Two boys go to the same concert… a year before they meet in a bathroom and one gets the other’s autograph… and then they both get chosen from thousands of people to be in the same band together… and they fall in love and they’re SO YOUNG… and they sing about it and write it all over their skin… and like this one major straightforward public declaration of that love hits 2 MILLION retweets on an international day of the celebration of love, the same day they did their one and only interviews alone with each other……………………. I’m freaked out what the fuck is that

Lilo, Larry & Bonding

Hello, friends.

Happier times ahead! Picture it. April 2012. Still 5 more years of Obama left on the clock. OT5 interviews! Australia!

Let’s focus on this 39 second video where Liam says something that sounds “American” to the other 4 and Louis and Harry, especially, find it amusing.

Liam: Hiiiii everybody who’s watchin’ this from Hot Hits!

At this point, Niall laughs and Louis is amused. SO AMUSED!

Harry notices Niall/hears Louis giggling and turns to Louis, obviously.

Then Louis very cutely asks Niall “Why you laughin’?” And they all wait for Niall’s response.

Niall can’t/won’t make fun of Liam, so Harry to the rescue!

He turns to Louis and says very dramatically “I have an American…” And looks at Louis.

Liam is genuinely confused and then catches up and makes fun of himself. They all stare into the camera as Liam tries again.

But then Louis says with emphasis on his accent “’ELLO, everyone.” 

And that’s when Harry turns and stares.

And stares.

And cocks his head a bit as he stares fondly.

Harry finally turns back to the camera, looking almost drunk.

Then literally tries to snap himself out of it as Niall begins to speak.

Liam is trying to finish the bite with Louis off camera, but every time Liam tries to speak, Louis makes a weird noise. Finally, Liam breaks and yells the bite in a silly voice and Harry is amused/pleased at Louis’ antics as he turns to smile at him.

And stare some more.

Over it, Zayn yells “A massive thank you to everyone watching this, love you guys, thanks you for all your support.”

Niall can make fun of Zayn and does by repeating “Thanks you.” Louis says it repeatedly then, while Harry continues to just!

The end. 

Except to say this: I really feel like this American/Australian/American leg of promo they did in March, April, May and June 2012 allowed Louis, especially, to bring Liam out of his shell more in interviews and with them, personally. I think this is a really important Lilo-building time period and you can really see it here as Liam is teased and after being momentarily confused, joins in on the fun and then everyone is giggling and having a fun time in the middle of a very grueling schedule of interviews and other promo.

And Harry was there to support Louis in everything he did, amen. 

daily reminder

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