“What is he doing here?” she asked, her voice was a dangerous growl.

I quickly eyed Dan. What was I supposed to say? His eyes hid a little twinkle that meant nothing good. Just as I was about to tell her a stupid lie he interrupted me.

“We just fucked. Edwards couldn’t resist.” Dan lied with a cocky smile plastered all over his face.

I shot him a death glare and noticed in the corner of my eye that Charlotte was shooting me a death glare as well. Somehow her eyes had become even thinner slits and steam was basically coming out of her nostrils and ears.

“I should go now.” Dan said standing up. He stretched, causing his t-shirt to rise up and reveal a little bit of his stomach. “I’ll hopefully see you at another party of mine.” he said with a smile as he walked past Charlotte. She was too angry and startled to smile back. He was nearly out of the door when he turned around again.  

“Oh and Edwards, thanks for the fuck. I’d love to do that again.” he grinned and before I could yell at him in anger the door had fallen into it’s lock and he was gone.

“You hooked up with Dan?!” Charlotte snarled as soon as he had left. “You knew I wanted to get with him!” she shouted with her hands on her hips.

“I can’t believe you would stab me in the back like that. You are dead, Edwards.” Charlotte threatened. I silently cursed Dan in my head. He always manages to make my life miserable.

“Nothing happened between us!” I yelled back, throwing my hands up in defence.

Charlotte’s flushed cheeks and her with hatred filled eyes revealed that she wasn’t having any of it.

‘Time to dig yourself a grave’ I though to myself as soon as she stormed away into her room.

When I walked to class after that weekend I noticed a few of Charlotte’s friends glare at me. Some even started to whisper when I walked past them. 'I don’t understand why Dan would even fuck her. He must have been pretty drunk. She is such a bitch for doing that to Charlotte. ’

Wow thanks, that didn’t hurt at all. Shout out to Dan for ruining my chance of living a happy life and having friends here. When he apologized I thought there was still a good part of Dan left, hidden behind his fuckboy behaviour. For the blink of on eye I thought he was still the same guy he was back then before Sophomore Year. I guess I was wrong. And that realization hurt more than all of those dumb comments that were said behind my back. It hurt more then seeing him again for the first time after a year at the party. It hurt more than hearing him say sorry. But it didn’t hurt more than what happened in high school. Although I was now sure he wouldn’t change and my hate for him wasn’t going to fade there was still one question left.  

Why did he say 'I wish we could go back to the times when you didn’t hate me’ when all of his actions made me hate him?

       Wonderbat - Wonder Woman and Batman 

When the days are cold
And the cards all fold
And the saints we see
Are all made of gold

    When your dreams all fail
    And the ones we hail
    Are the worst of all
    And the blood’s run stale

        I want to hide the truth
        I want to shelter you
        But with the beast inside
        There’s nowhere we can hide

              No matter what we breed
              We still are made of greed
              This is my kingdom come
              This is my kingdom come

                   When you feel my heat
                   Look into my eyes
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   Don’t get too close
                   It’s dark inside
                   It’s where my demons hide
                   It’s where my demons hide

Wonderbat x

SO I was translating a cipher in Journal 3, and gave myself a case of the feels, like everyone else in the fandom! Ford had a crush, and it ended horribly!

While he’s describing his Dream Hipster nightmare, Ford wrote a note about someone named Cathy Crenshaw

“I was back in school, and everyone was staring at my hand. They kept chanting, “Six Fingered Freak! Six-Fingered Freak!” The more they chanted, the larger my hand grew. As usual, Cathy Crenshaw was there.”

I was translating the ciphers that Bill wrote on Ford’s page about himself. Things with Cathy, uh… Didn’t end well.



Oh god, no wonder he still has a complex about his hands. The way that sounds, Cathy screamed because she realized he had six fingers!

Blacksmith Master wanted [Lore]

Okay so I finally managed to get my new Blacksmith into my Clan:

His name is Bronze and he is an arcane dragon, mutations and all.

Some facts:
-He is shy due to being made fun of for dreaming of being a blacksmith
-Blushes really easily
-Also gay gay gay
-Will be clumsy in the beginning but once he masters the craft that will change
(-will also send letters to his master, if that is okay with the owner!)

The thing is, I’d really love for him to have someone who trained him?
Who taught him and shaped who he is today.
Someone willing to take an arcane dragon on as an apprentice and who could see the unique potential he has due to his mutation?

A fire dragon would be awesome but honestly any experienced Blacksmith would do! Lore Clans strongly preferred though the dragon does not have to have written lore yet of course. 


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if it's not any trouble, would you mind linking to the J2 spy au that you mentioned in your tags? I'm very interested!

Anon, I’ve been unable to put it down, and I really regret the fact that I postponed reading it until now. It’s just that good, oh my god, and as I was saying in my tags, it doesn’t have weak or stagnant moments.

Everything is on fucking point, it’s believable, it’s hot but not cheap - read as, there’s porn but it doesn’t feel gratuitous - it has shades of grey, tri-dimensional characters, annnd it’s third limited pov without switching \o/ basically it’s my wet dream made fic.

Someone you might have been, by fleshflutter

A J2 AU in which Jared is a secret agent and Jensen is his handler/support tech.

(J2, NC-17, tons of words, hurt!Jared, hurt!Jensen, spy!AU)

(I’m 100% aware I just discovered hot water here. But goddamn, ain’t that water delicious)

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I had a dream that a new gem appeared. Lemon Quartz, she claimed to be Rose's sister saying they were made in the same kindergarten hole. In my dream Steven was all about Lemon telling him stories of his mom but Pearl and Garnet were very weary of her. Haha that's all I remember

lemon quartz sounds like a candy >w>

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I had a weird dream where a bunch of people made a fake dinosaur and insisted it was real. It was a giant, all male theropod with a weird trunk nose that was actually it's reproductive organs. It only mated with female humans by... eating them first.

The worst part of this ask is that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true


Ruran Vas made his way through the small fishing town of Sunbreak Harbor, a soft drizzle dropping from an overcast sky. Curious eyes of the townsfolk turned to the masked man as he passed, and his polished armor clanked in a slow rhythm toward the building closest to the sea. He spotted the woman on the porch and stepped forward to approach her.

The woman was Mae Rosenthal. She glanced up easily to the man and studied him, his armor, for a moment before her eyes returned to those of the mask. “May I help you?” Her accent pinned her as Ishgardian. “You are not dressed for this town’s livelihood,” a hand motioned towards the fishing equipment. She, equally, did not look the part of a fisher either.

((Full story under the cut!))

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So. I’m guessing no one remembers the post I made talking about me mum’s dream ;u;

She had a dream where Zero was climbing the Empire State Building and another dream where Sectonia, Haltmann, a bunch of Kirbies, a mini Giygas, were running around Chine Town in New York.

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E  Eyes Nose Lips by Taeyang

O  On The Side of Me by Corrine May
F  For All of My Life by MYMP

M  Mahal na Mahal by Sam Concepcion
Y  You by Tara Maclean

W  When I Dream About You by Gracenote
I  I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran
S  Still The One by Shania Twain
H  Hanggang Ngayon by Kyla

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