Dirk Gently is the kind of man who would stop to pet a cute dog while running away from danger.

Todd Brotzman is the kind of guy who would stop to pull Dirk Gently away from the cute dog while running away from danger.

Farah Black is the kind of woman who would throw both men over her shoulder like potato sacks and scoop up the dog while firing a gun with her free hand while running away from danger.

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Harry&Fionn picking u up from ur wisdom tooth surgery

This is my favorite one yet holy shit

Fionn is driving so Harry can keep checking on you, and you’re in the backseat sprawled out uncomfortably.

“You guys……. I think I know you….”

“Yeah?” Harry asks, and Fionn is already giggling his head off. “I think you do too. M'your boyfriend.”

“And I’m your son,” Fionn adds, causing Harry to nearly choke.

“My SON?!” Your fave scrunches up into the most confused face. “You must be…. at least 27.”

“Oh, 27?” Fionn nods. “Thank you.”

“When did I…… I don’t have a son.”

“You do love,” Harry adds. “He’s our son.”

“Are you Harry Styles?”

Harry snorts. “I am, yeah.”

“And you’re… my boyfriend?”

“I am.”

You don’t say anything for a long time and when Harry turns around he tries desperately not to crack up. “Why’re you crying?”

You let out an ugly sob. “I’m so lucky. Harry is my boyfriend and Keanu Reeves is my son.

“Keanu Reeves?!” Fionn shrieks. “I look nothing like bloody Keanu Reeves!”

You let out a wail and Harry giggles again. “Petal… love, tell me why you’re crying.”

“Because………. you’re so cute.”

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