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Hey I was wondering how could Emma have met Bae in the Wish!AU if the wish was that she wasn't the savior, so the evil queen never cast the curse, but wasn't Bae sent to neverland hundreds of years before that and then to our world. So how could he live there at the same time period? Idk if I missed something or not..

I think that wish!AU doesn’t have to be logical.  It’s a construction of a wish.  It’s like asking a dream to be logical.

I had a dream that I was in Japan. I stopped at a lingerie store and noticed a new line had just came in. Taking a closer look at the signs which read.

‘MrCreepyPasta new line for a sexier and creepier you’

There was three walls of black leather and lace undergarments of all kind, with neon blue lining that glowed brightly.

I wonder how themrcreepypasta would feel about this.

“The TV Dream”

As Cooper drifts off to sleep while watching TV,
The warm glow from the set bathing him soothing-a-ly,
He finds himself on the ocean, upon a pink cliff it seems
As what he has fallen asleep to has invaded his dreams.

From beyond the horizon, the Giant Robots trudge forth
Even though the TV sun sets in the west, every direction is North
Cooper can’t turn around to look the massive machines in the eye,
But he can feel them coming closer, and his death is nigh.

Their shadows loom for miles, as he’s frozen in his bed
He can hear their giant claws prepare to crush his tiny head
The whirring gears and beeping lights echo in his mind,
And he knows this is the end of all boy and humankind.

Cooper wakes up with a start, as he was about to surrender
An infomercial blares loudly, selling a new fancy blender
The dream’s reality fades away, as he finds himself back in his room
But he stares blankly at the screen, consumed with the feeling of doom.

Posted 8/4/2012

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Incredibly accurate.

I’m always mildly surprised when people tell me the jock Jonathan and alive Sock comics I dreamt up are their favorite things mainly because the art wasn’t that great haha

It was a cute au though and I still remember everything I wanted to do for it so I should draw more