dreamforever asked:

hey! so that photo of the blurred out street view is actually yours? it's really awesome :) i have it as a background on my phone, hope you don't mind! it took me forever to find something SF that i actually liked.

i don’t mind, thats awesome!





Dream foREVer <3

You’re the only girl who never disrespected me. You always know how to bring out the best in me. Cupid shot us separately, and then we came together it was destiny. I’ll love you till there ain’t no lovin left in me. Definitely. Our souls’ll ride together. Even when the stars die, when we’re parted my heart cries. It’s angels like you who make it hard, why? It’s cuz you’re beautiful, outgoing and smart.. shiit you really set the bar high. All you bring to me is happy moments. && make me feel like i’m cute even tho my face got all this acne on it. The way i feel for you, you can’t revoke it. Cuz it changed me and my whole family knows it. Damn, we both kinda just fell into this. You gave me proof that heaven exists. But tell me, what is love without a headache or twist. You come taunting every night after 12 when I’m unconscious. You never come out with the suns watching. Baby,Ii need you. Where are youuuu? Are you only in my dreeeeamsss?? Only when the moon i shinning that’s when you’re inside me. Girl I need you, and that’s real..I don’t wanna wake up, I’ll stay asleeep.. <3