Getting to Know Me Tag

I named it wonderfully because I got tagged by the wonderful angie-pangaea

Time and Date: July 5, 4:09 PM
Nicknames: Cosette, Chanty, Bobbie
Birthday: April 20th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight but bi for Natalie Portman and Emma Watson
Height: 5'2" (im not that old but yes im short)
Favorite color: TEAM PINK ALL THE WAY
One place that makes me happy: Disneyland
What am I wearing right now: An Aeropostalé hot pink shirt, black shorts and sandals
Last Book I Read: Greek Gods by Rick Riordan
My favorite food: Anything pork… And I guess sweets
Last Movie I watched in the Theater: Jurassic World (TEAM RAPTOR AND T-REX)
Dream vacation: Going to NYC to watch some Broadway shows, or go to Paris
Dream wedding: Anything with Steve Rogers in it… Haha jk, but probably a simple church or perhaps garden wedding.
Dream Job: Tbh, I wanna go on Broadway…
Dream Pet: I want a penguin… I know that it’s impossible since I live in the Philippines. Or perhaps

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