“Styles is said to feel no affinity toward other band members anymore”

“indeed, their relationship has been so strained during the course of the last year that 1D insiders were expecting a blowup of epic proportions during the group’s last tour”

“The situation became so dire, according to our sources, that the band members were no longer talking to each other, with fist flights nearly breaking out at several points”

“Styles’ apparent disgust with the other members leads many to believe that Azoff will only be representing Harry for the time being.”

…. anyways….

someone: *sneezes*

me: I’m glad you asked. Louis William Tomlinson and Harry Edward Styles were both in attendance at the Manchester Apollo for The Script in concert on February 8th, 2009. when performing there themselves a little less than 3 years later, Harry stated that the venue was both “quite special” and "incredible” to him, and was sure to mention both times that he and Louis had gone to the same show. what I’m wondering is was the venue considered special and incredible because he had enjoyed the concert so much, or is it in fact due to him now knowing that he was in the same room with Louis? bless you.