Fellow Dream Boyfriend & Dream Girlfriend communities! ^_^

Thank you for showing interest in this roleplay project! We started with the roleplay a day ago, and if you want, you can join us now @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/koibitohigh/

For now I’d like to clarify some questions/concerns.

1. Why do we use Facebook as our roleplay platform?

Facebook has a lot of pro’s to start the project:

  • Players can post as many pictures as they want for free. This goes very well with the text system we are using.
  • It’s quick to register a fake account if you don’t like to share personal data there!
  • By tagging others you can notify your roleplay partners that your character is interacting with them
  • Group Chats are available. You can create your own group chats. We currently have a group announcement chat where we post updates and online/absent notices. Group chats also allow to give the users nicknames - we are adding your characters behind your name!

Of course, it has some con’s as well:

  • Rather low image quality
  • The Mobile Version likes to hide our important pinned post, which is a collection of interesting posts
  • It could look a little messy in the beginning, but I will try to link every important post in our link compilation.

Later, if this project becomes successful during a longer period, we could think about creating a very owm forum platform for us. Since this would cost me real money (which I would gladly pay), I want a confirmation that this project is successful.

2. Concerns regarding student ages

Our project is called Koibito ’High’, and High stands for Highschool. As you know, the average age for Highschool students is 14-18 (I think :D?). Roleplayers might want to participate with older characters.

This is a fictional project where the age of your STUDENT won’t matter at all. Our main focus are school activities and having fun to interact with other students! Don’t think too much, just enjoy playing! ^_^

In the future, once we got more studens, we could separate older and younger students (example: a class for students below 20 and a class for students above 20. For now, while we are still a very small community, we should focus on building a solid community first, so everyone can participate in our roleplay!

Soon there will be an event where our players will be able to participate in a teacher election, because we will need a teacher for our first classroom. Teachers should be at least 28 years old. More details about that will be announced soon!

3. Requesting help
I’d really appreciate to find other “headmasters” to support our community, because I’m not able to be online all the time. Just leave me a message if you are interested!

That said, I hope you’ll join us @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/koibitohigh/ and give it a try! ^__^ /)

@tcheltz @dream-girlfriends 

An Autumn Sestina

A single, singular leaf
swirling against sunlight
into meditation beyond a blue day
brings her to an edge – forgotten
but not misplaced as she had thought,
straying on purpose while awake.

The trick, she knows, when awake
is to free-fall like an autumn leaf
without worry, without thought,
welcoming rain just as sunlight.
Hiding in the arbor is not forgotten
climbing, ignoring fresh bruises of this day.

Dreams of night melt into day
as early morning birds scream “awake!”
Terrors of past darkness are best forgotten
like the shedding a tired leaf.
Even as the moon craves sunlight,
she reaches for warm embrace of thought.

Do birds carry any thought
than stretching across the day,
drinking rain, singing praise, bowing to sunlight?
As on wings, her spirit becomes awake.
Does a bird ever long to dance with a leaf,
spinning until time is forgotten?

No child’s dream stays forgotten,
not the glorious, not the darkest thought.
She wishes she could place her hurt on a leaf
and let it wither to feed another day.
The strongest fears while awake
are lost in forest’s dappled sunlight.

She is a branch in sunlight
but with roots and stories forgotten,
nothing to haunt her while awake.
The freedom of such thought
brings yearning for a different day
like an unfurling of joy upon a leaf.

Time is aware of fading sunlight.
As the tree frees a leaf, sorrow is forgotten
and thought becomes hope within a green day.


✧ God of Calamity  | YATO | Happy Birthday to my fab Yumii~ (๑♡3♡๑)ノ♪


Looking back on Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

Mugen, my Charizard, wasn’t really fond of the camera, but at least this photo survived his Fire Blast ^^;; Sparky, my Jolteon, is my right hand gal, and a huge cuddler except when she’s on edge…Then there’s Dexter, my Golduck, who’s the weirdo of the bunch and is mostly in his own little world. Pitt, Pideot, loves picking on Louie, my Farfetched. The poor little guy just wants to be left alone with. Then there’s Larry who’s always my happy, friendly Dewgong :)


I was lost in the darkness. I couldn’t find my way. As I stumbled through the dark, I started forgetting things - my friends, who I was. The darkness almost swallowed me. But then I heard a voice - your voice. You brought me back.

I didn’t want to just forget about you, Sora. I couldn’t.


1964 / 1968 / 2016

he wore that jacket not only at the “a hard day’s night” premiere but also at “here we go round the mulberry bush” premiere (?)

The source of ahdn photo: beatlesphotovault