Custom Garage Design and Furnished by VAULT® by VAULT® Garage
Via Flickr:
Our passion at VAULT® is furnishing the world’s finest garages. This image represents a recently completely project showcasing VAULT® custom metal storage cabinets. To learn more about VAULT® and our cabinets, visit us at: <a href=“http://www.vaultgarage.com” rel=“nofollow”>www.vaultgarage.com</a>

Despite this picture having done it’s rounds, I still hold this in highest regard as ultimate man cave house. Needs a bigger shop end on things, but the rest of the pad is real talk. I still don’t understand why there’s a Camaro. It’s not even a good Camaro (good being, 68 302 with a 4 speed, modeled to look like the Sunoco cars). Needs something European. A Merc W123 300TD with the AMG bits on it would be proper. Even a Mazda 323 GTX would be better in my opinion. But still. This is the benchmark by which all others are weighed and measured. 

-Future owner of The Cush Cave