Dream Act


#DefendDACA: Donald Trump announced that he is repealing the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which allows immigrants who entered the country as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. Many undocumented minors will be at risk of being deported to a country they know nothing about. New York, a city of immigrants, showed up at Foley Square to stand with immigrants and defend DACA. 

DREAMers, don’t stop dreaming

You’ve probably heard by now that President Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions have decided to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Originally created by President Obama, the program provided hope and protection to nearly a million children of undocumented immigrants, many of whom have grown up knowing no other nation besides the United States of America.

In their hearts, in their lives, DREAMers are Americans. And they are human beings. The cruelty of deporting them to an unfamiliar land is matched only by the recklessness of doing so. Immigration is vital to our identity, our economy, and our culture. To extinguish the dreams of DREAMers is not only unkind, but fundamentally un-American.

So, Tumblr, here are some ways you can help each other out:

  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself, especially if you’re one of the people directly affected by this. You can’t just fight—you also have to heal.
  • Tell your story. Tag it #DREAMer. Let people know what you’ve experienced, and let other DREAMers know they’re not alone.

And if you could use some perspective on what it’s like for a DREAMer right now, please read this Answer Time session with an undocumented immigrant who took your questions on her situation, her hopes, and her fears. It’ll open your eyes, it’ll open your heart. It’s what the world needs right now.

Stay strong, Tumblr.

Defend Dreamers
Protect young people in your local community.

President Trump just put 800,000 young people’s lives in danger by announcing the end of DACA, a program established by President Obama to protect undocumented people who arrived to the United States as children, also known as Dreamers, from deportation.

Now, the best way to protect Dreamers is to call on Congress to pass the DREAM Act, bipartisan legislation that will give qualified young immigrants a pathway to citizenship.

Help protect the 800,000 young people who have been put at risk. We need to act now.


On November 9, 2017 — two months after the Trump administration ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — over 500 advocates for immigrant youth spoke out and took action.

Operation Dream Act Now — organized by immigrant youth themselves  consisted of an upswell of student walkouts and activity in Washington, D.C. and across the country. Their message? Demand Congress pass a clean Dream Act with no dangerous enforcement add-ons before the end of this year.


A clean DREAM Act means Congress must swiftly pass this widely popular bipartisan bill without any additions or amendments that will put families and immigrant community members at greater risk for undue detention and deportation.

Photo credit: Gabriela Rossner

Accordingly to the people who support DACA

Following their logic I should be able to rob a bank and use the money to purchase a house. Now my daughter lives in that house so it cannot be taken away because she did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be made to suffer because her parent broke the law. Also following their lead I also shouldn’t go to jail for my crime because then my daughter would be separated from her parent.

Reality is ignorance is not a defense when it comes to breaking laws, the children are here illegally regardless of the circumstances and should be sent home along with their parents/relatives. Then they are free to apply for legal entrance to the United States just like everyone else. Does Mexico allow children who aren’t citizens to stay, NOPE! This is how every other country in the world handles this so it’s exactly what we should do.

it is i, your friendly neighborhood law student, still pissed as fuck

so last semester and the semester before that, I opened up my inbox to anyone who wanted information about immigration law, since that’s what I was studying

and now I’m in my experiential learning class focusing on immigration and this bullshit with DACA happened

so I am once again allowing anyone to ask me questions about immigration law in general or DACA specifically, including but not limited to:

  • why jeff sessions is a lying sack of shit
  • why it’s fucking bizarre that he made that announcement at all
  • what DACA actually is (was) and what it does (did)
  • why the Dumpster Fire is allowed to do this (legally)
  • what’s going on with Congress
  • why anything that Donglebert Trumpeldink says about his decision is a fucking lie
  • anything I covered in my previous posts about immigration and asylum law
  • and much, much more

note that this is not intended as legal advice and i am not a lawyer (i’m definitely not your lawyer). consult with a real lawyer if you’re in legal danger, don’t use me in a court case. 

what you can use my stuff for:

  • winning a facebook argument
  • educating your racist uncle fred
  • learning new shit you didn’t know before because learning is fun
  • knowing what to put on a protest sign so you’re not being inaccurate
  • basically anything that’s not “but someone on the internet told me I could do that”

here’s my inbox, knock yourselves out

Yes, I am an immigrant. Yes, I was illegal. No, not by choice, by circumstances. My parents are not to blame, they’ve worked their asses off for years trying to provide me with a better future, but all we’ve gotten back is a big kick in the ass. All three of us have worked for americans who mistreated us and underpaid us for years without complaining, dealing with their bullshit for so long and still managing to do what we had to do better than so many others.

Guess what. My DACA application was approved back in February but I still cannot go to school. Why? Because it is fucking expensive and I cannot get financial aid and it is required for me to pay out of state fees in college ($350-$400 per credit) and now republicans are trying to shut down the DREAM act?

Fuck everyone! I am so sick and tired of being told I cannot study just because I do not own a green card. I am a 21 year frustrated young woman who really wants to study and become someone in this world and is willing to work her ass off to get where she wants, but I keep being shut down and pushed and walked on by everyone else. I cannot take it anymore.