Dream Queue


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

robert and damien @ a carnival
  • robert: so,,,,, you wanna go,,, in the mirror maze??
  • damien: well, I never really liked the mirror maze, and I was thinking we'd start with something else?
  • robert: yeah,,,,, alright
  • robert: *whispers* sounds like something a vampire would say
  • damien: excuse me?
  • robert: nnnothing

Okay but what if the cult was real except all the dads were a part of it and the only rituals they held consisted of them standing in a circle and reciting dad jokes. Their pentagrams are drawn with lawn fertilizer and their candles are grill charcoal. It’s called Cult-e-Sac.

Ticklish Dad Headcanons


- Very ticklish, gets into tickle fights with his kids. Ticklish mostly on the sides.


- Ticklish sides, stomach. If you poke him once he’s a giggling mess. Pure man.


- He has a ticklish tummy! Probably laughs a lot and will tickle you back.


- Ticklish feet and underarms. He will probably playfully tickle you back and tell you to stop through his laughs. Sweet man.


- Ticklish neck and underarms. He probably laughs a lot also, and doesn’t mind getting tickled.


- Ticklish sides, stomach, and maybe neck. Laughs a lot, probably like an angel. He’ll probably try being serious at first, but give in and play around a bit.


- The most ticklish. See him scooting away from your touch? He’s not doing it to be rude, he’s doing it cause he will Scream if anyone finds out he’s ticklish. The other dads probably tease him about it. 

I saw the tickle headcanons ask and I absolutely loved it! Robert beat me to it, but I enjoyed writing these anyway!

~ Mod Damien